Recommendations from Puerto Vallarta Locals

Being a Puerto Vallarta tourist means enjoying all the sights and attractions that this famed place offers. Exploring the area is one breathtaking experience that never fails to get admiration from its excited visitors. What most don’t know it offers more than what meets the eye. Brace yourself as we reveal some of Puerto Vallarta’s well kept secrets.


The local people and expats who have been residing here for some time can give recommendations as to where the areas less visited that have undeniable charm. Heeding these recommendations can be a game changer to enjoying even more this fabulous place named Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta Farmers Market
If you’re longing to own products that are locally made and authentic Puerto Vallarta’s mark of craftsmanship, then do visit every Saturday from 9 am to 2 pm the Farmers Market. Large crowds gather and anticipate its opening because of the opportunity of having high quality goods at reasonable prices. Local cuisines, vegetables and fruits abound and will fill the need of every hungry stomach. Be sure to get up early as supplies get down before the hot afternoon strikes in Puerto Vallarta.

J and B Dancing Club
An easy, accessible party place situated on the main highway, J and B Dancing Club is for those whose passion is getting into the groove of the merengue, salsa and cumbia. With a live band playing, it gets dancing and partying to a higher level of fun and entertainment. A very busy venue in Puerto Vallarta, it never rests with the crowds patronizing it even during the weekdays. A measly 100 pesos (around $8 USD) entrance fee can get you started towards a night full of dancing moves and party antics.

Barracuda and el Solar
Barracuda is one of the famous local hangout places in Puerto Vallarta frequented by beach lovers looking for a different kind of dining option. It is found a good 10 blocks north away from the start of the Malecon and the majority of Puerto Vallarta’s touristy restaurant, exactly on the beach front. Great seafood, cooked in a variety of ways, takes the center stage here where one can feast on it while sitting on sandy grounds or the insides of the place. A great hideaway cove for those wanting to escape the maddening crowds littering the beach area.

El Solar is a popular beach bar right next door to Barracuda and owned by the same family, where music fills the soul of tropical holidaying people. Techno, jazz and reggae music are everyday sounds that one can hear in this small dining place that has a big reputation. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing your favourite sneakers or simply being with your bare feet when visiting the place. It’s like the sea’s extension where the huge sand can be your dining venue.

Las Gemelas Beach
When you see yourself jostling for space in the usually crowded beach area of Puerto Vallarta, you can easily hop along to Las Gemelas Beach by taking a local bus. It will only take you 15 minutes to get here from other famous beaches like Los Muertos. A hidden gem that has strikingly clear waters, calmer waves and less people, making you enjoy a larger area fit for many fun activities. Bring the needed food supplies as there are no stores and have a big umbrella to serve as a shade when enjoying eating out on its sandy grounds.

Mayto is a stunning place about 2 hours from Puerto Vallarta and can serve as an option to a different kind of a tropical vacation experience. Frolic on its beach that stretches 12 kilometers or visit its turtle sanctuary. There are a couple of small hotels here and options for camping.

Things to Avoid when Booking Vacation Rentals

When imagining our vacations and opting to rent a vacation home or condo we often dream of staying in a place that is close to the best tourist attractions, lapping beaches and with stunning views. We want our vacation rentals to be in the best locations, with the amount of space we were looking for and with the mod cons we want. But most of all we expect to arrive in the place we actually booked and hope that it is in the best condition is could be at the price you payed for.


These things we often take for granted as they should happen without us worrying about them. However, more often than not things can go wrong when booking vacation rentals. Below are some tips to help you avoid mistakes when booking abroad.

Check out the Vacation Rental beforehand (or get someone else to do so on your behalf)
This option is not always a possibility if your destination is somewhere new for you or too far to reach for a quick visit. However if you are in the area already and want to book vacation rentals for the following year it is always a wiser option to physically walk around the rental before you book it. If you are reserving your vacation rental from home and are reserving through a rental agent, then you should ask them to visit the property and take current photos.

Viewing the vacation rental yourself or through an agent allows you to illuminate risk of false advertisement. On websites for instance a third bedroom could literally be a closet or a stone’s throw from the beach could actually be a twenty minute walk down some steep steps.

Curated Properties
If vetting the vacation rental yourself is not an option, you should book through an agency that boasts a list of curated properties. These properties will have been checked out and vetted by the staff at the agencies many times. These agencies only display a small list of properties that have been thoroughly checked and often these are of a higher quality and a little more expensive as they are placed by the agencies and not the owners simply placing ads themselves.

Checklist of Damages
When arriving at your rental property, it is wise to witness your agent taking down the previous damages if there are any. You could even get a copy and both sign so that everyone is aware of the damages that were already present in the vacation rental. This way when it comes to getting your deposit back there will be no extra charge to things that you definitely did not break or damage whilst staying there.

Use a credit card
Definitely pay for your vacation rental booking by credit card and not cash. This means that there will be evidence through a paper trail. If anything goes wrong like a cancellation or a mix up on dates or size of property then you have evidence of what you paid for with your card.

Is it legal?
Some countries or cities state that a property must be rented for minimum of one month and no short stay rentals are allowed. Check the rental laws before booking as some rental agencies still allow you to rent short term even if the laws are in place. Although it is unlikely that this will be an issue you don’t want the risk of coming between a rental disagreement between property owner, agency and hotel owners in the area.

Why You Can Have More Sex on Vacation to Mexico

The last thing we think about at the end of a busy day is sex. We may well think about having sex, but usually we are just too exhausted. We work too much, the children keep us busy, and our late nights is just a few of the reasons that sex is put on the back burner. Isn’t it funny that when we take a flight to Mexico to vacation that we end up having more sex than when we are at home? Why is it that we can have more sex on vacation to Mexico?


No Children Around
Children can drastically affect our sex lives. We all love our children, but let’s face it, they can definitely damper any romantic mood. When you take a vacation to Mexico without your kids, then you will be able to light that romantic fire. When you enter your Mexico hotel suite, and you don’t hear screaming kids, then you will be able to focus on your partner fully. You will have all the time to yourself and your partner, so you can start making love that you didn’t get to at home. Take advantage of this time, and catch up on your sex.

The Hot Sun
Do you notice that when the sun is shining and the weather is hot we are always in a better mood? This is because the sun provides us with Vitamin D, and Vitamin D puts us in a better mood, and triggers our sex hormones. This is one reason that we when take a vacation to hot, sunny Mexico we are in a better mood, we feel sexy, and the romance comes naturally. Do you notice that when you are in Mexico vacationing that you usually are wearing less clothing, because of the sun? Who doesn’t get turned on when they see someone in a sexy summer outfit? This will immediately get your blood boiling, and have you engaging in more sex.

A Little Alcohol
A little alcohol will start you on your way to feeling relaxed on your Mexico vacation. You can enjoy a couple of delicious margaritas or even a shot or two of tequila, and before you know it all your problems are gone, and you will start having fun. A little alcohol will boost your confidence and give you courage, which is the start to feeling sexy. You will have the confidence to flirt with someone, and if your partner is with you, then it will set the mood to romance, but if you are single, then you will be able to walk up, start a conversation with an attractive person sitting at the bar.

A Foreign Land
Mexico has much to offer than in your own city. Couples traveling to Mexico will be able to relax, rekindle romance, and put you in a better mood. Single people will be able to meet new people, have romance, and maybe even sex, without feeling guilty. The good thing is you won’t see this person again, so all guilt is gone.

Different People
When you go out to a club in your own city you always seem to run into the same people. Everyone you meet looks the same, talks the same, and when you are dating, this can be a bore, and little to no sex. When you vacation in Mexico you will be able to meet new and exciting people. There will be people from around the world also vacationing in Mexico. It’s wonderful! You can meet people from all walks of life, talk about their culture, and you will have more chances to find someone that is exactly the type of person you are looking for, and having sex increases too.

PV Tours – Pirate Ship

There is nothing better while vacationing in Puerto Vallarta (PV) than heading out on an exciting adventure on the Marigalante Pirate Ship. The Marigalante is a real life-sized wooden pirate ship. offering two adventures that vacationers to Puerto Vallarta can go on. The Pirate Land Day Tour and the Pirates of the Bay Night Tour. Any one of the two PV tours offers fun and excitment while vacationing in Puerto Vallarta.


Most Popular PV Tours
The Marigalante in Puerto Vallarta offers most popular PV tours and cruises. Vacationers to Puerto Vallarta that aboard the Marigalante will see sword fights, cannon fire and acrobatics, and enjoy a tasty meal with an open bar. This tour is perfect for all pirate lovers of all ages.

The Pirate Land Day Cruise
The Pirate Land Day tour takes you from Puerto Vallarta’s Maritime port to the natural treasures of Puerto Vallarta. Aboard the PV tour, guests start off with a breakfast buffet, then when the ship arrives to Majahuitas beach, guests can go kayaking, snorkeling, play volleyball on the beach, and go on a treasure hunt. The Pirate Land tour is a great way to get the family together and do something exciting that you wouldn’t normally do on a vacation, and the cost is affordable too. This PV tour offers a bit of everything that comes with excitement and adventure during your vacation.

Pirates of the Bay Night Tour
The Pirates of the Bay Night Tour is perfect for adults who want to relive their childhood. The PV tour takes off at seven in the evening, then takes guests around the Banderas Bay. The tour features dancing, fireworks, and a fun pirate show. The crew serves dinner, and guests can get drinks at the open bar. The Pirates of the Bay Night Tour is the perfect pirate ship PV cruise in the evening for adults. Adults can cruise around the bay enjoying the cool breeze while enjoying the activities that are going on the tour. If you are vacationing in Puerto Vallarta, then hop aboard the Marigalante for memories of your vacation that will last you a lifetime.

A vacation in Puerto Vallarta can be the best vacation ever when you choose one of the PV tours aboard the Marigalante.

What you didn’t know about Isla Mujeres and Cancun Vacations

If you live in the USA or Canada a vacation to Isla Mujeres and Cancun can be an affordable treat as there are plenty of cheap, direct flights for you to take advantage of. What’s more flights from Europe are becoming ever more affordable, and Mexico’s Caribbean coast is quickly becoming a favorite spot for family vacations and honeymoons.


Isla Mujeres and Cancun Vacations
As vacation destinations, Isla Mujeres and Cancun make the perfect pair. Most people don’t realize just how close they are to each other! You can see the mainland from the Island, and vice versa, so whether you’re staying on Isla Mujeres or in Cancun you can visit the other with a short boat trip. This means that no activities on either shore are out with your reach, but most people prefer to stay in the bustle of Cancun to take full advantage of the nightlife, and gourmet restaurants. The choice is yours, but you needn’t be restricted!

Activities to Enjoy on your Isla Mujeres and Cancun Vacations
When you’re staying in Cancun, the top family attraction is undoubtedly the Jolly Roger Pirate Show. This company offers day and night trips suitable for families and couples that are full of adventure and fun! The day trip include snorkelling, beach games, and adventures along with breakfast and lunch whereas the night show is an explosion of entertainment accompanied by fireworks, a three course meal, and an open bar.

The other attractions include day trips to historical sites such as Chichen Itza or the ancient ruins in Tulum, or perhaps a cenote tour in which you can go snorkelling, swimming and diving in the famed underwater wells. The reefs and shallows of Isla Mujeres also make perfect places for snorkelers and divers.

History lovers on Isla Mujeres might also take a look at Captain Dulces unique nautical museum, too; the grand tour only takes 25 minutes, and at the end of it there’s a lovely private beach and bar for you to enjoy. Entry to the museum is free, and you get full use of the sun loungers for as long as you wish. Perfect for a quiet day on the beach.

Isla Mujeres and Cancun Vacations should be your number one choice for a Mexico vacation.

Don’t Let a Hurricane Ruin your Vacation

Most of the great advice for finding cheap vacations hinges on the idea that you should avoid the peak season. It’s the time that you can get more benefits considering the low price of flights, less crowded areas and less costly resort accommodations. Favorite tropical destinations like the Caribbean and Mexico have their off season during the summer time when families enjoy a lot more freedom. School has ended and the parents take breaks from work. Family get togethers are ideal during this time and everyone becomes excited to head for a great bonding in some beach paradise.

However, what many people don’t consider carefully is the idea that your safety should be of paramount concern at this time of year if you are thinking of taking a vacation in the tropics as hurricanes can be a threat. The months from June until the last day of November are considered hurricane months for the Caribbean and Mexico’s Pacific Coast. The days covering August to October can cause a lot of concern for these are times when hurricanes slam the hardest.


Even so, most people who take their vacation during the hurricane season have no problems at all, at the very worst a day or two of rain. For many it is worth taking advantage of the low prices offered by travel agents, hotels, resorts, airlines and cruise liners during this time. If you do decide to visit Mexico or the Caribbean during hurricane season, you might want to consider some of the following points:

1. Be on the lookout you check that your hotel or cruise line offers cancellation options
In the past, vacationers were given what is called “hurricane guarantees”. The vacation places which are located in areas frequented by hurricanes used to offer these guarantees to their customers in case there’s a cancellation of your vacation schedule due to a threat of a hurricane. Most airlines will ground flights and let you re-book your trip. Sometimes occasions may arise when you’re already at the destination and authorities order an evacuation due to the dangers brought by a hurricane. In these instances, it is more difficult to get your money back on the days you have lost of your vacation. This is especially true with private vacation rentals and condos. When choosing to take a vacation during hurricane season, it’s better to clear everything first with your hotel or resort to check if they have hurricane guarantees.

2. Have a backup plan
Be prepared and research just in case your vacation destination is struck by a hurricane.You might want to have a standby destination in mind. It’s really sad when an exciting vacation is put to a halt because of an impending hurricane, but don’t lose heart. Get a full travel insurance, which gives you option for cancellation and any refund for money you shelled out. Have a backup option in case your scheduled vacation is cancelled. Choose an equally gorgeous place where you can still have that needed break and vacation.

3. Avail yourself a travel insurance plan
Get travel insurance so you get the benefit of reimbursing your prepaid travel expenses in case a hurricane’s fury makes your vacation destination uninhabitable. You can check out “cancel for any reason” in your insurance contract to broaden your money back option. Have a reputable travel insurance company which gives you a comprehensive plan against nature’s act that includes hurricanes.

4. Emergency plans
Makes some emergency plans in case little obstacles block your way.

• Have a simple travel medical portfolio for each person in your entourage
• Have a basic travel medical kit for simple medical use when the need arises

Prevention is better than cure. Getting out of harm’s way when a hurricane strikes is the most logical thing to do. Follow orders from authorities when they ask you to evacuate the place like what happened during 2012. Mass evacuation was ordered during the time Hurricane Sandy wrecked havoc on the Atlantic’s eastern shores.

5. Observe the weather
Keep updated through news stories about the weather of the place you’re heading to. You sure don’t want to go headway against a ravaging hurricane. Dangers can manifest in different forms like sudden storms, heavy rains, strong winds and currents. Listen to what the National Weather Service says in its weather forecasts and warnings. Safety for your life and property is the utmost concern.

Honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta

Honeymoons are meant to be the most romantic times of our lives and so it is hugely important that the destination you choose, and the things you do while there, embody the love, commitment and passion that you want to accompany you both throughout your married life. With that in mind, Puerto Vallarta could be just the place for your honeymoon and, to go with our recommendation, five reasons why Puerto Vallarta is the perfect honeymoon destination.

Why honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta?


1. Only the Best for honeymooners -
A honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta promises you only the very best of the best that the Riviera Nayarit and Banderas Bay has to offer to you. The resorts in Puerto Vallarta are some of the most luxurious, modern and up-to-date in Mexico. When you book a hotel room here you’re safe in the knowledge that you’re staying in one of the most luxurious and romantic places in the world. You and your spouse will be treated like royalty when you stay in Puerto Vallarta.

2. It’s sooo romantic –
Puerto Vallarta is one of the most romantic places in the world; Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor were here often, rather famously, and this put the city on the map. It’s easy to see why A-listers like them would choose to stay in Puerto Vallarta. Everywhere there are romantic, cobbled streets to stroll down, secluded coves to sit in and shady parks to wander through. If you feel so inclined you could even stop and listen to one of the many talented street musicians that perform here. With romance always in the air you can be sure that you’ll fall in love all over again in Puerto Vallarta.

3. Modern and Luxurious yet full of culture
Luxury and modernity are wonderful things in accommodation, but often we want to see a little history in the places we visit. Puerto Vallarta won’t disappoint on this front. The downtown area is chock full of colonial history. There’s plenty of colonial era buildings to admire, and the cobbled streets are really quite charming. Why not blanket some of your honeymoon in the nostalgic charm of Old Mexico?

4. Beauty Surrounds
It would be hard to stay unmoved by the many different forms of beauty that Puerto Vallarta offers to you. The city itself is pretty enough, but the countryside is really where it’s at. From the sweeping jungle vistas of the mountains to the glittering waters and golden sands of the coastline, peppered with palm trees, the scenery offered by the Riviera Nayarit, and Puerto Vallarta in particular, is awe-inspiring. Catching a sunset as it sinks beneath the aquamarine waves of Banderas Bay is probably one of the most romantic experiences in the world.

5. Romantic Moments Guarantee on a honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta
You’d have to try very hard to avoid a good time when you’re honeymooning in Puerto Vallarta. There are more than a few romantic activities to choose from in the city. Whether you want to take a night cruise and enjoy a fireworks show with a few drinks, have a nice meal at a fine dining restaurant, or have a Spa day with your other half you’ll be well and truly spoiled for choice.

How to avoid the wrong Vacation decision

If you’re one of those people that seems to always make the wrong call when it comes to your vacations, whether it be where and when to take them, or what kind of insurance you need, then have no fear! We have a few tips that will help you to avoid making the wrong decisions.


Stay positive
Try not to consider all the bad things that could happen, whether they be big or large, because all you’ll do is connect the idea of your vacation with stress and worry in your mind. It might sound a bit “hippy-ish”, but try to think about all the positive things you plan to do when you get there, and do so while you’re already in a good mood. Look into those activities early and put money to the side to make sure you’re not freaking out about the affordability of doing all the things you want to.

Take Time to Google and Check Tripadvisor
Don’t just hop on the bandwagon for any of the latest big vacation hotspots because other people say they’re good; look into the available activities, the climate and the city layout. There’s no point in going to a Swedish ski lodge if what you really like is a Caribbean beach holiday because, no matter how lovely it is, it won’t be quite right for you. It might seem obvious and trite, but pick somewhere that offers all the things you love, no matter how close or far it is.

Vacation to you Budget
Indulging yourself in a big, super luxurious vacation in a five star resort sounds great, but make sure you can afford it. It might sound stupid, but it’s true. If you spend more time worrying about the debt you’re racking up while you’re enjoying yourself then you won’t have half as good a time as if you just choose to vacation within your means and leave plenty of money to the side for nights out, activities and nice dinners for you and your family.

Invest in Some Good Travel Insurance
Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you won’t need insurance when you’re on vacation. It might be an extra expense, but it’s better to have it and never need it than to need it and find yourself lacking protection and support.

Choose a Shorter flight
Unless you absolutely can’t do without a vacation to Thailand, India or Australia then it might be better to save money and time by avoiding long flights. Shorter travel times are particularly good for people who’ve got young kids in tow, and very often you don’t have to go all that far to find a great vacation destination for you want your family.

Things that ruin your vacation

There are a huge number and variety of things that can really muck up your dream vacation for you. Certainly there is very little you can do about many of these things, but it’s helpful if you are at least prepared to deal with the most common of these vacation mishaps, miscommunications and accidents that can really sneak up on you. In fact you can even prepare for some natural disasters that might come your way.


There are few things that can go wrong on your vacation that are both potentially fatal and easily avoidable. Heatstroke and severe dehydration are two of those things, and people who come from colder climates are in the most danger. The best thing you could do is to set up a clear and regular routine of hydration. Take one glass of water for every alcoholic drink, be sure to have a glass of water first thing in the morning and last thing at night, and drink a little extra if you’ve been swimming or sunbathing to compensate for what you lose when sweating. Two litres a day should be your aim and before you ask; no you’re Sex on the Beach doesn’t count towards your water intake.

Hurricanes and Natural Disasters
Hurricanes, monsoons and other natural disasters sadly cannot be predicted, but thankfully there tends to be some forewarning, especially in the case of hurricanes, which you can make use of. If you’re booking a vacation in hurricane season then be sure to invest in an insurance policy that has “cancel for any reason” coverage. This means if you get enough forewarning you can cancel your vacation, get your money back and book a last minute alternative. If you find yourself stranded during any kind of natural disaster, however, you should do what the authorities tell you to, make a note of important guidelines in case the electricity and internet go down, and, most importantly, make sure have a first aid kit to hand.

Lose your Passport
Losing your passport is perhaps one of the most nightmare inducing things that can happen to you while you’re on vacation. Although having it renewed is time consuming, however, it is do-able and you shouldn’t worry too much. The best advice we can give you, however, when it comes to not losing it in the first place is to only take it with you when it’s necessary. When changing money, for example, a photocopy will usually suffice. You should also try to change your money as close to your resort as possible.

Airline Strikes
Airline strikes can really throw a spanner in the works when it comes to a vacation, and it’s hard to say what’s worse; being unable to get to your vacation, or being stranded and unable to get back? Sadly there’s little you yourself can do to stop this from occurring, but you can get travel insurance that will cover you if you need to pay for hotel rooms and extra travel arrangements should a strike occur.

Lost Luggage
Losing your luggage is probably the very worst thing that can happen short of someone actually dying in vacation. Arriving to your destination to find that all your clothes are gone along with your bits and pieces, make up, underwear, perhaps even your jewellery and money if you’re the kind of person that likes to put your money in your (locked) suitcase. Though there is nothing you can do to stop this from happening there are things you can do to make the situation much easier to deal with. Make sure that you have a travel insurance policy that will cover you for the loss of clothing etc. Keeping a spare outfit, set of underwear and swimsuit in your hand luggage, too, will help to make sure you’re never caught completely high and dry.

Cozumel near Cancun

Cozumel offers amazing experiences that stand out from many other places in the world. Cozumel is a small island that has a bit of Mexico and the Caribbean all merged into one incredible destination, and you can get there quickly by ferry from Playa del Carmen just 40 minutes from Cancun.

Cancun vs Cozumel

Cancun and Cozumel both offer beautiful beaches and reefs, but the lifestyle is quite different from the two. Cozumel’s lifestyle has a mixture of Afro-Latino that is fun and exciting, but a bit more laid back than the busy tourist life of Cancun. Cozumel isn’t just a beach location, the natural beauty that this island offers is breathtaking. It is the largest island in Mexico that offers lush forests and white sands.


An Outdoor Paradise

Cozumel is an outdoor person’s paradise. The island is home to exotic wildlife along with so many different species of marine life, and the lagoons provide picturesque sunsets. If you love birdwatching and hiking, then you will be in love in Cozumel, as these are favorite activities here. These type of activities is what sets Cozumel apart from other Mexico destinations.

The Island of Cozumel

The island of Cozumel is very small, but there is plenty to see and do here. If you are visiting the small island, then you can probably see most of the island in just one day. If you love diving, then this island is meant for you. Cozumel has been ranked as one of the top five vacation destinations in the entire world, because of the stunning coral reefs, tropical fish, sea turtles, and the vast array of underwater adventures that is provided here. You will be amazed on how clear the water is here, the visibility is the best worldwide, which is why Cozumel is an excellent location to go snorkeling.

Cozumel also provides plenty of things to do on the island. Sightseeing can be done here in just one day, and is a popular stop for cruises. Many vacationers to the island like to go hiking to the Botanical Garden Trail where you will be able to see over 350 species of plants, then you can go to the Punta Sur Ecological Reserve where you will see huge sea turtles, crocs, and iguanas up close. To see a bit of the Mayan history you can head over to the San Gervasio and El Cedra. To learn about the history of Mexico, then visit the Discover Mexico exhibit.

As you see, Cozumel may be a small Island near Cancun, but offers excitement, relaxation, and so much more.