Are Home Share Rentals Safe?

Are Home Share Rentals Safe?

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Have you heard about home share vacation rentals and are wondering if there are safe? There are many short term rentals available such as home shares that may work for your family. Or if you are looking for a long term investment, a timeshare may be a smarter choice for your long term financial goals.  Let’s discuss the differences between timeshare vacation investments and home sharing options so you can decide what is right for you.

Home Share Websites

Short-term vacation rental websites are a fairly new concept that has really gained steam in the last five years. Airbnb, HomeAway, VRBO and Housetrip are some of the most popular websites where you can book vacation rentals all over the world. e recent study suggests that the private accommodation market grew faster than the total US travel market in 2016, and could be worth more than $36 billion later this year. Home sharing services work by creating a an online platform where property rent out short or long term vacation rentals to potential travelers. The owner lists all the services, prices and amenities available at the property, and the traveler makes a booking request according to calendar availability. You would then receive a booking confirmation (or be denied if property not available), and your credit card on file is charged. Some home sharing vacation rentals require payment in full up front at booking, and others just ask for a deposit and you can pay the remainder at check in.

What are the Risks of Home Sharing Rentals?

Home sharing vacation rentals can be an economical option for travelers on a budget, but be aware it does not come without risks as there are many downsides to these services. For example, the advertised property may not turn out to be quite what you were looking for based on photos and descriptions alone. You may find the property dirty or misrepresented based on the online profile. Some dishonest property owners may even intentionally misrepresent their property which can results in ruining your hard earned vacation.

Additionally, if you do have an issue that needs resolution, it could become difficult to handle if the owner is unavailable or unattentive to your dilemma. An online review system helps travelers know what to expect in terms of location, cleanliness, specific amenities etc at a certain property. As well, hosts can also review travelers that rent their property in hopes of avoiding any unrespectful users with bad past reviews who have damaged properties or left them in disarray. Another huge risk is you may even encounter a fake owner illegally listing properties as vacation rentals that are not even theirs to rent! In these sad cases, unsuspecting travelers pay for a service and find themselves without accomodation.  Always book properties that have good reviews so that you can prevent a disaster that could ruin your vacation!

Timeshares – a Safer Alternative

Timeshares are a safer alternative for vacation rentals if you find the idea of home sharing rentals too risky.  With timeshare ownership, you can avoid the risks of home shares and you know first hand the timeshare property and quality standards are always top notch. Another benefit of owning a timeshare is that added features include access to competent concierge, courteous staff members, and house cleaners as well as many other amenities such as multiple pools, gyms, world class spas, etc. These features are usually not available for properties found on home sharing sites.

Timeshare staff are highly trained and provide excellent customer service to make your vacations memorable and stress free.  They are ready and willing to resolve any and all issues or concerns you may have during your vacation which gives you ample time to relax and enjoy time for you!  In addition, timeshare staff makes sure your vacations are even better by suggesting and recommending local activities to try,  making dinner reservations for you, arranging tours, or can even schedule airport transfers. With a home sharing property, you are responsible for any and all arrangements and activity bookings. With timeshare investment,  you truly get to relax and let someone else do the work for you!

Lastly, home sharing properties and timeshares are lodging options available for today’s savvy traveler. Home sharing properties may offer a more authentic local experience, but be aware they do not come without risks. Timeshares, on the other hand, give you excellent access to an abundance of amenities, high quality services and an excellent, consistent, level of comfort that you can count on. Which vacation rental option makes the most sense for you and your family? Consider your long term vacation goals wisely; it may be time to make a timeshare investment to ensure amazing vacations for you and your family now and in the future!

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