Read Vacation Members Reviews

In response to a number of request and comments, I set myself the task to read Vacation Members reviews and investigate the travel agent to see if it is a scam, or to what level Vacation Members can be trusted. Below you will find my conclusions about the company, having read Vacation Members reviews on a number of websites and forums. Here is what I discovered about Vacation Members.

No Sign of a Scam
Vacation Members reviews are pretty conclusive that it is not scam. Vacation Members is a registered travel agency that operates online and via telesales call centers. The majority of Vacation Members reviewers claim to have been called directly to their homes from the following telephone number: 1-800-345-7439. The main concern voiced in comments was that Vacation Members’ prices seemed too good to be true, hence the fear that it is a scam. On the contrary, the prices are genuine with the only catch being that you will attend a sales presentation when you arrive.

Obligations to Purchase
Vacation Members reviews highlight the easy-going nature of the sales presentation, with a number claiming to have bought vacation ownership while the majority stating that although they didn’t buy, there was no hard sell after the presentation and that they were totally free to enjoy the vacation. From what is suggested by Vacation Members reviews, there is no pressure to buy, and you are not hassled after the presentation.

As is the case with any hotel reviews, the Vacation Members reviews about accommodations were mixed, although favorably, from 10 out of 10 ratings to 7 out of 10. Cleanliness and comfort came out top as well as views, service and elegant decoration.

A common source of praise were the destinations Cabo San Lucas, Cancun and Puerto Vallarta. Vacation Members reviewers frequently commented on the wide range of activities available at these destinations as well as the natural beauty. In all cases the beaches were one of the top attractions mentioned.

To read more reviews, go to

1(800) 345 7439 & 1 800 345 7439

Telesales agents seem to be popular once again. If you are not getting a call from an insurance company or bank offering you a credit card, it’s probably a double-glazing window seller. Now and again a good deal does knock on your door, like the recent round of telephone calls from e on 1(800) 345 7439 & 1 800 345 7439.

Last week I received a call from 1(800) 345 7439 & 1 800 345 7439 and was told by a young man named Oscar that I had been selected for a special vacation package. It all sounded a little like y, but I gave Oscar the chance to prove himself. After all, how can I call myself a vacation expert if I don’t investigate this prime opportunity to warn my readers of a potential scam.

As it turns out, 1(800) 345 7439 & 1 800 345 7439 was not Reader’s Digest but a telesales travel agent call Vacation Members that deals with discounted all inclusive packages to Mexico in return for your time at a sales presentation. So, there was a catch after all! However, knowing about the sales presentation actually set my mind at rest as the price was far too generous for there not to be some kind of incentive for the travel agency. I have seen these kinds of deal before and they are genuine packages – you just have to attend a presentation.

The all inclusive packages that I was offered by Oscar on 1(800) 345 7439 & 1 800 345 7439 were for the following destination in Mexico, plus accommodation in Orlando: Cancun, Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas. I checked out some customer review for Vacation Members and all evidence points to the all inclusive packages being genuine and great value for money. Only one couple in the reviews that I read complained about having to pay extra for a third child because the package includes only 2 kids under 12 free – which actually seems reasonable to me when you see how cheap the deal is.

In a nutshell, if you want a cheap vacation package to Mexico, answer the call from 1(800) 345 7439 & 1 800 345 7439, or go to their website on

Top 10 Club Caribe Family Activities

There is so much to enjoy at your Club Caribe timeshare at Villa del Palmar Cancun, and families will find the activities and provisions especially attractive. Take a look at the top 10 Club Caribe Family Activities below:

1. Kids Club
If you arrive with small children aged 4-11, y easily fall within the top 10 Club Caribe family activities for you. Your children can enjoy a full program of activities at the Kids Club from 9am till 5pm, closing for lunch from 1-2pm. Children younger than 4 are also welcome when joined by an adult, while kids aged 4-11 can be left in the care of the trained staff.

2. Kids Splash Playground
Next to the custom built Kids Club, there is a dedicated Children’s pool with splash pads and water shooters. You can spend time here with your family on the loungers and play in shallow water. There are also shallow parts of the main pools suitable for younger children.

3. Paddle Boarding
Paddle Boarding is one of the top 10 Club Caribe family activities. Villa del Palmar Cancun provides paddle board equipment and lifejackets for you to use for free. If you need a quick lesson in how to use the boards, make sure to ask one of the activities team.

4. Snorkeling
If you kids like the sea, snorkeling is a great healthy pastime to get the whole family together for an activity. Borrow the equipment from the activities hut and explore the what’s beneath the water at Villa del Palmar Cancun.

5. Karaoke Night
Every night there is some kind of fun entertainment at Club Caribe. One of the top 10 Club Caribe family activities is the karaoke night once a week, where you will be able to take to the stage and show off your performance skills.

6. Plate Painting
A paid activity provided by artisans who sell ceramics at Villa del Palmar Cancun, you can choose all kinds of plates, cups or vases to paint using the materials provided. You purchase your plate and then paint for free.

7. Mexican Market Stalls
A safe way for you and your family to experience the real Mexico, your Club Caribe membership brings Mexico’s market atmosphere to you at the resort. Each night, you can take a leisurely stroll around all the market stalls and buy souvenirs for friends and family back home. This is one of the most popular top 10 Club Caribe family activities.

8. Beach Party
The Club Caribe beach party is one of the top 10 Club Caribe family activities. Once or twice a week you can enjoy a party on the beach with DJ and enjoy fun, games and an excuse to dance.

9 The Waterfall Bridge
The pool by Villa del Palmar’s lobby is great fun for all the family. The bridge that crosses the pool is streaming with water like a huge waterfall. Crossing the bridge, you can imagine that you are walking behind a waterfall, with the cool spray of the water refreshing each step. The kids (young and old) love the water bridge.

10. Kids Spa
Kids Spa is one of the top 10 Club Caribe family activities at the Kids Club. A therapist from the Village Spa arrives to the Kids Club to give each child that wishes an arm and leg massage. Alternatively, older children can also choose from a range of spa treatments from the teen menu at Village Spa.

Why Choose Club Caribe Timeshare

There are endless different companies selling timeshare in Mexico, and even more around the world. So what makes one timeshare company different to another? Here you will find the lowdown on one of Mexico’s most attractive timeshare opportunities with some reasons why you might choose Club Caribe timeshare.

Cancun is certainly one of the reasons why you should should choose Club Caribe timeshare. Club Caribe is based at Villa del Palmar in Playa Mujeres, Cancun. There are few destinations in Mexico that you will want to return to year after year without getting bored – and Cancun is one of them. Constantly developing and evolving with new activities and attractions in addition to its cultural-historical riches such as the Mayan pyramids, Cancun will bring new delights for you and your family each year.

Perhaps one of the major advantages of buying a Club Caribe timeshare is that you also get to visit other locations in Mexico using your Club Caribe membership for accommodation. Your Club Caribe membership extends to resorts in Puerto Vallarta, Nuevo Vallarta, Loreto and Cabo San Lucas. Furthermore, Club Caribe timeshare are eligible to be exchanged for destinations worldwide through the services of Interval International.

Villa del Palmar Cancun
Club Caribe timeshare owners enjoy their “home” resort at Villa del Palmar Cancun. Villa del Palmar Cancun’s resort facilities are five star in quality and boast the very best services within stunning surroundings. There are five outdoor swimming pools at Villa del Palmar Cancun in addition to a cascading water bridge. The beach stretches for miles on the edge of the resort, with a beach bar serving snacks and cocktails on the beach. As Villa del Palmar Cancun also owns the lot next to the resort, it is as though your have the whole stretch of beach to yourself.

If you are traveling with children, you may wish to take advantage of the kids club as well as the program of activities that take place every day of the week, 365 days a year. There are also different theme nights for Club Caribe members to enjoy, in addition to a special free members’ cocktail. Relaxation lovers may wish to indulge in the Village Spa to enjoy a pampering massage, facial or treatment, or perhaps just to experience the steam room and Jacuzzis.

One of the most quoted reasons given by happy Club Caribe timeshare owners as to why they decided to buy a Club Caribe timeshare is access to spacious, elegantly designed air conditioned accommodations. All of the units offered to Club Caribe members are large and spacious; even the entry level Deluxe Room (studio) is larger than standard hotel rooms and has a fridge and wet bar. All suite units come with a full kitchen, while penthouses and master residences also have expansive balconies that sweep around the units with private Jacuzzis.

Flexibility and ease are the two main advantages of choosing Club Caribe timeshare. Your membership is points based, which means you don’t have to stay for full week intervals, but can stay for the exact length of time that you wish. You might choose to stay for two week in a row or split your time up and visit 4 times a year. The choice is yours. Likewise, you can use your points to stay in a more luxurious suite for a shorter period of time or a smaller suite for a longer period. Flexible vacations should be the catchphrase of Club Caribe.

855 873 7988

Don’t you just hate getting telesales phone calls from people trying to sell you things you don’t want or need? Well, I think I can speak for most of us when I say that it is so annoying when you are just sitting down to dinner and the phone rings with someone trying to sell you double glazing windows.

However, I received a call last week from 855 873 7988 that fortunately did not find me halfway through my dessert. Luckily for me, I did not hang up as soon as I heard the sales agent from 855 873 7988 begin his charismatic sales pitch. Although my natural instinct is to tell cold callers to go and jump off a tall building, for some reason I thought I would listen to his spiel, especially in case it was a scam I could warm my followers about.

The caller was from 8558737988 Save N Vacations, a travel agent I have heard about before, but never had direct dealings with. Now that I look at the number 855 873 7988, it looks very like a number I kept seeing as a missed call the month previous. Anyway, 8558737988 is from Save N Vacations and they call to see if you are interested in a special discount for all inclusive vacations in Puerto Vallarta and Cancun. I had been selected by 8558737988 Save N Vacations for this exclusive discount.

Being a travel expert and skeptic, I probed the sales agent to try to get to the bottom of the sales pitch to see where the scam was hidden. It turns out there is no scam, but you do have to attend a presentation, which will take up a couple of hours of your vacation. However, before you turn your nose up at your call from 855 873 7988, you have to see the discounts your will get. If you can put up with a presentation, you won’t find anything cheaper online or at your local travel agency (not even last minute – leaving tomorrow)!

If you are interested, you can also call Save N Vacations directly on 8558737988 and ask to see if you qualify for their discounts. Not everyone is eligible for the discount, so call to make sure., 1-800-345-7439

As a vacation expert, I often receive comments or questions from my followers about new scams and vacation frauds, most of which I try to follow up and investigate. The latests stream of questions I have come into contact with are questions about the trustworthiness of, 1-800-345-7439. appears to be a fairly new company online yet it offers cheap deals at some of the most reputable hotels and resorts in Mexico, specializing in the destinations: Cancun, Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta (Orlando too). So, I put myself to the task of finding out if, 1-800-345-7439 is a fraud or the real deal.

To start, I took a look at the website to see what offers were available. I was impressed by the options for some great accommodations in top vacation destinations, and the prices seemed extremely generous. I realized why so many of you were wary – cheap often means a scam. So, I tried to make a reservation online and found that I had to call on the toll free number 1-800-345-7439 first to speak to an agent or request a quote. For me, this was much better, I prefer to speak to a real person.

I called, 1-800-345-7439 and was attended by a really friendly agent, Matt. He was incredibly knowledgeable and it was really hard to decide which destination I preferred to reserve in Mexico. He suggested that as I was on the East Coast, Cancun’s flights would be the cheapest and quickest. Orlando also looked like a super deal. Anyhow, part of the reason why you have to call, 1-800-345-7439 is so they can assess if you can receive the discounted promotion. You see, not everyone will qualify for the low prices and you have to agree to attend a sales presentation when you arrive.

Matt asked me a list of questions and when he was sure that I met the requirements, he proceeded to make the reservation. He advised me to read very carefully the conditions of the reservation that we would send, paying attention to what is required for the discount to be deemed valid. When I pulled out at the last minute, I was surprised at how friendly he was. He tried to change my mind, of course, but he wasn’t aggressive as I would have expected of a scam. Instead, he sent me a summary of my hypothetical vacation reservation, just in case I changed my mind.

Nevertheless, as I had not made a reservation, I still had doubts about whether or not was a scam, therefore I took to the vacation forums and did a little deeper research. I found only positive comments about both the vacation accommodations and resorts included in the cut price deals offered by Many who had taken a vacation through were really happy and said that the presentation took no time, nor were they targeted afterwards for not buying.

I’d be happy to put my money on, 1-800-345-7439 not being a scam. Leave your comments here and help other make the right choice.

Save N Vacations 1 855 873 7988

Save N Vacations 1 855 873 7988 is an Internet travel agent specializing in discount vacations in Mexico (Puerto Vallarta and Cancun), although you may have received a telephone call directly to your home to promote new offers or special discounts.

Save N Vacations agents will talk you through the whole reservation process when you call the free number: 1 855 873 798 and ask about prices and availability. You can ask Save N Vacations agents anything you need to know about both the destinations or the resorts where you will be staying. All agents either live in the destinations promoted or have physically been to those destination to ensure that you are receiving first hand guidance and travel advice.

The destinations in Mexico that you will be able to book through Save N Vacations 1 855 873 7988 are Puerto Vallarta and Cancun. Puerto Vallarta is located on the Pacific Coast, while Cancun is located on the Mexican coast in the Caribbean. You may want to check out which destinations has the cheapest and most direct flights from your home airport before deciding which beach destination to choose. Both Cancun and Puerto Vallarta enjoy year round sunshine, beautiful beaches, great restaurants and nightlife, a full program of adventure activities and amazing resorts and hotel.

For more information about cheap discounted accommodations in Mexico, call Save N Vacations 1 855 873 7988 and see what special offers the agents can find you for the dates you wish to travel. Save N Vacations 1 855 873 7988 offers some of the cheapest Cancun packages and Puerto Vallarta deals on the Internet, so you are sure to find accommodation to meet your budget.

Club Caribe Timeshare Nightmare

Are you wondering if your Club Caribe timeshare investment is going to turn into a timeshare nightmare? There’s good news for you. Club Caribe at Villa del Palmar Cancun is one of the safest timeshare investments you will make.

Club Caribe is a vacation club that is owned and operated by owners of both Tafer Hotels & Resorts as well as The Villa Group. These timeshare and resort operators have over 30 years in the business of timeshare and are not looking to go out of business any time soon. Rest assured, you are very unlikely to suffer from a timeshare nightmare at Club Caribe.

Cases of a Club Caribe timeshare nightmare may arise, however, if you are involved in a deliberate scam that targets vulnerable buyers who are looking for a cheap resale. Unfortunately, the resale market is unregulated and you will not be entitled to any help from Club Caribe if you are involved in a Club Caribe resale scam that uses the timeshare vacation club’s name without permission. The safest way to avoid a Club Caribe timeshare nightmare of this nature is to only buy a genuine timeshare from the sales office located on the site at Villa del Palmar Cancun. Sellers operating out of offices in other locations have not be authorised by Club Caribe and you should be very careful about buying a timeshare off-site.

When buying Club Caribe resales, you are more likely to be involved in a timeshare nightmare, so be very careful when looking into purchasing a second hand timeshare. As Club Caribe at the Villa del Palmar Cancun resort is very new, there are not many genuine opportunities for you to buy a Club Caribe resale, so beware. Most Club Caribe timeshare nightmares arise from buying resales or from being targeted by agents to sell your Club Caribe timeshare. If in doubt, contact members services at Club Caribe to avoid a resale nightmare.

A genuine timeshare nightmare that some people find themselves in, is not being able to make payments on their timeshare purchase. Club Caribe timeshare is a luxury product, so always make sure that you buy within your means. There are all kinds of products, many of which are very affordable – there really is something for everyone – so make sure you buy what suits your budget. Speak honestly to your seller, so you can buy a membership level that matches your needs.

So, with a little bit of common sense, Club Caribe timeshare nightmare should be words that do not feature in your vocabulary. Timeshare is intended to enhance not hinder your vacation experience, so always buy with a reputable company that has years of experience to offer its members.

Vacation Members’ Reviews

Due to a number of comments I found on my blog and those of other vacation advisors about Vacation, I began investigating Vacation Members’ reviews to see what services are offered by this online travel agent, in order to ascertain if it was a genuine company or a scam.

Vacation Members’ reviews indicate that the company is a legitimate travel agent and that the offers you find online are genuine and will be validated if you meet certain criteria. Not everyone will be eligible for the large discounts offered by the website, and that is generally the cause of any complaints that I found about Vacation Members. If you do not meet all the requirements, you will not be eligible for the quoted discounts.

For those of you who do meet the requirements, which are elements such as being married, being over 30 and so on, you will have the chance to book cheap vacation accommodation through Vacation Members for destinations in Mexico such as Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas and Cancun, as well as a special promotion for vacation accommodations in Orlando.

Vacation Members’ reviews all point to the fact that if you are eligible for the discount, these vacation prices are the real deal and are guaranteed to be cheaper than any other offer for a similar quality hotel in the destinations featured on the website. In order to benefit from these offers, you can call the toll free number on 01 800 345 7439 or enter your details in a form online so that one of the Vacation Members team can contact you by telephone.

It seems that the best way to book these highly discounted vacation accommodations is by talking to a Vacation Members agent to ensure that you meet all the requirement. Remember to be honest, as if you cannot meet the prerequisites you will be charged the full price of your vacation.

So, if you receive a call from a Vacation Members agent on 01 800 345 7439, you can rest assured you will be offered a genuine discount for vacation accommodations.

Top 10 Activities at Club Caribe

Club Caribe membership is so much more than amazing vacation accommodation in paradise, delicious gourmet restaurants and first class service. You can enjoy many free activities especially for Club Caribe members at Villa del Palmar Cancun. Check out the top 10 activities at Club Caribe.


10 – Paddle Boarding and Kayak
If you like the sea and enjoy keeping fit in the sun, paddle boarding and kayaking is a popular activity. As Club Caribe members, you can borrow the water sport equipment free of charge

9 – Yoga
Yoga is amongst the top 10 activities at Club Caribe. Classes take place on the beachfront deck every other day. Pilates classes take place in the same location on alternate days.

8 – Gym
Club Caribe members can use the gym for free and take advantage of the cutting edge machines and weights. You will also find an instructor who can help you choose the right equipment for you.

7 – Mayan Night
Easily one of the top 10 activities at Club Caribe, the Mayan show is an evening to remember. Scheduled every second week, alternating with the Mexican folk show, the Mayan Night will deliver the most impressive legacy of the Mayan culture in terms of dancing, music and storytelling.

6 – Club Caribe Cocktail Night
Club Caribe members are invited to a weekly cocktail hour. You can join staff and get to know other members over a free cocktail or two.

5 – Cuban Band
The residence Cuban band, Sante Fé at Villa del Palmar Cancun provides lots of opportunities for fun and entertainment. You can listen to them in the lobby during the day on Fridays and Saturdays or enjoy a full performance on the scheduled Cuban Night.

4 – Kids Club
The Kids Club is sure to be one of the top 10 activities at Club Caribe if you are arriving to Villa del Palmar Cancun with your kids or grandchildren. Ask at the Kids Club on arrival for the full schedule of activities from face painting to talent shows to sandcastles.

3 – Free Shiatsu
An often overlooked free activity, but one of the top 10 activities at Club Caribe, a five minute shiatsu massage is available twice a week around the pool area. Look out for the shiatsu expert with his/her massage chair and reserve yourself a free five minute massage.

2 – Free Mall Shuttle
Among the top 10 activities at Club Caribe, the free shuttle to Cancun’s malls is popular for members. Reserve a place on the free shuttle to secure a ride to the main shopping centers in Cancun.

1- Tequila Tasting
Club Caribe members are invited to a tequila tasting event, although this top activity does have a cost. You can choose whether to join other members at Davino Restaurant or have a private tasting in your suite. Ask the Club Caribe concierge upon arrival about prices and to make a reservation.