12 Things you should never do on vacation in Mexico!

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Mexico is fantastic country for vacations. Who hasn’t heard the phrase “what happens in Mexico, stays in Mexico!” However, just like any country in the world, Mexico has its dos and don’ts when it comes to having a safe, happy and (more importantly) legal time!

Take a look at these 10 things you should never do on vacation in Mexico. No. 6 should stand in any country!

1- Don’t do things you wouldn’t usually do at home
Just because you are in a foreign country where you probably don’t know the language (beyond knowing how to order a beer or a margarita) doesn’t mean there aren’t laws to protect you and its residents. Therefore, just like back home, buying drugs, drinking and driving and bribing police are all highly ILLEGAL in Mexico. You don’t want to spend your vacation in a Mexican jail!

2 – Work!
This item on our list of things you should never do on vacation in Mexico has two meanings. Firstly, leave your laptop at home and switch off 100% from work responsibilities to fully enjoy the stunning beauty and adventures of a Mexican vacation. And secondly, working illegally in Mexico on an extended vacation is not a great idea and could get you into costly trouble.

3 – Leave a restaurant without tipping
This won’t send you to jail, but it is highly frowned upon and isn’t good for your karma. Waiters and people in the service industry in Mexico depend on tips. Basic wages are very, very low and your tip is an essential part of their income.

4 – Swim in the sea when the red flag is up
Most beaches in the tourist areas in Mexico are safe to swim and play year round, but from time to time you might see a red flag to restrict your entry into the sea. Take heed of these warnings, the ocean’s currents, particularly on the Pacific Coast could see you swept out to sea.

5 – Never eat turtle eggs
Turtles are protected animals in Mexico, and local authorities do their very best to collect turtle eggs taking them to sanctuaries until they are ready to hatch. Although it is illegal to sell turtle eggs in Mexico, some locals, who have eaten turtle eggs for centuries, still collect them to eat.

6 – Never, ever insult a Mexican’s mother
This rule should extend for all mothers. However, mothers are particularly honored in Mexico. If you insult a Mexican’s mom, you are likely to cause trouble you might wish to avoid.

7 – Don’t make fun of the Virgin of Guadalupe
Like insulting a Mexican’s mother, you should hold your tongue if you are about to make fun of the Virgin of Guadalupe. The virgin refers to an apparition of the Virgin Mary seen by an indigenous campesino St. Juan Diego in 1531, and she is celebrated on December 12. No doubt you will see pictures and artwork depicting the Virgin of Guadalupe in her sacred shroud.

8 – Dive without a guide
Diving in Mexico is one of the most breathtaking experiences you can enjoy. However, you should always go with a guide, regardless of whether you are a dive master. Local guides will be able to share with your all the local secrets and best spots. It can also be quite dangerous if you do not know the currents of the area. Cave diving is particularly risky and should never be done without a expert guide.

9 – Sunbathe nude or topless
As well as being one of the most Catholic countries in the world, it is illegal to sunbathe without a bathing suit on public beaches. Likewise, going topless can provoke a serious reprimand from local police.

10 – Have sex in a public
As is the case in most countries, having sex in public is not permitted. Although not such as serious offense as it is in some other countries like Thailand and Arabic countries, sex on the beach is best saved as a cocktail.

11 – Never say you don’t like Mexican food or tequila
As common courtesy to your hosts, one of the things you should never do on vacation to Mexico is insult their national drink or food. Mexico’s cuisine is actually considered one of the UNESCO’s intangible Cultural heritages of the world.

12 – Urinate in a public place
Urinating in a public place will cost you a hefty fine if you are caught. Tourist areas are particularly careful about this unpleasant act, trying to keep the streets clean and smelling fresh for visitors.

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