Cancun Vacation Clubs

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Vacation clubs are a great way to enjoy guaranteed quality accommodations every time you visit Cancun or any other destination around the world. There are notable variations on the vacation club model, some of which involve you purchasing a timeshare property from a resort located in Cancun while others give you the choice of using your vacation club membership to stay in excellent timeshare properties in Cancun.

Buying a Timeshare at a Vacation Club in Cancun
If you love going to Cancun on vacation and plan to return there, purchasing timeshare points with a vacation club based in Cancun is a great option. In this instance, you can attend a presentation at a resort of your choice in Cancun and buy into that particular vacation club. What happens is that you will purchase the right to use a property of a certain class during specified times of the year at that resort and usually any of the resorts offered directly by the timeshare chain.

Becoming a member of a particular resort or timeshare group provides you with member benefits and privileges that make you feel like you are returning home every time you arrive to the resorts. You can also choose to exchange your timeshare points that you bought in Cancun for other resorts within the vacation club, which means that you do not always have to take a vacation in Cancun (unless you wish to do so!). Most Cancun vacation clubs will also have some agreement with International Vacation clubs.

International Vacation Clubs
The alternative option for vacation ownership in Cancun is to join an international vacation club like RCI or the Registry Collection. In that instance, you do not have a specific “home” resort, but you can opt for resorts and timeshare complexes around the world, including Cancun. Vacation clubs of this nature are particularly beneficial if you like to visit different places every year yet want to guaranteed the excellence and speciousness of timeshare style accommodations.

So, the choice is yours! However, if you have the Cancun bug, then you are better off purchasing with a Cancun vacation club to ensure that you get all those wonderful benefits of being a member. There is nothing quite like it when the staff at your home from home remember your face (and quite often even your name).

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