10 Things to Eat in Mexico that Might Make you Cringe

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If you think you’ve tried traditional Mexican cuisine it might be time to think again! In this article you’ll find a list of 10 traditional Mexican foods that we can guarantee you won’t find at your local Chili’s! Take a look at the weird but wonderful dishes that people eat in Mexico and see if you can outdo us; number 5 will probably make you squirm.


1. Spicy Fruit
Adding chili powder to our fruit might seem like a contradiction of flavors to North American or European taste buds, but adding salt and chili to fresh and dried fruit is a popular delicacy in Mexico. If, chili is too hot for you, try lemon and salt first.

2. Grasshoppers
A common delicacy in the state of Oaxaca, eating fried salty grasshoppers is as popular as munching a bag of chips back home, only probably a lot higher in protein. You can find them on various market stalls and can be eaten as a snack, or used as a garnish for guacamole or a salad. Don’t be surprised if you get spicy grasshoppers instead of peanuts with your Corona when enjoying a vacation in Oaxaca!

3. Hallucinogenic Worms!
Bottles of the Mexican liquor, mescal, sometimes come with a worm in the bottom of the bottle that is said to be hallucinogenic! Chewing this little guy might be strange, but it’s said to be a great way to get the party going (plus you could win a few pesos if your friends bet against your intestinal fortitude!

4. Flying Ant Salsa
Again, in Oaxaca, flying ant salsa is a seasonal delicacy when swarms of the bug attack the area after the first rains of the wet season eat year. Chicatanas, as these flying ants are known, are cooked on a hot pan, then grinded with salt, garlic and chili to be mixed with water to create a delicious hot salsa.

5. Maggots
Escamole is to all intents and purposes a maggot dish. Sometimes called insect caviar (probably to justify the price tag), escamole is made by scraping ant larvae from the maguey cactus (the plant from which mescal is made). The nutty flavour is complimented by its cottage cheese-esque texture.

6. Cactus Flower Ice cream
This ice cream is made from the fruit of the cactus plant. This fruit is light green and has a texture much like cucumber; the ice cream has a light and refreshing flavor.

7. Cows Eyelids and Lips
It’s common for tourists to be warned against eating Mexican street food in order to avoid having a funny tummy the next day, but this rule could also help you out if you’re squeamish about unusual cuts of meat. Cows eyelids, tongues and lips are a delicacy in certain parts of Mexico and many people will travel a fair distance to get to a taco stand that sells these cuts of meat.

8. Worm salt
Worm salt is commonly served with mescal! It’s made by grinding worms, salt and chili and the idea is that you dip the orange slice in the salt before sucking the juice and taking your shot.

9. Corn Fungus
Huitlacoche or corn smut is the name of a fungal disease that affects maize. In Mexico, this dark gray/green fungus is eaten as we would mushrooms, and is used as a filling for quesadillas, soups, and sauces. It is actually quite delicious despite its appearance.

10. Hot Chocolate Sauce
Mole is famous Mexican sauce for chicken that is made with chocolate and chilis. Although mole has a complex list of ingredients, chocolate is the primary substance and you will find that every self respecting Mexican chef (or mother) will have their own special recipe.

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