Don’t Let a Hurricane Ruin your Vacation

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Most of the great advice for finding cheap vacations hinges on the idea that you should avoid the peak season. It’s the time that you can get more benefits considering the low price of flights, less crowded areas and less costly resort accommodations. Favorite tropical destinations like the Caribbean and Mexico have their off season during the summer time when families enjoy a lot more freedom. School has ended and the parents take breaks from work. Family get togethers are ideal during this time and everyone becomes excited to head for a great bonding in some beach paradise.

However, what many people don’t consider carefully is the idea that your safety should be of paramount concern at this time of year if you are thinking of taking a vacation in the tropics as hurricanes can be a threat. The months from June until the last day of November are considered hurricane months for the Caribbean and Mexico’s Pacific Coast. The days covering August to October can cause a lot of concern for these are times when hurricanes slam the hardest.


Even so, most people who take their vacation during the hurricane season have no problems at all, at the very worst a day or two of rain. For many it is worth taking advantage of the low prices offered by travel agents, hotels, resorts, airlines and cruise liners during this time. If you do decide to visit Mexico or the Caribbean during hurricane season, you might want to consider some of the following points:

1. Be on the lookout you check that your hotel or cruise line offers cancellation options
In the past, vacationers were given what is called “hurricane guarantees”. The vacation places which are located in areas frequented by hurricanes used to offer these guarantees to their customers in case there’s a cancellation of your vacation schedule due to a threat of a hurricane. Most airlines will ground flights and let you re-book your trip. Sometimes occasions may arise when you’re already at the destination and authorities order an evacuation due to the dangers brought by a hurricane. In these instances, it is more difficult to get your money back on the days you have lost of your vacation. This is especially true with private vacation rentals and condos. When choosing to take a vacation during hurricane season, it’s better to clear everything first with your hotel or resort to check if they have hurricane guarantees.

2. Have a backup plan
Be prepared and research just in case your vacation destination is struck by a hurricane.You might want to have a standby destination in mind. It’s really sad when an exciting vacation is put to a halt because of an impending hurricane, but don’t lose heart. Get a full travel insurance, which gives you option for cancellation and any refund for money you shelled out. Have a backup option in case your scheduled vacation is cancelled. Choose an equally gorgeous place where you can still have that needed break and vacation.

3. Avail yourself a travel insurance plan
Get travel insurance so you get the benefit of reimbursing your prepaid travel expenses in case a hurricane’s fury makes your vacation destination uninhabitable. You can check out “cancel for any reason” in your insurance contract to broaden your money back option. Have a reputable travel insurance company which gives you a comprehensive plan against nature’s act that includes hurricanes.

4. Emergency plans
Makes some emergency plans in case little obstacles block your way.

• Have a simple travel medical portfolio for each person in your entourage
• Have a basic travel medical kit for simple medical use when the need arises

Prevention is better than cure. Getting out of harm’s way when a hurricane strikes is the most logical thing to do. Follow orders from authorities when they ask you to evacuate the place like what happened during 2012. Mass evacuation was ordered during the time Hurricane Sandy wrecked havoc on the Atlantic’s eastern shores.

5. Observe the weather
Keep updated through news stories about the weather of the place you’re heading to. You sure don’t want to go headway against a ravaging hurricane. Dangers can manifest in different forms like sudden storms, heavy rains, strong winds and currents. Listen to what the National Weather Service says in its weather forecasts and warnings. Safety for your life and property is the utmost concern.

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