Puerto Vallarta’s Garza Blanca Timeshare Rentals

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Vacation rentals are becoming a very popular choice in many world class beach destinations for visitors. Renting a property or timeshare unit is a great alternative to booking a hotel room and frequently works out cheaper, especially when traveling with … Continued

What are the benefits of timeshare Blocked Weeks and Points?

When you purchase a timeshare, you are usually given a choice of buying a blocked week or points, although more and more timeshare resorts are moving towards points-only for new customers. The concept is very similar, you buy either the … Continued

Is fractional ownership worth the money at Garza Blanca?

Garza Blanca Residence Club is a located in one of Mexico’s most popular beach destinations, Puerto Vallarta on the Pacific Coast. The luxury resort and residence club is amongst the most recent 5 Star leisure complexes to open in the … Continued