How can timeshare save me money?

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Most people who are advocates of timeshare and residence club membership would argue that saving money is only part of the advantages of vacation ownership. That is, the greatest benefits are more commonly associated with the quality of your vacation experiences and the enjoyment of your accommodations. Nevertheless, timeshare can save you money too.

Big Enough for All the Family
As opposed to standard hotel rooms, the kinds of accommodation that are sold as timeshare and fractional ownership are generally much larger and you are not restricted by the number of guests, within reason. In that case, you can take advantage of the space, making room for as many people as there are beds for within the unit. That way timeshare can save you money over vacation rentals and hotel rooms.

Preparing Meals in your Suite
Many timeshare units have full kitchen facilities and dining rooms. In these instances you will save money on eating in restaurants and can stretch your vacation budget further by purchasing from a supermarket and preparing meals. Even if you only eat breakfast in your timeshare, you will save money. Likewise you can often invite private chefs to cook for you in your unit.

Yesterday’s Prices
When you purchase a timeshare or join a membership club, you pay the prices that are current at the time when you buy. Therefore, as time goes on, you will begin to enjoy staying in your unit knowing that the relative cost of your vacation accommodation is as it was the day you bought. Eventually, your timeshare purchase pays for itself.

Shared Burden of Maintenance
When you buy a second home, you are totally responsible for paying and organizing the maintenance of your property and can involve the need to pay for a property manager or even a house sitter and housekeeper. Residence clubs, fractional ownership and timeshare help you to avoid these costs, saving you money in the fact that you only pay for the time when you are contracted to stay in your property. You will find that your fees are divided between owners and that the timeshare operator takes care of all the arrangements.

Booking Ahead Saves Money
An additional side benefit to timeshare is that you are more likely to arrange your vacations with plenty of time to plan you flights and car hire etc. In that way you will be able to take advantage of bargains or advanced bookings, thus saving you money.

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