Garza Blanca Residence Club Wedding Packages

Planning and executing the perfect wedding and reception can be a really stressful and taxing process. This is why destination weddings are so popular, especially in places where the resorts offer package deals for couples getting married. Garza Blanca Residence club offers different packages for your wedding ceremony, and for the reception afterwards. You can be sure that every detail of the reception and ceremony will be given equal attention, care, and consideration!

One of the best things, however, is definitely that the Garza Blanca Residence Club is situated in heavenly surroundings. Those who want a beachside wedding will be delighted with the lush, tropical setting of the resort which is nestled between the Sierra Madre Mountains and Banderas Bay in Mexico!

Here’s all the information you’ll need when it comes to the packages offered by the Garza Blanca Residence Club.

Wedding Ceremony Packages at Garza Blanca
The ceremony packages on offer come in three levels: Gemstone, Crystal, and Jewel, and they are designed not only to make sure that your ceremony is stunning, but that you arrive refreshed. Along with the stunning floral arrangements, options for a waterside gazebo, matching boutonniere and bouquet, and the reverend of course, your package also includes extras like suite upgrades and spa treatments for the bride and groom. These depend on your budget and the size of your wedding party, of course. Every aspect of your wedding ceremony, from the very biggest to the smallest and most finicky, will be given an outstanding level of care, consideration, and thought.

Wedding Reception Packages at Garza Blanca
Your perfect, waterside wedding will of course need a classy and sophisticated reception to go with it. The Garza Blanca Residence Club can provide you with a celeb-worthy reception easily! You can choose between the Gold and Diamond packages, and will have control over every aspect of the evening.

You can choose to have a cocktail hour to begin with, followed by the Chef’s finest hors d’oeuvres and a two or three course meal which will be served by an experienced service team. You will, of course, choose your own cake, and can opt to have late night snacks served for your guests. You can also opt to have an open bar! You can rest easy in the knowledge that the reception will be treated with as much respect and care as the ceremony itself.

A wedding at Garza Blanca is a must for members.

Take an Excursion from Cancun to Holbox

Just a few miles away from Cancun lies Holbox Island, an enchanting secluded island that is located in the Yum Balam Nature Reserve. Because the island is remote, you can only reach it by boat or plane and it makes a wonderful excursion from Cancun.

Holbox Island
This quaint little piece of tropical wonder resting in the coral waters of the Yalahau Lagoon is only 26 miles long and 1.2 miles wide island, but it is a lush habitat for a variety of species. Because of its diverse animal life, Holbox Island is considered to be one of the world’s most significant ecological locations. If you take an excursion from Cancun to Holbox between the months of May and October, you will have the privilege of seeing the island’s most popular marine attraction: the whale shark.

The waters embracing the island is rich with nutrients and makes an ideal habitat for a host of marine creatures. Besides the popular whale sharks that you can get an opportunity to swim with between the months of May and October, you can marvel over the dolphins, manta rays, and sea turtles. You may also schedule adrenaline-pumping snorkeling and scuba diving tours that will rejuvenate you and take you away from the cares of the world.

Not only is Holbox a bird haven, it is also a haven for a vast array of reptiles that you can observe while taking a nature hike. Animals like roseate spoonbills, white and brown pelicans, pink flamingos, and double-crested cormorants are sure to peak your interest as you stroll through the barely touched landscape. It’s no secret that this secluded retreat is a nature lover’s dream, but it is also an ideal location for kiteboarding because of the constant winds that breeze through the island.

You can even get a touch of Mayan culture while visiting Holbox. Like Cancun, the island has a history of Mayan traditions—especially surrounding the Yalahau Lagoon, which is also known as the Ojo de Agua Cenote or pit of youthful water. It is believed that swimming in the lagoon will make you feel younger, but most modern visitors just love the relaxation from soaking in the waters. Also, the name of the island itself was named by the Mayans in reference to the dark looking waters of the lagoon (hence the term “black hole” or “holbox”). One thing’s for sure: you will never get bored during your stay on Holbox Island!

Hotel Mousai, Puerto Vallarta Review

Hotel Mousai is one of the newest additions to the Garza Blanca Residence Club in Puerto Vallarta! The luxury hotel opened its doors to guests in December 2014 and has been delighting visitors aged over 16 ever since. Here is a much awaited review of this exciting lifestyle hotel in Puerto Vallarta.

Hotel Mousai Review – A new beachfront property in Puerto Vallarta

Hotel Mousai undoubtedly breaks the conventional mould when it comes to hotel experiences in Puerto Vallarta, or in fact in Mexico at large! This beachfront hotel is chic and trendy; offering contemporary suites each with their own plunge pool! The views are unbeatable!

Relaxation at Hotel Mousai in Puerto Vallarta
Spa Imagine on the 16th floor is just the place to visit if you want to detox and de-stress; this is an ultra-chic space dedicated to helping people relax. The state of the art hydrotherapy facilities available here include a hot-tub, pressure massage shower (it kind of looks like a teletransporter which is doubly awesome), and a sauna. There’s also a ridiculously pampering vitality pool which has 6 different massage settings. There are even awesome gym and fitness facilities, both indoor and outdoor!

Fun at Hotel Mousai in Puerto Vallarta
According to reviews, Hotel Mousai offers some really wonderful free activities such as jungle hikes, walks up to the waterfalls, snorkeling, kayaking, tennis, and even paddle boarding! Alternatively you could relax in the rooftop infinity pool near which there is a lounge area and bar for your enjoyment. At night, the Rooftop becomes a cool, trendy open air bar where you can enjoy scheduled entertainment and socializing with the other guests.

There are three main places to get food and drink in the hotel that have received highly favorable reviews. Firstly there is The Terrace, which is open at breakfast and lunch times and offers a full a la carte menu. Secondly there is The Rooftop where you can find a special menu filled with gourmet snacks that will help you to get through the day while you’re by the pool. If you like Japanese and Chinese food then you’ll love the Hiroshi pan-Asian restaurant offers many different dishes in a fine dining atmosphere. Those who stay with the hotel Mousai can eat at any of the gourmet restaurants on the Garza Blanca Preserve, which has three other restaurants. Furthermore you can use any of the facilities on the Garza Blanca Preserve.

Hotel Mousai at Garza Blanca Residence Club

Hotel Mousai is a brand new chic addition to Garza Blanca Residence Club on the luxury property in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Garza Blanca is a nature preserve on the beach with access to 85 acres of stunning jungle and mountains, with hidden waterfalls and rivers. Garza Blanca Residence Club owners enjoy privileged access to the preserve when they reserve their suites at either Garza Blanca Resort or the new adult only venue, Hotel Mousai.

Hotel Mousai at Garza Blanca Residence Club
Hotel Mousai is an incredible lifestyle hotel for the young and young at heart to enjoy cutting edge vacations by the beach. When you purchase membership at Garza Blanca Residence Club or directly at Hotel Mousai, you can use your club points towards reserving a suite at Hotel Mousai according to your points allowance.

Hotel Mousai’s Suites
Garza Blanca Residence Club owners may use their points to make reservations at a Mousai Suite or Ultra Mousai Suite, which are incredible ocean view junior suites with private jacuzzi on your balcony, trendy decor and lavish details that set the hotel apart from its competitors. All of the linens and towels are of the finest quality and the service is well on the road to claiming 5 Diamond status. The Ultra Mousai Suites, offer exclusive services such as butlers, premium honor bars, a concierge for each floor, included internet and free access to the hydrotherapy unit at the luxurious Spa Imagine on the 15th floors as well as the best views possible.

The Rooftop Pool
One of the key talking points about Hotel Mousai at Garza Blanca Residence Club is its rooftop pool that overlooks the entire Banderas Bay. Here you can bask with a drink or two on top of the hotel and can sample the creative cuisine on offer as you lounge in luxury. As Hotel Mousai guests, you can also enjoy any of the other pools at Garza Blanca, and take advantage of a VIP area on the beach for Mousai guests only.

Hiroshi and Fine Dining
Hotel Mousai at Garza Blanca Residence Club has its own selection of dining options, including a Japanese fusion restaurant, Hiroshi, where you can enjoy fresh sushi and other Japanese delicacies within incredible surroundings, and the Terrace Restaurant for a delicious breakfast and brunch. Likewise, Hotel Mousai guests can dine at the restaurants located at the Garza Blanca resort, including Blanca Blue, BocaDos STK and Aguazul.

Spa and Fitness
Spa Imagine located on the 15th floor of Hotel Mousai at Garza Blanca Residence Club is a unique luxury spa with a stunning hydrotherapy circuit that includes a pressure massage shower, large whirlpool, 6 cycle vitality pool, ice cold plunge and loungers for relaxing before or after your massage or beauty treatment. One floor above, you will find Hotel Mousai’s cutting edge gym with all the latest equipment including a yoga room and a personal trainer. Guests at Hotel Mousai at Garza Blanca Residence Club can also enjoy the facilities at the outdoor play and fitness center, which is located within a jungle setting. There you can play tennis or squash or simply relax as a spectator in the modern summer houses.

Think Ahead For Your Summer Vacation to Mexico

It is important to plan ahead for summer now! Looking to go on a vacation? Well look no further! Start planning your summer vacation to Mexico now!

Top Beach Locations for a Summer Vacation to Mexico
Many of the world’s top beach locations can be found in Mexico, including Cancun, Cabo San Lucas, and Puerto Vallarta. These are a paradise for anyone who wants to catch some rays and some waves, while still staying on budget. The budget also has no effect whatsoever on the quality. These summer vacation destinations are some of the most luxurious beach locales around, so luxurious in fact that Hollywood celebrities choose them year after year for their own vacation needs.

The conversion rates right now are very favorable for U.S. and Canadian travelers, as our dollar will go further on a summer vacation to Mexico! You can find very affordable flights, resorts, and other travel expenses now when you choose Mexico for your summer trip!
You can save even more money by keeping some of these helpful money-saving tips in mind:

Book your Summer Vacation to Mexico with a Budget Airline
There are often much cheaper flights during summer, especially if you book early with budget airlines! Take a look at these before checking out any major airlines.

Book your Summer Vacation to Mexico online
You can book from the comfort of your own home using the internet and your credit card, and this will also take some of the stress out of the vacation planning process.

Do your Research!
Pick a location for your summer vacation to Mexico (it will be a hard choice to make), find resorts you like, and research any prices or dates from there.

Define your Budget
See which resort is the best for you, and make sure you’re getting the most out of your money by designing a trip the whole family will enjoy.

Look into All Inclusive Package Deals!
Sometimes all-inclusive resort packages are more cost effective for a summer vacation to Mexico. If you’re planning to spend a lot of time on resort property, be sure to look into these! You often save even more money.

Subscribe to Resort Newsletters
For even more deals and information, most resorts and hotels in Mexico have email lists you can sign up for, and you can discover even more ways to save money simply by checking your email.

Garza Blanca Vacation Club Scam in Mexico Truth

The possibility of a Garza Blanca vacation club scam is pretty low if you are careful about where you purchase your membership. Garza Blanca vacation club is a genuine luxury residence club on the Pacific Coast of Mexico in Puerto Vallarta, and if you you buy directly from the resort, you are in no danger of being involved in a Garza Blanca vacation club scam.

Benefits of Garza Blanca Vacation Club in Mexico

● Infinity Pools – to swim in style.
● Spas on site – to relax before and after your Mexican adventures.
● Gourmet restaurants – to feed your appetite and your soul.
● All-inclusive meal packages – for additional ways to save money while on your next trip to Mexico.
● Free onsite activities – because who doesn’t love free stuff? If you are planning to stay onsite for most of your trip, this is an especially valuable feature.
● Variety – multiple resorts to choose from, including the Garza Blanca Resort, Villa del Palmar Cancun, and Hotel Mousai. Garza Blanca vacation club is also expanding, thus constantly extending what they can offer members.
● Elegant design – Great attention to detail. Your stay will be a very chic one.
● Luxurious accommodations – live like a celebrity while still staying on budget.
● Points – based system for ease of membership use.
● Stunning ocean views – a gorgeous backdrop for your next vacation to Mexico.
● Security – use of RCI international exchange network services.

These are some of the many features Garza Blanca vacation club has to offer. Sound too good to be true? Well many people seem to think so, which is why you are here looking up Garza Blanca vacation club scams in Mexico.

The Truth about Garza Blanca vacation club scams in Mexico
While there are many vacation club scandals and scams to be found anywhere, Garza Blanca vacation club – or as it is more formally known, the Garza Blanca Residence Club – is a legitimate vacation offering in Mexico. It is NOT a scam.

This luxurious vacation club is the real deal, with a beautiful location on the Garza Blanca Preserve in Mexico. All of the benefits listed above are real! So keep Garza Blanca in mind for your vacation club needs next time you are stopping by Mexico.

Additional Information and Tips to avoid a scam in Mexico
While Garza Blanca vacation club is not a scam, there are resale scams out there. If a resale company is claiming to give you the same benefits but is asking for upfront fees, it really could be bogus. Only deal directly with the Garza Blanca Residence Club just to be safe.

4 Reasons to Choose Puerto Vallarta to Get Married

We know that your wedding day is one of the very best days of your life! We also know that when you get married, you want it to go as smoothly as possible. So why not have your big day somewhere where you will have all the help you need! Here are some reasons to choose Puerto Vallarta to get married.

1. Destination Weddings are Awesome
Getting away for your big day can be one of the best choices you’ll ever make when you get married! For a start, destination weddings tend to be smaller, more intimate, and even a little less expensive (depending upon the size of your wedding party). What could be better than a ceremony bare-foot on the sand, and then a reception at a chilled out beach bar?

2. Puerto Vallarta has some of the best scenery in Mexico
Situated on the Pacific coast of Mexico, Puerto Vallarta has some truly breathtaking scenery to offer! The town itself is quaint and pretty, but it’s the natural landscapes around it that are really something to remember. The beaches are clean, well-kept and adjacent to the warm, crystalline waters of the Pacific ocean. Nature lovers will be particularly taken by the white sand beach that overlooks the Los Arcos rock formation! Who doesn’t want to enjoy an idyllic setting when they get married.

3. The best activities
When it comes to planning the best hen and stag parties, or even just arranging a nice day out with the wedding party, Puerto Vallarta is a winner. You can visit one of the many fine restaurants, bars, or clubs in the downtown area to make sure your wedding gets the celebration it deserves, or if you want something really special you can arrange a whale watching tour or a pirate ship adventure!

4. Culture and history to spare!
Puerto Vallarta is so much more than just a tourist destination; it is a cultural and historic centre which is home to many varied sites of interest. Whether you want to take in the public art of the Malecon, visit the galleries and stores, or visit the great Cathedrals in the city centre we can assure you you’ll be amazed! Not only are these areas beautiful, but they’d make unique wedding photos for when you get married in Puerto Vallart!

Read About Premium Vacations Online 18552832170

If you’ve been looking to read about Premium Vacations Online 18552832170 then you’ve come to the right place. And if you’re looking for cheap, quality vacations to Mexico you’re definitely researching the right company! We’ve got all the information you might need concerning Premium Vacations Online 18552832170.

Premium Vacations Online 18552832170
Premium Vacations Online is a vacation provider that offers unbeatable deals on 4 or 5 night trips in wonderful Mexican destinations. The deals are so good that you can be excused for worrying about the validity of the company, but you have nothing to fear; Premium Vacations Online 18552832170 is not a scam!

Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas
Premium Vacations Online 18552832170 offers discount vacations in some of Mexico’s top vacation destinations. This specialized company offers destination vacations in Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, and Cancun and is one of the cheapest companies on the internet partly because they only offer Mexican destinations. Concentrating on just one country and online means that overhead fees are lower. Check out the reviews left by previous customers if you want reassurance about the legitimacy of Premium Vacations Online 18552832170.

What’s the catch?
It is just common sense that when a deal seems too good to be true it usually is, but in this case common sense proves to be false. Premium Vacations Online 18552832170 is no scam, and there’s no catch at all; just one very simple condition. When you arrive at the hotel you will be expected to attend a short sales presentation. Attendance is a condition of getting the discounted price on your all inclusive Mexican vacation. You are, of course, not obligated to buy anything and you won’t be harassed for reasons should you choose not to. All that is expected of you is that you turn up and listen!

If you have booked a Mexican vacation with Premium Vacations Online in the past then please leave a comment below.

Garza Blanca Residence Club and Club Caribe

So what does Garza Blanca Residence Club and Club Caribe have in common? Both residence clubs form part of the luxury vacation ownership opportunities that you can enjoy from Tafer Hotels & Resorts in Mexico. Garza Blanca Residence Club is based in Puerto Vallarta at the stunning Garza Blanca Preserve on Mexico’s Pacific Coast while Club Caribe is the vacation club membership offered by Villa del Palmar Cancun on Mexico’s Caribbean coast.

Garza Blanca Residence Club and Club Caribe Membership
When you purchase a timeshare membership at one of these vacation clubs, you will buy annually allocated points for the equivalent cost of a week in one of the suites available at the club in question. Thereafter, you use those points to reserve the kind of suite you wish in accordance with how many points you have available. These points can be used for reserving suites at both Garza Blanca Preserve and Villa del Palmar Cancun. The other benefit of Garza Blanca Residence Club and Club Caribe points is that you can bank them to save for a longer vacation or to stay in an upgraded suite or indeed borrow points for future stays. Furthermore, Garza Blanca Residence Club and Club Caribe membership offers you internet privileges at the resort.

Garza Blanca Residence Club
Garza Blanca Residence Club membership is available at Garza Blanca Preserve in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Garza Blanca Preserve is a luxury resort nestled amongst lush tropical jungle on a stunning white sandy beach. You can enjoy the facilities on site that include three pools, four restaurants, an incredible spa on the 15th floor of the brand new Hotel Mousai tower at the preserve, a state-of-the-art gym, tennis and squash courts, 4 Diamond services, free resort activities and more. Membership also entitles you to special privileges as well as the opportunity to use your points to pay for all-inclusive meal plans.

Club Caribe
Club Caribe is the name of the luxury timeshare membership offered at Villa del Palmar Cancun in Mexico’s Caribbean. This 5 Star resort offers the luxury facilities including 5 outdoor swimming pools, a wonderful spa, a deli, 5 gourmet restaurants, 5 bars – including a swing bar on the beach, gym, incredible accommodations and first class service. You will also enjoy a host of entertainment each night and free activities that are yours to enjoy as a Club Caribe member.

There are few timeshare options in Mexico that compare with the excellent world-class services you will enjoy when you become Garza Blanca Residence Club and Club Caribe members.

Vacation Ownership Simplified

People should realize that everyone may not be talking about the same type of timeshare option when they mention timeshare. Here is a brief overview of some of the various vacation ownership options out there so you can get a better understanding of what people mean when they are describing their timeshare.

Fixed Week Timeshare
The fixed week timeshare offer was the original timeshare investment opportunity available. The use of the unit was divided into 52 weekly time slots that were used at specific points of time in the year. The benefit of this option was that families could buy a fixed week each year in their favorite resorts and destinations. However, while fixed weeks are great during popular seasons, weeks at less popular times of the year were rarely used, which meant the price of more popular weeks were often quite expensive. Nevertheless, fixed week timeshare paved the way for other types of vacation ownership.

Fractional Ownership
Although all vacation ownership options are fractional in some way, the timeshare option that is called fractional ownership comes with the added bonus of actually owning a portion or percentage of your vacation property. You are given a deed for your share when you make this type of timeshare purchase because you have actually made a real estate investment. This also means you are responsible for paying property taxes that correspond to the country where your timeshare is located. Ownership is for life unless you sell your share to someone else. You can also leave your vacation ownership in a will to someone, and you can rent your time allotments to other vacationers.

Right-to-use Vacation Ownership
Most timeshare agencies will offer the right-to-use timeshares model because it is very flexible. Instead of actually buying a property, you are buying the right to use a property within the agency’s resort or condominium complex. So there are no property taxes like you would have with a typical fractional ownership. You have the option of choosing which times of the year you want to use your timeshare unit. Your duration of membership can range from 25-30 years. Once your membership arrangement ends, the right to use goes back to the original property deed holder.

Vacation Club Discounts
Vacation club discounts involve memberships that offer discounts with affiliated hotels. Depending on the level of your membership, you are offered certain tiers of discounts that you can use whenever you schedule your vacations. Most of the companies offering these types of memberships are giant corporations that often have hotel chains in multiple countries.

Vacation Club Exchange Networks
Another vacation ownership option is the vacation club exchange network. Under this timeshare structure, you consult with agents that use a database to find international offers for the weeks you have available. You can either have a direct membership with the agency or exchange your time allotments for other opportunities in their database.

Points Based Residences Clubs
The most ideal vacation ownership option is the points based residences clubs option. You purchase points to gain access to different types of units to use for whatever specified time you want to cover. The points you are willing to “spend” will determine the quality of the unit used and the length of your stay. You also may be able to get relaxation treatments and meal plans at some resorts by using your points.