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Tafer Hotels & Resorts had to close due to the coronavirus and COVID-19 pandemic temporarily. However, while they were closed the staff started working to prepare for their guests to return. If you didn’t know, Tafer Hotels & Resorts is a luxurious resort provider and the number one vacation club in Mexico. During this unexpected circumstance that has affected everyone worldwide, the staff at Tafer Hotels & Resorts have been working nonstop to get the resorts ready to start welcoming guests again. In fact, Tafer Hotels & Resorts will be reopening their resorts very soon, so you should book your dream vacation to Mexico now. 

Book Your Garza Blanca Vacation Now – Mexico is Ready to Welcome You!

Tafer Hotels & Resorts have been following the regulations set forth by the CDC (Center for Disease Control & Prevention) and WHO (World Health Organization), so they can provide the highest safety standards at all of their resorts. Guests will be welcomed back to resorts that are in pristine condition. Deep cleaning, maintenance, and renovations have been completed at the properties. Due to government guidelines, the resorts had to temporarily close, but soon all the guests will be welcomed back. In addition, employees have been specially trained to provide their guests with a safe environment with their vacation. Flexibility has been added by the Tafer Hotels & Resorts to their cancellation policies as well. 

Health and Safety Standards Are Updated

Tafer Hotels & Resorts are anxiously awaiting the reopening of their properties which include Garza Blanca Resorts in Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas. Their employees have had specialized training about the new healthy and safety standards. In addition, maintenance employees have been working hard on the landscaping, irrigation systems, and planting flowers. The jacuzzis and pools at each of the resorts were all drained, then given a deep cleaning. The resort units have also had added maintenance, painting, and detailing done, too. Also, furniture in restaurants and pools have been rearranged to allow for sufficient social distancing requirements. While it was difficult to close the resorts temporarily, they are excited to start welcoming guests back soon. 

Book Your Garza Blanca Vacation Now

During the coronavirus and COVID-19 crisis, it was hard for many people to stay at home for extended periods. However, it is now the perfect time to book your Garza Blanca vacation now, so you will have something to look forward to. Tafer Hotels & Resorts are providing amazing vacation packages for resort guests right now. If you book your Garza Blanca vacation now, it won’t be much longer until you will actually be relaxing on the beach in Mexico. Remember, Tafer Hotels & Resorts operates the Garza Blanca Resorts along with the Hotel Mousai (Adults Only Resort). Likewise, a brand new Garza Blanca Resort will be opening soon in Cancun as well. 

Opening Dates for Tafer Hotels & Resorts

Welcoming guests back to Tafer Hotels & Resorts in Mexico will be happening soon. Within the next few weeks, many resorts will be opening their doors again. Until then, keep yourself safe and healthy. 

  • Garza Blanca – May 15th
  • Hotel Mousai – May 15th
  • Garza Blanca (Cancun) – TBD
  • Garza Blanca Resort & Spa (Los Cabos) – June 20th

Garza Blanca Resorts employees have been working during the time the resorts were closed to make sure that guests will have safe and incredible vacations. They are excited to start welcoming you back for a dream getaway to Mexico. Travel is once again possible, and it can be safe and secure, too. You should book your Garza Blanca vacation now, because you deserve a great vacation at the top Mexico resort. They are offering incredible vacation packages right now so you can really pamper yourself. Plus, flexible cancellation policies will make it easy to change your travel plans if needed.  Book your next vacation to Mexico today! You deserve to sit back on the beach and sip a tropical cocktail. 

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