Villa del Palmar Cancun Beach Paradise

When you choose to vacation in Cancun you’re choosing one of the most idyllic and yet exciting locations in the world. While this may seem like a paradox, it is true. The hustle and bustle of the hotel zone contrasts with the wonderful tranquillity of the beach and, in the end, the result is paradise.

Villa del Palmar Cancun’s location further emphasizes this combination. Located in the quiet Playa Mujeres area, it is one of the resorts that can truly claim to be perfectly placed between the urban excitement of Cancun and the idyllic relaxation of the surrounding beaches. Better yet, this perfect placement is available to all Villa del Palmar Cancun visitors whether they be timeshare members, room only guests or all inclusive vacationers.

Villa del Palmar Cancun has some of the best rooms and suites available in Cancun. Most of the rooms have a sea view and even the entry level studios are larger than most hotel rooms. The One and Two Bedroom Suites are more than big enough to live in comfortably boasting a kitchen, en suite bathrooms, dining room and living room. There are also even more luxurious options for those who love the finer things in life. Grander more opulent penthouses and speciality accommodations are available with expansive terraces and outdoor hot tubs. You could even have a personal chef or butler in your room, should you wish.

On site at the Villa del Palmar Cancun resort there are four gourmet restaurant which offer Mediterranean, Mexican and Japanese cuisine, a steakhouse, two snack bars, a beach bar and a world class spa. All of these facilities are available to guests who might find that the most difficult thing at the Villa del Palmar Cancun is to stop eating! Of course you could always burn off those calories with the free activities on offer: tai chi, pilates, yoga, snorkelling and games on the beach are available to guests every day!

Should you wish to venture out, of course, the hotel zone is a mere 40 minutes away by car or taxi, and there are some free shuttle buses to take guests from Villa del Palmar Cancun to the big shopping malls. In the Hotel Zone, you can enjoy various dance clubs, restaurants, bars and nightclubs that cater to all tastes and ages! You can also take part in the activities and tours organized by the concierge and tour operator at Villa del Palmar Cancun; you could go swimming with whale sharks or visit some of the Mayan ruins for which the area is famed for.

Should You Beware Villa del Palmar Cancun?

When looking to invest your money in a vacation home, it’s always a good thing to be cautious; after all, doesn’t the old adage go “better safe than sorry”? If you’re reading this blog post then it’s probable that you yourself believe in the wisdom of that saying and are taking the time to research Villa del Palmar Cancun.

Should I beware the Villa del Palmar Cancun?
The short answer is, no.
Villa del Palmar is a legitimate timeshare club, and if you buy directly from the club you have nothing to fear. Villa del Palmar is one of the top vacation clubs in Cancun and Mexico at large. With over three decades in the business and a gleaming reputation, not to mention access to great benefits and other resorts, Villa del Palmar Cancun is truly a stellar club to join. As a matter of fact, investing in Villa del Palmar membership might be one of the safest vacation club purchases you could make in Cancun.

A more detailed response is this:
You should only beware Villa del Palmar Cancun if you are buying a resale or you are invited to buy a membership off site or in an office that is not an official sales room for Villa del Palmar. If you’re purchasing a resale you should first check what privileges are included in the purchase as you may find that your privileges are limited with resales. Likewise, if you are shown the club but then invited to purchase Villa del Palmar Cancun membership off-site or outside the salesroom, then you should report the incident to Villa del Palmar Cancun immediately to avoid a scam.

Be Wary of Counterfeits
While Villa del Palmar Cancun is a legitimate timeshare company, you should beware Villa del Palmar Cancun memberships if you are unsure who you’re buying from. Cancun is vulnerable to fraudulent timeshare reps who try to make a sale without even showing you what you’re paying for in person! A genuine timeshare promoter will take you on a tour of the club and finalize any purchase in the official salesroom on site. You should never sign a contract outside the salesroom as any deal that takes place elsewhere could well be a scam.

In short, you don’t need to beware the Villa del Palmar Cancun so long as you check the privileges of a resale and buy from the salesroom directly.

Villa del Palmar Cancun Vacation Club Scams Uncovered

There really is nothing to “uncover” when it comes to Villa del Palmar Cancun vacation club scams. The reality is you won’t be involved in a scam if you purchase your vacation club membership from an authorized seller, i.e. at the resort itself, and it is easy to protect yourself from third party scams that target the best timeshare and vacations clubs with some simple steps described below.

Why do people fear Villa del Palmar Cancun vacation club scams?
Talking about Villa del Palmar Cancun vacation club scams should really be a non-issue, but some people are wary of parting with their money (rightly so) and need to feel reassured that the vacation club they have chosen is a genuine company and one worth investing in. Purchasing a timeshare / vacation club membership with Villa del Palmar Cancun vacation club known as Club Caribe will keep you safe from scams. Take a look at customer reviews for Villa del Palmar Cancun vacation club and you will see why.

How do I protect myself from a Villa del Palmar Cancun vacation club scam?
The number one way of steering clear of a Villa del Palmar Cancun vacation club scam is to only purchase from the resort, avoiding resales and sellers who operate from offices that are not located at Villa del Palmar Cancun. Resale scams are a danger among the top vacation clubs like Villa del Palmar Cancun vacation club, and anyone buying or selling a resale timeshare do so at their own risk. Villa del Palmar Cancun have no control over companies that participate in resales of their products.

Doing a little research about the vacation club you have chosen (in this case, Villa del Palmar Cancun), will help ease your mind and raise any warning signals. The internet is a good place to start. Scams will usually show up instantly in a Google search, although take care to distinguish between general complaints and out and out scams.

Beware Bogus Timeshare Lawyers and Advisors
On a final note, take care if you need help with a timeshare or vacation club scam. Many of the timeshare attorneys and advisors you may find advertising online are scams in themselves, offering services that are not legally viable. If you have been involved in a scam and there are legal grounds for your misfortune, then you may wish to find a lawyer in your own town whom you can verify.

Some people claim they have been involved in a scam in order to cancel a timeshare or vacation club membership that they no longer want; in those cases, you should be warned that any timeshare lawyer charging to help you with this saying that you have a case, is probably a shark.

Best Activities in Cancun

When taking your vacation in Cancun you’ll notice that the activities available are diverse and numerous. So it can be hard to decide which are the best for you; well, here we have a list of the best activities in Cancun for those who love the sun, sea and wildlife!

Whale Shark Tours
From July to September the waters off the coast of Cancun and Isla Mujeres are home to Whale Sharks who come to feed and mate. If you’re lucky enough to be present in Cancun at these times you can opt to be taken on a tour which allows you to swim with these majestic creatures. The gentle giant Rhincodon typus is a filter-feeder and poses no threat to humans who treat it with the respect such a large, powerful creature deserves so, when planning your vacation, wildlife lovers should consider meeting Cacuns friendly giant; the whale shark tour won’t leave you disappointed. Be prepared to be awed!

Diving and Snorkelling
Cancun is, perhaps, one of the best places to go diving or snorkelling, not only because of the wonderfully clear water but due to the world class Coral Reefs of which Mexico is understandably proud. The waters off the coast of Cancun are home to many shipwrecks and reefs, ripe for exploration; there’s even an underwater art gallery that has, over time, become a man-made reef of sorts! Cancun is also a reputable place to gain a diving certification, if that’s something you’d be interested in.

Wonder seekers and experienced cave-divers alike can enjoy the Yucatan Peninsula’s famed underwater sink holes. These naturally occurring underwater cave systems litter the Yucatan peninsula and, while some are inaccessible, many can be reached and explored either with other cave divers or with a tour group. This is one of the best activities in Cancun for nature lovers.

The Isla Mujeres and Cozumel are only a ferry ride away from Cancun and are idyllic in the extreme. These Islands couldn’t feel further from the bright lights and loud music of the hotel zone… in fact, they could offer the perfect after party recovery activity. Perhaps one of the best activities in Cancun is to visit these miniature paradises!

Puerto Vallarta’s Airport

Puerto Vallarta’s reputation as a world class vacation destination has steadily grown since the first flights by Mexicana de Aviación airline landed at Puerto Vallarta’s airport in 1945. Today, however, Puerto Vallarta’s airport sees around 2.5 million tourists per year and is the 8th busiest airport in Mexico.

As with other airports, you’ll have to pass through customs and immigration upon arriving at Puerto Vallarta’s airport; usually your flight attendant will give you an immigration form to complete during your flight. This should contain details of your vacation accommodation and how long you intend to stay in Mexico. The immigration officer at Puerto Vallarta’s airport will stamp your passport and retain half of the form, giving you a small exit slip back. It is vital that you DO NOT lose that slip and keep it safe as you’ll need it to leave Mexico and could face a fine if you don’t have it. Your best bet is simply to keep it with your passport and plane tickets!

Once you collect your luggage at Puerto Vallarta’s airport and pass through customs (where you will declare any items that need to be declared; see your customs form for information) you’ll be asked to press a button. If the light is green you may pass, if it’s red your luggage will be searched; this process is completely random so don’t worry! Once you leave Puerto Vallarta’s Airport you’ll be greeted by promoters offering discounts on taxis, tours and car hires etc.

Puerto Vallarta’s Airport
Officially called the Licenciado Gustavo Diaz Ordaz International Airport, Puerto Vallarta’s Airport is modern airport and has excellent connections to the United States and Canada. It’s layout is easy to navigate; set on two levels which separate the check-in and arrivals (on either side of the lower level) and the restaurants (and some stores) and security on the upper level. Security is a mere 10 minutes from the gates, too, so you wont have to run to catch your flight.

Leaving via Puerto Vallarta’s airport
Leaving will no doubt be a sad affair but, as long as you have the exit slip from your immigration form, your luggage and your family, your return trip through Puerto Vallarta’s Airport should be no hassle at all!

Mexico Save ’N’ Vacations Scam

This article is dedicated to dispelling the myths about Mexico Save ’N’ Vacations scams. There have been a number of comments and questions about this travel agent on Mexico vacation forums regarding whether Save ’N’ Vacations is a scams and how trustworthy the company are. This post is going to address these issues as clearly as possible.

There are no Save ’N’ Vacations scams; better said, Save ’N’ Vacations is a legitimate travel agency offering cheap all inclusive vacation accommodation in Puerto Vallarta and Cancun. The misconception occurs because Save ’N’ Vacations market their products using telesales, which makes the company appear less genuine. There is a reason, however, why Save ’N’ Vacations contact people directly by telephone to offer vacation deals. Not everyone is entitled to the discount, only selected households are eligible; therefore, if you have been contacted by Save ’N’ Vacations on 1 855 873 7988, it is because you have passed the first filter of their eligibility criteria.

Concerns about Save ’N’ Vacations Scams
Most people who claim that Save ’N’ Vacations is a scam have not purchased a vacation through the Save ’N’ Vacations call center and are only speculating the possibility of a scam. If you look at customer reviews for Save ’N’ Vacations scams, you will notice that customers in general are very happy with the treatment and price offered by Save ’N’ Vacations. Complaints about Save ’N’ Vacations are few, with people often complaining about having to pay the full price for extra guests or children – the offer is two adults and 2 children under 12 years old.

A Special Condition or a Scam?
Another complaint I investigated was the fact that you have to attend a sales presentation when you arrive to the resorts offered by Save ’N’ Vacations. This condition is clearly communicated by the Save ’N’ Vacations agents during the initial phone call and in the reservation confirmation letter. There is no scam. If you do not purchase anything, you still enjoy your vacation none-the-less, and are not hassled by sellers. The condition that you attend the sales presentation is the reason why the vacation accommodation is so cheap, yet you are under no obligation to purchase.

Unhappy Save ’N’ Vacations Customers
From my investigations about Save ’N’ Vacations scams, most complaints seem to be caused by clients’ misunderstanding of their responsibilities as a guest in the hotels in Mexico. For example, in one customer review about Save ’N’ Vacations scams, the couple who were complaining had arrived to the sales presentation drunk, and were refused entry. According to the Save ’N’ Vacations terms and conditions, this is cause to charge the couple full price for they vacation. Another complaint is when families bring an extra child hoping to squeeze them in the room, even though the reservation is for 2 adults and 2 kids under 12. The extra child was charged at full rate.

Beware Club Caribe Scams

Timeshare scams are a real danger when seeking the right investment abroad and Cancun is no exception to this rule. However, with a little common sense, it’s fairly easy to avoid timeshare scams and find the perfect investment for you and your loved ones.

Should you be wary of Club Caribe scams in Cancun?
If you’re buying directly from a registered salesman in the salesroom on site at Villa del Palmar Cancun, then no – you should not need to beware a Club Caribe scam in Cancun. Club Caribe is a legitimate vacation club that offers timeshare membership at Villa del Palmar Cancun which also extends to the use of other Villa del Palmar brand resorts throughout Mexico. Other resorts involved can be visited in Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit, Cabo San Lucas and Loreto; you can even exchange through Interval International vacation exchange network. It’s important to remember that if you’re buying from Club Caribe directly then you have nothing to fear; the danger of being involved in a scam is non-existent.

However, if, for some reason, you are being sold a timeshare for Villa del Palmar Cancun or Club Caribe and you are not physically present at the resort in Cancun then you should definitely beware. Many of the most costly timeshare scams occur when bogus sellers pretend to represent well known, legitimate vacation clubs; they claim to sell timeshares that don’t exist. This is a kind of timeshare fraud that can be a real danger if you are not careful. Furthermore, if you are given a tour around Villa de Palmar Cancun and then, in the next few days, invited to sign the contract in another location then do not sign; report the invitation to the sales staff at the Club Caribe salesroom.

There are other timeshare scams to be wary of; beware Club Caribe scams that center around the resale of memberships. These are less common as the Villa del Palmar Cancun resort was only opened in 2011. You shouldn’t find many Club Caribe memberships for sale on the resale market. If you do, however, don’t be tempted as they are likely to be scams. Resale scams involve fraudsters tempting membership owners with large amounts of money for their membership; all you have to do, so they promise, is pay an enrolment fee. Club Caribe members may be told that there is a buyer interested in their timeshare and pay the fee only to discover it was a scam. The agents, you see, keep the joining fee.

Beware Club Caribe scams; always buy from Club Caribe directly and never sell through the resale market. With a little common sense you can side-step timeshare fraud and get a great investment for your family. Just be sure you check the contract!

Read Vacation Members Reviews

In response to a number of request and comments, I set myself the task to read Vacation Members reviews and investigate the travel agent to see if it is a scam, or to what level Vacation Members can be trusted. Below you will find my conclusions about the company, having read Vacation Members reviews on a number of websites and forums. Here is what I discovered about Vacation Members.

No Sign of a Scam
Vacation Members reviews are pretty conclusive that it is not scam. Vacation Members is a registered travel agency that operates online and via telesales call centers. The majority of Vacation Members reviewers claim to have been called directly to their homes from the following telephone number: 1-800-345-7439. The main concern voiced in comments was that Vacation Members’ prices seemed too good to be true, hence the fear that it is a scam. On the contrary, the prices are genuine with the only catch being that you will attend a sales presentation when you arrive.

Obligations to Purchase
Vacation Members reviews highlight the easy-going nature of the sales presentation, with a number claiming to have bought vacation ownership while the majority stating that although they didn’t buy, there was no hard sell after the presentation and that they were totally free to enjoy the vacation. From what is suggested by Vacation Members reviews, there is no pressure to buy, and you are not hassled after the presentation.

As is the case with any hotel reviews, the Vacation Members reviews about accommodations were mixed, although favorably, from 10 out of 10 ratings to 7 out of 10. Cleanliness and comfort came out top as well as views, service and elegant decoration.

A common source of praise were the destinations Cabo San Lucas, Cancun and Puerto Vallarta. Vacation Members reviewers frequently commented on the wide range of activities available at these destinations as well as the natural beauty. In all cases the beaches were one of the top attractions mentioned.

To read more reviews, go to

1(800) 345 7439 & 1 800 345 7439

Telesales agents seem to be popular once again. If you are not getting a call from an insurance company or bank offering you a credit card, it’s probably a double-glazing window seller. Now and again a good deal does knock on your door, like the recent round of telephone calls from e on 1(800) 345 7439 & 1 800 345 7439.

Last week I received a call from 1(800) 345 7439 & 1 800 345 7439 and was told by a young man named Oscar that I had been selected for a special vacation package. It all sounded a little like y, but I gave Oscar the chance to prove himself. After all, how can I call myself a vacation expert if I don’t investigate this prime opportunity to warn my readers of a potential scam.

As it turns out, 1(800) 345 7439 & 1 800 345 7439 was not Reader’s Digest but a telesales travel agent call Vacation Members that deals with discounted all inclusive packages to Mexico in return for your time at a sales presentation. So, there was a catch after all! However, knowing about the sales presentation actually set my mind at rest as the price was far too generous for there not to be some kind of incentive for the travel agency. I have seen these kinds of deal before and they are genuine packages – you just have to attend a presentation.

The all inclusive packages that I was offered by Oscar on 1(800) 345 7439 & 1 800 345 7439 were for the following destination in Mexico, plus accommodation in Orlando: Cancun, Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas. I checked out some customer review for Vacation Members and all evidence points to the all inclusive packages being genuine and great value for money. Only one couple in the reviews that I read complained about having to pay extra for a third child because the package includes only 2 kids under 12 free – which actually seems reasonable to me when you see how cheap the deal is.

In a nutshell, if you want a cheap vacation package to Mexico, answer the call from 1(800) 345 7439 & 1 800 345 7439, or go to their website on

Top 10 Club Caribe Family Activities

There is so much to enjoy at your Club Caribe timeshare at Villa del Palmar Cancun, and families will find the activities and provisions especially attractive. Take a look at the top 10 Club Caribe Family Activities below:

1. Kids Club
If you arrive with small children aged 4-11, y easily fall within the top 10 Club Caribe family activities for you. Your children can enjoy a full program of activities at the Kids Club from 9am till 5pm, closing for lunch from 1-2pm. Children younger than 4 are also welcome when joined by an adult, while kids aged 4-11 can be left in the care of the trained staff.

2. Kids Splash Playground
Next to the custom built Kids Club, there is a dedicated Children’s pool with splash pads and water shooters. You can spend time here with your family on the loungers and play in shallow water. There are also shallow parts of the main pools suitable for younger children.

3. Paddle Boarding
Paddle Boarding is one of the top 10 Club Caribe family activities. Villa del Palmar Cancun provides paddle board equipment and lifejackets for you to use for free. If you need a quick lesson in how to use the boards, make sure to ask one of the activities team.

4. Snorkeling
If you kids like the sea, snorkeling is a great healthy pastime to get the whole family together for an activity. Borrow the equipment from the activities hut and explore the what’s beneath the water at Villa del Palmar Cancun.

5. Karaoke Night
Every night there is some kind of fun entertainment at Club Caribe. One of the top 10 Club Caribe family activities is the karaoke night once a week, where you will be able to take to the stage and show off your performance skills.

6. Plate Painting
A paid activity provided by artisans who sell ceramics at Villa del Palmar Cancun, you can choose all kinds of plates, cups or vases to paint using the materials provided. You purchase your plate and then paint for free.

7. Mexican Market Stalls
A safe way for you and your family to experience the real Mexico, your Club Caribe membership brings Mexico’s market atmosphere to you at the resort. Each night, you can take a leisurely stroll around all the market stalls and buy souvenirs for friends and family back home. This is one of the most popular top 10 Club Caribe family activities.

8. Beach Party
The Club Caribe beach party is one of the top 10 Club Caribe family activities. Once or twice a week you can enjoy a party on the beach with DJ and enjoy fun, games and an excuse to dance.

9 The Waterfall Bridge
The pool by Villa del Palmar’s lobby is great fun for all the family. The bridge that crosses the pool is streaming with water like a huge waterfall. Crossing the bridge, you can imagine that you are walking behind a waterfall, with the cool spray of the water refreshing each step. The kids (young and old) love the water bridge.

10. Kids Spa
Kids Spa is one of the top 10 Club Caribe family activities at the Kids Club. A therapist from the Village Spa arrives to the Kids Club to give each child that wishes an arm and leg massage. Alternatively, older children can also choose from a range of spa treatments from the teen menu at Village Spa.