Errors we make booking beach rentals in Mexico

If you’re used to staying in resorts and hotels when you go abroad then beach rentals will be a different experience entirely for you, but certainly a pleasant one if you get the right kind of beach rental for your needs. Nonetheless, if you haven’t booked a vacation rental before it can be a tricky process. This is why we’ve compiled this list of things to avoid doing when it comes to reserving your first beach rentals in Mexico.

Common errors when booking beach rentals in Mexico

  1. DON’T assume that beach rentals in Mexico only cater to large family groups. There are beach rentals in Mexico of all shapes and sizes, and with careful application of the correct filters you can find something perfect for you. Research your options and involve an agent or two and you could land a perfectly sized and equipped vacation rental.
  1. DON’T let yourself be overwhelmed by the process of looking for beach rentals in Mexico. Finding a place to stay should be enjoyable and an opportunity for you to do some research about the place you would like to stay. If you really don’t want the hassle of finding a beach rental, find a good rental agent.
  1. DON’T be too rough with the facilities and furniture in your beach rental. Remember that others will be using the beach rentals after you and it’s bad manners to mistreat other people’s goods. Also, you could meet with a large lump deducted from your deposit.
  1. DON’T show up without knowing exactly what your rental does and does not offer. For example, if it is key that your beach rental in Mexico includes Wifi or comes with bed linen then don’t assume it will; check! Beach rentals in Mexico can vary greatly.
  1. DON’T assume that your rental will come with beach toys and equipment. If it’s important to you to have beach toys then make sure this is confirmed when you make your reservation. Some beach rentals in Mexico might even include a jet-ski, trampolines, paddleboards and kayaks!
  1. DON’T overlook the fine print of the beach rental agreement. Failing to understand the details of your rental agreement could end in tears, quite literally, so be sure that you take a fine toothed comb to it.
  1. DON’T disregard the reviews left by previous customers. What they say about the beach rental and, more importantly, how such reviews are addressed are good indicators of whether a certain agency is a safe bet. If a negative review is responded to quickly and with consideration this is a good sign.
  1. DON’T Forget to share your own experience! Make sure you give credit where it’s due; if your rental property was great let others know! If you had a bad experience, however, be sure to leave details as to what made it so bad and why- give the agency or owner a chance to respond.

Beach rentals in Mexico are a great solution for your vacations. Why not give them a try!

Honeymoon Recommendations – Sierra Lago, Mexico

The Sierra Lago Resort & Spa in Mexico is carefully tucked away on the shoreline of a lake within the protection of a stunning mountain range, the Sierra Madre. This location provides the perfect beauty for honeymooners, a unique location that has everything a newlywed couple dreams of for their honeymoon: relaxation, romance, and intimate activities. The Sierra Lago Resort & Spa is secluded from the rush and stresses of everyday life, offering five star services to spoil guests and ensure that their stay is more than magical.

Sierra Lago Romance Activities

A Beautiful Mountain Honeymoon Location in Mexico

This beautiful mountain honeymoon location in Mexico has over 25 quaint and cozy cabins. The cabins feature an amazing view of the lagoon and mountains as each cabin sits on top of a hill overlooking the lake. The cabins come with only the best linens available along with a king size bed and an ensuite bathroom with French bathtub and shower. The Standard Cabins are excellent, but the Cabin Suites are outstanding for honeymoons as they come with a spacious living room, a fireplace, balcony, and a jetted Jacuzzi enclosed by fourposter curtains. A nest for romance.

Amazing Restaurants for Honeymooners

The El Lago is the resort’s maind restaurant, lounge, and bar where breakfast and dinner is served. Honeymooners can indulge in the fine cuisine served here while enjoying the views and sounds of Mother Nature. The La Terraza is available for lunch, and honeymooners can find this restaurant by the lakeside.

Enjoy Mother Nature at Sierra Lago

You will soon realize that there can’t possibly be a better place for a honeymoon when you see Sierra Lago. The center of the resort is a lake that was formed by an ancient volcano and the surface of the lake looks just like glass, then you will notice that the only time the surface is broken is when a kayak is passing through or a duck is enjoying the lake. Around the lake are the Sierra Madre Mountains, which provide habitat for all types of wildlife in its emerald forests.

Romantic Activities

The first class amenities at Sierra Lago Resort & Spa includes the cobbled pathways and walkways, the outdoor pool that is heated, a chapel with an open roof, soccer fields, basketball and tennis courts, and stables. As a honeymooner you can choose the Romantic Escape Package that comes with an in-cabin candlelit dinner or breakfast, followed by a massage for the couple along with a carriage ride with horses and wine, or if you would like you can also plant a tree that symbolizes your wedding date. There are so many romantic activities that you can enjoy for free when booking a stay at Sierra Lago Resort & Spa. Why would you want to go anywhere else for your honeymoon?

Have you stayed at Sierra Lago Resort & Spa? Tell us what you think?

Best 5 Boat Cruises in Puerto Vallarta

Take a look at this list of the best 5 boat cruises in Puerto Vallarta. Puerto Vallarta is the best place to take a boat cruise. There are many types of boat cruises and you can go on a day or night cruise. It depends on which boat cruise you decide to go on to determine what activities you can expect, but many of the boat cruises offers swimming, dancing, snorkeling, music, drinks, foods, and memories that you will treasure forever. If you are wondering where you can book your boat cruise, then you can book it online or you can have your hotel book your favorite one for you. Look below for the best 5 boat cruises in Puerto Vallarta.

Pirate Ship Puerto Vallarta

Pirate Fun – The Marigalante Boat Cruise in Puerto Vallarta

The Marigalante pirate ship boat cruise in Puerto Vallarta takes place on an actual pirate ship that is made of wood and modeled on the ship that Christopher Columbus sailed when he traveled to the Americas. It is packed full of adventure, excitement, and is meant for adults. When you arrive on the pirate boat cruise you will enjoy a delicious dinner along with all the drinks you want, then you will watch pirates doing acrobatics and singing, then sit back and watch pirates duel in a real pirate battle. Don’t get too relaxed, because you just may be invited to join in the show. The Marigalante pirate ship is exceptional and not like any other boat cruise in Puerto Vallarta. If you would rather go on this cruise during the day, then you can enjoy snorkeling, swimming, dancing, and looking for a buried treasure on the local beach. A great cruise for the family during the day.

 Romance – Rhythms of the Night Boat Cruise in Puerto Vallarta

The Rhythms of the Night Boat Cruise is romantic, magical, and excellent for couples or even groups. The cruise will start off by taking you down the coastline until you reach the cove of Las Caletas, which is an isolated area. You will be escorted to a private table where candles have been lit to add romance to your evening. Beating drums are playing in the distance from the outdoor amphitheater where you will be taken, so you will be treated to a musical of dancing, music, and storytelling of the ancient culture that occurred. End your night by dancing to the music under the stars. This is a romantic cruise that everyone will enjoy.

Adventure – Las Marietas Islands and the Hidden Beach

The Las Marietas cruise starts off by leaving the Marian, then taking you to the Las Marietas where you will arrive at a hidden beach. This Marietas Islands were created many, many thousands of years ago when a volcano suddenly erupted, and there is a hidden beach at the center of the islands. The cruise includes swimming, dancing, music, then lunch. This is a day cruise that the entire family can enjoy. Enjoy your lunch while you look out on the ocean as dolphins, humpback whales, and even manta rays swim by playfully. The guides will show you where to go snorkeling once you have swam through the cave to reach the hidden beach. This is an exceptional cruise that offers marine life, excitement, and natural beauty.

Family Day Out – Las Animas Boat Cruise

The Las Animas Boat Cruise is an underwater adventure that is legendary. Your cruise will start with music, dancing, and drinking at the open bar. Once you have stopped at your first stop, which is the Los Arcos National Park that is underwater. You will be fitted properly with a lifejacket and snorkel by the professionals, then you can explore the underwater national park and see tons of marine life. When you get back aboard the cruise you will cruise to Las Animas where you will stop at the Las Animas beach where lunch is served, then you and your family can go kayaking, swimming, play volleyball, or just relax on the white sandy beach. The fun doesn’t stop when you get back on the boat, because you can sing, dance, karaoke, and enjoy drinks until the cruise ends.

Party time and Romance – Princess Sunset Cruise

The Princess Sunset Cruise is a short cruise around the bay. The cruise is about two and a half hours long and provides couples with a romantic cruise with amazing views. You and your loved one can watch the sunset over the ocean, then go to the lower level and enjoy drinks, snacks, music, and dancing. There isn’t many cruises that offers partying on the ocean at night, but the Princess Sunset Cruise is one that does. Have a romantic and majestic cruise upon the Princess Sunset Cruise.

 No matter what type of cruise you are looking for, you will surely find that Puerto Vallarta’s boat cruises will bring that special touch to your vacation in Mexico. Start by booking your boat cruise online before you arrive on your vacation, then you won’t miss out on the boat cruise being booked, and if you would rather have your hotel do the booking for you, then you can do that as well. Enjoy your vacation in Puerto Vallarta by taking a boat cruise. You won’t regret all the fun and excitement you will have.

First Class Honeymoon Flights. What’s the Deal?

A first class honeymoon flight is what every newlywed couple dreams of.  What a great start towards that anticipated marital bliss.  It can be quite expensive, but cost doesn’t matter for some as long as they get the kind of flight comfort they expect from it.  Maybe in their minds, it would feel so relaxing to be seated with lots of free space on a soft cushion while the stewardess serves a fine tasting wine or champagne.  But are first class honeymoon flights worth the deal?

  1. The Longer the Flight, the Better it Will Feel Riding First Class

Take into account the distance of the place you’re going to.  Make sure you get the best deal by enjoying your first class flight for a longer period.  If you’re heading for a tropical honeymoon in Mexico or to nearby Caribbean from the USA and Canada, it could be better to choose the economy section of the plane and save yourself some money. There won’t be much difference in comfort flying first class or in an ordinary seat if you are travelling for just a few hours.  Your flight will be over even before you can feel its luxury.  Consider flying first class, if your flight is considered long haul, especially if your are flying with one of the major airlines that offer a true first class; British Airways, Emirate Airways and Singapore Air provide exceptional first class services,  treating you like a king.

  1. Choose an Airline Famed for its First Class

You would be surprised how the first class services differ from airline to airline. As mentioned above, certain airline excel when it comes to providing luxury in its purest form.  Don’t be fooled by tricky advertisements done by most regular airlines about how good their first class cabins are.  Instead, do some research yourself so that every penny you’ve paid will be worth it.  Luxury can mean the most delicious plane food, complete amenities and a spacious heaven- like cabin, not just a simple upgrade from plastic knives and forks to stainless steal.

  1. Think About the Cost

Going on your honeymoon can be very expensive as most people want to have the best of the best on this once in a lifetime vacation. Think twice before paying for a jump from economy to first class for it could mean an additional cost of anywhere between $500-$1,500.  This amount is better spent on some other details like spending a night cruise under the romantic moon in the middle of the ocean; a sweet dinner for two with a talented singer serenading the two of your or a couples spa treatment at a Five Star hotel. For adventure loving couples, pay for an exploration ride in the heart of the jungle or book a skydive together. Before spending the money on first class, see if that money could bring your more memories putting it towards other activities.

  1. Check which plane your will be flying

The type of plane you will be boarding can dictate the quality of your first class flying experience. Ultra-modern planes assure you of a well- equipped flying machine that carries the advantages of having the latest technology.  It’s not just the complete amenities, but also the smooth flight which can virtually send you floating in the clouds.  Usually, newer planes are bigger in size, so you can expect a lot more spacious cabin that has the convenience of a hotel room.  It can make you move easily and more comfortably than a single row seating that smaller jets have. Check what plans serve your root before booking first class flights.

Why You Should Never Buy a Garza Blanca Timeshare

Avoid the dangers that await you when you buy a Garza Blanca Timeshare: just imagine being stuck with wonderful vacations, fine dining, quality and adventurous vacations with your family every year; and to top it off, you will be the envy of your friends and family, having to put up with their jealousy! The dangerous of luxury that you will receive at Garza Blanca are quiet obviously too much, and should be avoided.

Garza Blanca Preserve

Here are more details why you should never buy a Garza Blanca Timeshare in Mexico.

Fantastic Vacations Each Time

Having a fantastic time is too much, isn’t it? That is the main reason why you should never buy a Garza Blanca timeshare in Mexico. Your family will have such a fantastic vacation every year that you come to Garza Blanca, so you should stop this temptation before it starts by avoiding buying a Garza Blanca timeshare.

Envy, Envy, and Envy

Your friends will be very envious of you and we want our friends to love us, don’t we? If you buy a Garza Blanca timeshare, then your friends will show envy, envy, and envy of you and your timeshare. They will look at the pictures that you have taken while staying at the Garza Blanca Timeshare and when you exchange the timeshare with the RCI to go to another wonderful vacation destination. Why not bypass this envy and invite your friends to the Friends Count program, so they can have what you have too.

Yearly Vacations with Family Members

There is no reason why you can’t take your family members on a yearly vacation each year with your Garza Blanca timeshare. When you own a Garza Blanca Timeshare you can vacation in Mexico where it is warm and sunny, or, for a change, exchange with the RCI program and visit another great destination. If one year you are unable to make it, then those points will be banked, so you can take a longer vacation the following year with your family. Too many decision? Another reason not to by a Garza Blanca timeshare.

Other Timeshares Are Shamed by Garza Blanca Timeshare

Your Garza Blanca timeshare will treat you like royalty and you will be spoiled every time that you stay. Other timeshares just won’t cut it anymore. Unfortunately, it will become a habit that when you stay at any other hotel you will compare it to Garza Blanca.

Best Cuisine and Fine Dining

Great cuisine and fine dining is offered at the Garza Blanca Resort to timeshare members. You will become so spoiled by the fine dining that you will indulge in, that your own cooking won’t hold up. You should not tempt yourself and start disappointment. Let someone else enjoy the best cuisine and fine dining at Garza Blanca Timeshare.

Are you sure that you don’t want to purchase a Garza Blanca Timeshare? If you are still unsure, then you are just not ready to receive the best vacations possible in Mexico.

Why you should take a vacation to Mexico

For truly memorable tropical vacations, you could do a lot worse than a vacation to Mexico.  A country of rich culture, scenic destinations, impressive infrastructures and stunning beaches, Mexico’s mountains, lakes, valleys, forests and hills are the talk of the town among nature lovers.  It has many cities worth exploring with museums, restaurants, shopping malls and even ancient ruins; it mixes the traditional with the modern and contemporary.  Aside from all of these, there are other factors why you should consider a vacation to Mexico. Take a look below:

Garza Blanca Beach Puerto Vallarta

The Nicest People

Mexicans are reputed to be very friendly, warm, hospitable and helpful.  They always flash their sweet smile for anyone they come across on the streets and readily greets them with “Buenas Dias”.  You’ll never feel alienated because they’re such warm and accommodating people, making you feel at home and comfortable.  They give excellent service in restaurants, hotels, resorts and clubs where they treat customers like royalties.  If you find yourself lost in the busy city, you can approach just about anyone for directions and you’re sure to be given assistance and help (although for directions, you might want to ask more than one person to be sure you have the right place).  What makes a vacation to Mexico truly special lies on its most treasured gem:  its people.

The Perfect Weather for a Tropical Vacation to Mexico

The beach areas along Mexico’s coast are a hit for water lovers searching for that wonderful tropical feel.  Mexico enjoys the most ideal weather conditions come the months between October to May when the skies are clear, there’s lots of sunshine and temperatures suitable for any fun filled activities. In the summer months, sun worshipers will thrive in the high heat and delight in the thunderstorms that regularly pass over night. Foreign visitors are amazed by Mexico’s consistent weather conditions that sees hot and warm days with cool nights that are just right for lively nightlife activities like beach parties, drinking sprees and romantic dates.

Excellent Food

Fine dining, traditional dishes, street tacos and sweet desserts are just a few of the culinary delights that await you on vacation to Mexico. Every place you visit in Mexico has its own unique culinary contribution and it is therefore no surprise that Mexico’s cuisine has been protected by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage. Authentic cuisines are prepared in many ways in Mexico, but one thing is common: they are served to satisfy even the most discriminating tastes. Dining options are diverse assuring visitors that there’ll never be a shortage of delicious food options while on vacation to Mexico.


A land full of festivities, cultural shows and fine performances.  Mexico knows how to treat its guests with many events held in the main plaza of tourist areas, providing glitter and entertainment, shows, live performances and music.  You can enjoy the hat dance called “Jarabe Tapatio” or join the elderly in their dance called “La Danza de los Viejitos.”  Visitors can also learn the rudiments of salsa, cumbia and cha-cha-cha through the many dance clubs located within its cities. Mariachi music is another cultural heritage you should not miss out on.

So, what’s the delay? Pack your bags and get ready for a great vacation to Mexico.  It will offer one unforgettable experience you’ll treasure forever.

Top 5 Romantic Things to Do in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Whether it’s your first romantic getaway or your fiftieth we know that you want the very best for you and your loved one. This is why we’ve come up with a list of the 5 best romantic things you can get up to while you’re in Puerto Vallarta (though as a bonus we’d like to add; leave the kids at home.).

Aphrodisiac dining Puerto Vallarta

Best Romantic Things to Do in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

  1. Have a Romantic Spa Day for Two

One of the top romantic things to do in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is to spend a day in a day spa or your hotel’s spa. The calming treatments and atmosphere are the perfect things to get you into the right frame of mind for sensuality and romance. Joint treatment rooms mean than you’ll leave the apa even closer than when you arrived.

  1. Joint Bubble Bath

A joint bubble bath might sound clichéd, but it’s a great way to be close to each other in a calm and relaxed environment. In fact, why not take a nice bottle of wine and a few glasses in with you, too? Many luxury resorts offer Spa inspired bathrooms with tubs big enough to allow for some comfortable canoodling!

  1. Call Room Service

Forget the necessity of leaving your room and order room service! Most resorts in Mexico offer specialized rooms service that means you never have to leave your suite when you don’t want to! So when you get into that comfortable, intimate frame of mind that makes you want to shut out the world and just stay in with your other half you can do just that! Romance isn’t always about big gestures; romance is about what makes you both happiest!

  1. Aphrodisiac Dining

Good food and sophisticated dining are things that you’ll find an abundance of in Puerto Vallarta, so be sure to take advantage of this. Why not enjoy a candlelit dinner for two once you finally venture out of the hotel room? On almost every street corner you’ll find a quaint, cosy restaurant that’s eager to make your night special so take them up on that offer. Dining is certainly one of the most romantic things to do in Puerto Vallarta. 

  1. Private Time

Make use of the Do Not Disturb sign; there’s nothing worse than having to put things on hold while you find a robe and answer the door. There’s a reason these signs are found in every hotel!

Spend Christmas in Cancun

There’s a handful of reasons as to why you should spend the Christmas holidays in Cancun.  A place where the world’s most fabulous beaches and most picturesque sceneries can be found, Cancun is a great choice for Christmas.  Aside from this, Christmas in Cancun offers a lot of activity and entertainment options which will make up a truly enjoyable vacation.  The holiday month of December sees many jubilant celebrations, traditional festivities like the Festival of the Virgin of Guadalupe, solstice events to celebrate winter, and the elaborate Christmas preparations and parties called posadas.  Christmas in Cancun offers a little of everything that will give you a Christmas to remember.

Cancun holiday christmas


Here’s why you should spend Christmas in Cancun:


Warm Perfect Weather

With an average temperature of 80 degrees Fahrenheit, in Cancun, it is suitable to go outdoors and enjoy activities you can’t do in winter in most northern hemisphere countries. Cancun in general sees a lot of sun, even in winter; so your Christmas in Cancun will contrast the chilly atmosphere and snow covered roads of the US and Canada.  December weather is hot enough for you to explore and be thrilled by the surrounding natural beauty of panoramic Cancun, without working up an uncomfortable sweat.


The Abundance of Festivities

Mexicans know how to live the good life and such is the love of a good party and lively celebration, that you are sure to have an amazing Christmas in Cancun.  December is a busy month in Cancun, full of endless festivities, be it on the streets, in the surrounding villages, on the beach or in Cancun’s downtown.  The Virgin of Guadalupe is very much honored with street parades held in colorful displays; a celebration that embodies the country’s rich cultural heritage.

Christmas Eve

The Noche Buena feast on December 24th  is when the big Christmas celebrations happen in Mexico.  Members of the family get together and feast on delicious foods during the night before Christmas Day.  A brilliant display of fireworks and the loud booms of firecrackers welcome the New Year; it’s welcoming New Year with a bang literally.  The fun extends till the Feast of the Three Kings or El Dia de los Reyes, where the breaking and partaking of the rosca or sweet bread is traditionally done.  It will be a magical feeling once you set foot in Cancun during the Christmas holidays.

Cancun’s Old Age Traditions

Another celebration that you might not have considered when booking your Christmas in Cancun is the Winter Solstice. For the ancient Mayas, this event each year was highly anticipated and is still celebrated on December 21st every year. Such was the Mayan people’s reverence for the sun’s seeming movements across the horizon, that many of the ancient temples were built to mark astrological events such as the solstices and the equinoxes. For example, spectators at Chichen Itza, a great day trip from Cancun, can watch the spectacle made by the shadow of the sun as it makes its way down the side of El Castillo temple – it looks like the pyramid is split totally in half  with a lighted side and the other half in darkness. You can also participate in the ancient rituals to welcome the solar year by engaging in singing activities and lighting of candles at El Meco Mayan ruins in Cancun itself.

However you choose to spend your Christmas in Cancun, you are sure to have a fabulous vacation.

Puerto Vallarta’s Waterfalls

There’s nothing quite like a waterfall to remind you of the beauty, power, and glory of the natural world, and when you’re in Puerto Vallarta you’ll have more than enough chances to see these wonderful natural formations. Banderas Bay is peppered with waterfalls, some you may see as small trickles down the mountainside while others are big enough to swim in its pool beneath. Puerto Vallarta’s waterfalls are perhaps the least famous privilege of making Puerto Vallarta your vacation destination, but are hidden gems worth exploring for a unique vacation.

Puerto Vallarta’s Waterfalls

If you’re willing to travel away from the city you could head to Yelapa, the southernmost town on the shores of Banderas Bay, and see the two particularly stunning waterfalls there. The first is really easy to access as it’s just behind the small town, and the 150 ft path that leads up (and down) the falls will give you a wonderful view of the town below. What’s more you can take a refreshing dip in the pool at the bottom, and even get a bit to eat in the restaurant at the very bottom of the falls.

If you’d rather have a little more privacy, and you’re willing to do some legwork, you can head and hour and a half outside the town to the second waterfall. Getting to this waterfall is almost as awe-inspiring as seeing it; on the way the sounds of the river will mingle with Parrot song and leave you mesmerized. Once you get to the falls you can sit for a while, perhaps have your lunch if you packed it, and watch the water crash down before taking a splash in the water with your partner. The path is an easy one so you won’t be too tired to enjoy yourself by the time you get there. Hiking to the waterfalls of Yelapa is guaranteed to infuse your vacation with romance and beauty.

One of the closest of Puerto Vallarta’s waterfalls is the one you can find within the private Garza Blanca Preserve, surrounded by gorgeous scenery and lush jungle. The landscape of the Preserve is so romantic that you’ll definitely want to make it top on your priority list. The Garza Blanca Resort & Spa is without a doubt one of the best resorts in Puerto Vallarta, but the flowing river and glittering waterfall is what you’ll really want to see. Guests can explore the river by signing up to one of the many free hiking tours available. Walking hand in hand with your spouse in this wonderful place will really make your vacation romantic. The only downside to visiting this waterfall is that you will need to be a guest at the Garza Blanca or Hotel Mousai resorts to gain access.

Recommendations from Puerto Vallarta Locals

Being a Puerto Vallarta tourist means enjoying all the sights and attractions that this famed place offers. Exploring the area is one breathtaking experience that never fails to get admiration from its excited visitors. What most don’t know it offers more than what meets the eye. Brace yourself as we reveal some of Puerto Vallarta’s well kept secrets.


The local people and expats who have been residing here for some time can give recommendations as to where the areas less visited that have undeniable charm. Heeding these recommendations can be a game changer to enjoying even more this fabulous place named Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta Farmers Market
If you’re longing to own products that are locally made and authentic Puerto Vallarta’s mark of craftsmanship, then do visit every Saturday from 9 am to 2 pm the Farmers Market. Large crowds gather and anticipate its opening because of the opportunity of having high quality goods at reasonable prices. Local cuisines, vegetables and fruits abound and will fill the need of every hungry stomach. Be sure to get up early as supplies get down before the hot afternoon strikes in Puerto Vallarta.

J and B Dancing Club
An easy, accessible party place situated on the main highway, J and B Dancing Club is for those whose passion is getting into the groove of the merengue, salsa and cumbia. With a live band playing, it gets dancing and partying to a higher level of fun and entertainment. A very busy venue in Puerto Vallarta, it never rests with the crowds patronizing it even during the weekdays. A measly 100 pesos (around $8 USD) entrance fee can get you started towards a night full of dancing moves and party antics.

Barracuda and el Solar
Barracuda is one of the famous local hangout places in Puerto Vallarta frequented by beach lovers looking for a different kind of dining option. It is found a good 10 blocks north away from the start of the Malecon and the majority of Puerto Vallarta’s touristy restaurant, exactly on the beach front. Great seafood, cooked in a variety of ways, takes the center stage here where one can feast on it while sitting on sandy grounds or the insides of the place. A great hideaway cove for those wanting to escape the maddening crowds littering the beach area.

El Solar is a popular beach bar right next door to Barracuda and owned by the same family, where music fills the soul of tropical holidaying people. Techno, jazz and reggae music are everyday sounds that one can hear in this small dining place that has a big reputation. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing your favourite sneakers or simply being with your bare feet when visiting the place. It’s like the sea’s extension where the huge sand can be your dining venue.

Las Gemelas Beach
When you see yourself jostling for space in the usually crowded beach area of Puerto Vallarta, you can easily hop along to Las Gemelas Beach by taking a local bus. It will only take you 15 minutes to get here from other famous beaches like Los Muertos. A hidden gem that has strikingly clear waters, calmer waves and less people, making you enjoy a larger area fit for many fun activities. Bring the needed food supplies as there are no stores and have a big umbrella to serve as a shade when enjoying eating out on its sandy grounds.

Mayto is a stunning place about 2 hours from Puerto Vallarta and can serve as an option to a different kind of a tropical vacation experience. Frolic on its beach that stretches 12 kilometers or visit its turtle sanctuary. There are a couple of small hotels here and options for camping.