Tafer Timeshare Report: Top Reasons to Invest

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Timeshare memberships are an excellent idea and way for families and people that want to consistently enjoy the best vacations at only the best resorts, no matter what you may have heard about timeshares. Unfortunately, in the past timeshares undeservingly … Continued

Day Trips: Puerto Vallarta 2019

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Puerto Vallarta has many exciting activities that visitors and locals all enjoy doing, but when you want to get out of town for the day, there are several nearby towns that are worth exploring. To leave Puerto Vallarta for a … Continued

Timeshare Scams To Avoid

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For anyone considering purchasing a Mexico timeshare with the Tafer Hotels & Resorts, it is important to be in the know to prevent a Tafer Hotels & Resorts timeshare scam from happening to you. While Tafer Hotels & Resorts is … Continued

How Can I Cancel A Timeshare?

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Have you ever wondered, can I cancel my timeshare? Before you make a rash decision that could have lasting financial implications, take time to read this article first.  We have provided information that will help you understand what you need … Continued

Golfer Tips: 5 Must Play PV Courses

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There are so many exciting outdoor activities that you can enjoy in Puerto Vallarta. You can enjoy water activities such as going swimming, surfing, scuba diving and snorkeling. There are just as many land activities, and the number one land … Continued

Online Reviews About Garza Blanca

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Sadly, when someone hears the word timeshares it automatically brings negative thoughts for many individuals, but the truth is that timeshares are allowing individuals to plan vacations ahead of time at some of the best resorts throughout Mexico. A leading … Continued

Are Garza Blanca Bad Reviews True?

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These days, it can sometimes be hard to tell if what you read online is true or fake.  Have you read any bad or negative reviews about Garza Blanca timeshares? If so, be aware that unfavorable reviews about Garza Blanca … Continued