Should I buy a timeshare in Mexico?

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If you are considering buying a timeshare, then you can’t go wrong buying a timeshare in Mexico. You are probably already convinced about the benefits of buying a timeshare in general, but what makes Mexican timeshares so attractive?

Firstly, Mexican beach vacations compete with the top locations in the world but cost a lot less, especially for visitors coming from the United States or Canada, who can take advantage of great flight deals and direct connections. Once you are in Mexico, prices for food, entertainment, excursions and drinks are pretty cheap, which makes a great difference on the budget when traveling with a family. If you are staying in a timeshare, you have the added bonus of being able to prepare food in your apartment.

Mexico is also a very hospitable country, especially in tourist areas and beach destinations. You will receive excellent service and most people you will meet or need to have contact with will speak English to some degree. Vacationing in Mexico’s beach resorts is really very easy and you do not have to struggle with the language barrier.

Another great advantage of buying a timeshare in Mexico is the food. Mexico is renowned for its first class cuisine and range of restaurants. In fact most of the top beach destinations like Puerto Vallarta or Cancun actually have a huge range of international restaurants and gourmet festivals.

Because of its diverse geography, history and culture, there is always so much to see, do and learn in Mexico during your vacation. Beach destinations will offer all the usual water sports, including diving and snorkeling, whale watching and swimming with the dolphins etc, however, depending on where you buy your timeshare you could also be trekking in tropical mountains or visiting ancient Mayan ruins. There really is no need to be bored and you will discover something new every time you visit your timeshare.

The weather has to be on the of most important selling points for a Mexico timeshare. Temperatures on the coastline range from warm to hot 365 days a year and you can count on great weather whatever season. While you can never be completely certain of the weather, Mexico’s top beach destinations are as close as you can get to guaranteed sunshine.

Finally, many of you will be wondering if it is safe to buy a timeshare in Mexico. The answer is, yes. The Mexican government have done a lot to try and put in place various measures to protect timeshare consumers. There are now certain policies welcomed by genuine timeshare operators that have gone some way to help clean up the bad reputation caused by unscrupulous and fraudulent companies.

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