Avoid Timeshare Upgrade Scams

Avoid Timeshare Upgrade Scams

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Are you a Villa Group Timeshare member? Are you wanting to know more ways that you can get more with your vacation ownership investment? Your membership level can be upgraded, which will allow you to receive added flexibility and allow you to more services, but this would depend upon the membership level that you first purchased. We have provided timeshare upgrade tips along with how you can avoid timeshare upgrade scams below.

Timeshare Membership Levels and Their Differences

Every vacation ownership company and provider has their own membership levels. If you have read complaints from timeshare owners about having a difficult time booking their vacation time, then this problem may due to the membership level that these members have purchased with their provider. Timeshare members that have the lowest membership level will see that many of the popular units are not available for them along with the dates that they want and members will have to book their vacation plans in advance to try to get these units and dates. If you are a timeshare member that has a problem booking your time for your vacations, then you may want to consider an upgrade so you will have more flexibility. You should never consider canceling your timeshare.

Timeshare Members That Are New

Have you recently just purchased a timeshare membership and you are having a difficult time trying to book your first vacation? If you are, then you should know that the popular units and dates are usually always pre-booked for the rest of this year and maybe into the middle of next year. Don’t let this alarm you. Don’t think that you are a new victim of a timeshare scam. When you are trying to book your vacation time at your unit, you should try to book them way in advance. Don’t let any timeshare cancellation company convince you that you can just cancel your membership. You should also watch out for any third-party companies that are not associated with your timeshare provider. These are definitely scammers that are just wanting to scam you. They will make you pay an upfront fee, but in the end they haven’t helped you, but only stole your money. If you have any problems, then you should contact your timeshare provider yourself. Another way to avoid booking your vacations is considering an upgrade for your timeshare membership. A higher level will give you added flexibility to choose the best units and on the dates that you want for your vacation time.

What You Should Know About Timeshare Upgrades

One of the best ways that timeshare owners can get more with their investment is with a timeshare upgrade. A timeshare upgrade will give you added flexibility and choices. You can ask your existing provider what type of upgrade options are available for you. You should avoid attending any sales presentations with any other timeshare provider and company as this may end up costing you an additional vacation ownership purchase and membership that you will be responsible in paying for. Sadly, this is a common mistake that many existing members have had happen to them. You can avoid being scammed by only talking with your timeshare provider. Talk to your existing provider about all the upgrades that you can choose from and there are some timeshare providers that also have an in-house point system that allows their members to store points that they can use in the future. They also allow their members to even borrow points from the future in order to use the points now for a better unit, vacation dates, and added services, which will make their vacation time more enjoyable. You can have the best membership by upgrading your timeshare membership level. This will provide you with more options for all your vacations.

In conclusion, a timeshare member can get the most of their vacation time with a timeshare membership upgrade. You should always avoid any third party providers who offer cancellation services to you. You will want to avoid upgrade scams like that. You will end up owing for two timeshares that you will have to pay for. If there is a problem with your existing membership, then always talk directly to your timeshare provider. There are options such as a membership upgrade, which will make your vacation investment better for you.

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