Blacklist of Timeshare Companies - Coming Soon

Blacklist of Timeshare Companies – Coming Soon

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In the next few months we hope to be able to share a blacklist of companies to avoid when it comes to buying, selling, and/or renting timeshares (amongst other things). This is because we want 2018 to be the year we combat fraudsters head on and make sure they stop fooling good people!

Coming soon…

We hope that this will help to reduce fraudulent activity and preserve the reputation of genuine timeshare companies!

Blacklisted timeshare companies

Then companies on this blacklist will be those who have offered fake resales, rental services, or cancellation services. In short they will be those who have misled or scammed customers in order to make money.

Blacklisted timeshare cancellation companies

Cancellation scammers are some of the easiest to catch out; anyone who offers cancellation services is at the very least dishonest if not downright fraudulent! You see, the rescission periods protected by law ensure that if you are out with a certain timescale you cannot simply cancel your contract. Likewise if you are within the cooling period you do not need their help to cancel. So never trust a cancellation service company!

Fake rental services

Fake rental opportunities usually focus on those who are looking to rent out their timeshare with minimal effort. They do so by mimicking those providers who have a rental scheme; they charge a fee to do all the work… except scammers ever come through. Watch out for those who charge an upfront fee as most reputable companies will take a commission from money earned by the property.

Bogus resale offers

Resale scams can work both ways; scammers claiming to be able to sell your timeshare as well as offering timeshares for sale. In the first case they will charge “introduction fees”, or similar fees, before disappearing; their buyer never surfaces. In the second instance they will sell you a timeshare which is either fictitious, laden with debt, or soon to expire. In this case you could pay thousands of pounds in fees before you can use the timeshare you have bought.

If you have a story about a company which should be blacklisted please let us know in the comments section below.

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