Best 5 Boat Cruises in Puerto Vallarta

Best 5 Boat Cruises in Puerto Vallarta

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Take a look at this list of the best 5 boat cruises in Puerto Vallarta. Puerto Vallarta is the best place to take a boat cruise. There are many types of boat cruises and you can go on a day or night cruise. It depends on which boat cruise you decide to go on to determine what activities you can expect, but many of the boat cruises offers swimming, dancing, snorkeling, music, drinks, foods, and memories that you will treasure forever. If you are wondering where you can book your boat cruise, then you can book it online or you can have your hotel book your favorite one for you. Look below for the best 5 boat cruises in Puerto Vallarta.

Pirate Fun – The Marigalante Boat Cruise in Puerto Vallarta

The Marigalante pirate ship boat cruise in Puerto Vallarta takes place on an actual pirate ship that is made of wood and modeled on the ship that Christopher Columbus sailed when he traveled to the Americas. It is packed full of adventure, excitement, and is meant for adults. When you arrive on the pirate boat cruise you will enjoy a delicious dinner along with all the drinks you want, then you will watch pirates doing acrobatics and singing, then sit back and watch pirates duel in a real pirate battle. Don’t get too relaxed, because you just may be invited to join in the show. The Marigalante pirate ship is exceptional and not like any other boat cruise in Puerto Vallarta. If you would rather go on this cruise during the day, then you can enjoy snorkeling, swimming, dancing, and looking for a buried treasure on the local beach. A great cruise for the family during the day.

 Romance – Rhythms of the Night Boat Cruise in Puerto Vallarta

The Rhythms of the Night Boat Cruise is romantic, magical, and excellent for couples or even groups. The cruise will start off by taking you down the coastline until you reach the cove of Las Caletas, which is an isolated area. You will be escorted to a private table where candles have been lit to add romance to your evening. Beating drums are playing in the distance from the outdoor amphitheater where you will be taken, so you will be treated to a musical of dancing, music, and storytelling of the ancient culture that occurred. End your night by dancing to the music under the stars. This is a romantic cruise that everyone will enjoy.

Adventure – Las Marietas Islands and the Hidden Beach

The Las Marietas cruise starts off by leaving the Marian, then taking you to the Las Marietas where you will arrive at a hidden beach. This Marietas Islands were created many, many thousands of years ago when a volcano suddenly erupted, and there is a hidden beach at the center of the islands. The cruise includes swimming, dancing, music, then lunch. This is a day cruise that the entire family can enjoy. Enjoy your lunch while you look out on the ocean as dolphins, humpback whales, and even manta rays swim by playfully. The guides will show you where to go snorkeling once you have swam through the cave to reach the hidden beach. This is an exceptional cruise that offers marine life, excitement, and natural beauty.

Family Day Out – Las Animas Boat Cruise

The Las Animas Boat Cruise is an underwater adventure that is legendary. Your cruise will start with music, dancing, and drinking at the open bar. Once you have stopped at your first stop, which is the Los Arcos National Park that is underwater. You will be fitted properly with a lifejacket and snorkel by the professionals, then you can explore the underwater national park and see tons of marine life. When you get back aboard the cruise you will cruise to Las Animas where you will stop at the Las Animas beach where lunch is served, then you and your family can go kayaking, swimming, play volleyball, or just relax on the white sandy beach. The fun doesn’t stop when you get back on the boat, because you can sing, dance, karaoke, and enjoy drinks until the cruise ends.

Party time and Romance – Princess Sunset Cruise

The Princess Sunset Cruise is a short cruise around the bay. The cruise is about two and a half hours long and provides couples with a romantic cruise with amazing views. You and your loved one can watch the sunset over the ocean, then go to the lower level and enjoy drinks, snacks, music, and dancing. There isn’t many cruises that offers partying on the ocean at night, but the Princess Sunset Cruise is one that does. Have a romantic and majestic cruise upon the Princess Sunset Cruise.

 No matter what type of cruise you are looking for, you will surely find that Puerto Vallarta’s boat cruises will bring that special touch to your vacation in Mexico. Start by booking your boat cruise online before you arrive on your vacation, then you won’t miss out on the boat cruise being booked, and if you would rather have your hotel do the booking for you, then you can do that as well. Enjoy your vacation in Puerto Vallarta by taking a boat cruise. You won’t regret all the fun and excitement you will have.

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