Clear Signs of a Timeshare Scam

Clear Signs of a Timeshare Scam

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Are you considering purchasing a timeshare, but you have heard rumors about timeshare companies are just scammers? Most of the timeshare companies that provide the best accommodations in the top resorts and the best hotel chains are genuine timeshare companies that you can trust. You can believe this information or not. The reputable timeshare companies have been in the timeshare industry for many, many years, and they offer individuals the opportunity to own their own second home abroad without all the responsibilities of being a homeowner. There are clear signs of a timeshare scam and if you just take a moment to read the ten clear signs of a timeshare scam, then you will be protected from the scammers.

Ten Clear Signs of a Timeshare Scam

  1. Bait and Switch Advertising Scams

The bait and switch advertising scams occur when you are taken to an amazing and beautiful resort, but then you are being sold a timeshare that is at another place and you look on the contract and the resort is a different name. This is a clear sign of a timeshare scam with a bait and switch advertising scams.

  1. Purchasing a Timeshare Outside the Resort

    Purchasing a Timeshare Outside the Resort

One clear sign of a timeshare scam is when you leave the resort and you didn’t purchase the timeshare, but then the agent give you an amazing deal on the timeshare and you sign the contract and purchase the timeshare outside the resort.

  1. Cash Paid – No Contract

    Cash Paid – No Contract

You have paid cash and you haven’t signed a contract, then you are probably going to be involved in the timeshare scam.

  1. The Timeshare Gifts Costs You Money

    The Timeshare Gifts Costs You Money

Did you attend a presentation for the time required, then they have given you timeshare gifts and you find out that the timeshare gifts cost you money? Many of the reputable timeshare companies don’t charge for any timeshare gifts that you are given for attending the presentation and this is a clear sign of a timeshare scam.

  1. On-Line Resale Purchases

    On-Line Resale Purchases

There is always a chance that you will be involved in a timeshare scam if you get involved with an on-line resale purchase. Although, there are timeshare resales online that isn’t a scam, but there is a big chance that it will be.

  1. Cancellation for Timeshares

The only time that a timeshare can be legally cancelled is during the cooling off period that is stated in the contract that you have signed, so if you have been contacted by an agent providing this service, then it is probably a scam.

  1. Don’t Pay Any Upfront Fees and Charges

You should never be asked to pay any upfront fees and charges if you are wanting to rent or sell your timeshare. Always investigate the company first and choose a company that will work on commissions only.

  1. Phone Calls Unexpectedly

Have you received phone calls unexpectedly? Are they encouraging you to sell your timeshare? You should avoid this, because it is a scam.

  1. Upgrading Timeshares with Competitors

Anytime that you are offered an upgrade for a timeshare with any competitor, then this is a clear sign of a timeshare, because the cooling off period is the only time that you can upgrade your timeshare.

  1. Different Resort Scam

If you have encountered a salesperson that is representing a top resort or hotel for a timeshare presentation, then when it is time for the presentation you are taken to an entirely different resort or hotel, this is a clear sign of a timeshare scam. You should only go to the resort or hotel that was presented to you first.

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