Is fractional ownership worth the money at Garza Blanca?

Garza Blanca Residence Club is a located in one of Mexico’s most popular beach destinations, Puerto Vallarta on the Pacific Coast. The luxury resort and residence club is amongst the most recent 5 Star leisure complexes to open in the area and has already received many accolades, including “Top 101 Suites of the World” awarded by Elite Traveler, Expedia Insiders’ Select 2013’s Exclusive List of the World’s Top Hotels, and Oyster.Com’s Best Luxury Hotels in Puerto Vallarta.

What is fractional Ownership?
Fractional Ownership is a form of timeshare but generally refers to longer periods of time than a week and usually refers to properties that would be be considered an expensive asset. That is, you own a percentage of your vacation property, sharing all the responsibilities and maintenance with other owners, usually administered through a timeshare company or residence club. The advantage is that you only pay for the time you wish to spend in your property rather than paying for it to stay empty, and you do not have to organize maintenance or repairs. It is important to note that not all fractional ownership provides deeded ownership rights to the units, but rather, most fractional ownership gives members or owners rights to the usage of the property and club facilities for a specified period of time.

What makes Garza Blanca Worth the Money?
Garza Blanca offers the very height of contemporary luxury complemented by priceless natural surroundings, which boast both jungle covered mountains and crystal blue ocean. Puerto Vallarta alone is considered a breathtaking location, yet the immediate environment of Garza Blanca Residence Club will take you to another level of paradise. In contrast to Puerto Vallarta’s typical yellow sandy beaches, the sand at Garza Blanca is white, causing the ocean to gleam in a way that is more reminiscent of the Caribbean than the Pacific coast. Yet, further out onto the ocean horizon the sea color deepens into a more sappharine hue that contrasts fabulously with the guaranteed sunsets.

In addition to the privileges of nature that no amount of money can imitate, Garza Blanca’s architecture has been crafted to reflect the beauty that envelops the whole resort. In most cases, materials that are in keeping with the area have been used and the structure of the buildings are angled to afford the greatest views and sense of harmony. Likewise, the interior design that will greet you in both public areas as well as the residences has been implemented with taste and careful consideration to the ethos of the area. The very best materials have been chosen, from marble floors, granite worktops, fine tropical wood to selected art works and sculptures. Your experience as a resident at Garza Blanca will be one of absolute luxury and privilege.

Garza Blanca Residence Club also offers its members limitless access to all of the fabulous facilities of the resort, meaning that your vacation home is like living on a resort. With two stunning infinity pools looking out to the ocean and Los Arcos famed landmark, two gourmet restaurants, a wine cellar and a beach snack bar, a world class spa, a fitness center, certified private beach and plans for a sushi restaurant and rooftop bar and infinity pool in process for 2014, Garza Blanca resort is set for the future of world class fractional ownership.

So, perhaps the question of whether Garza Blanca fractional ownership is worth the money, is not the right question. It is not a question of price, it is a question of quality and exclusivity. Are you ready to follow your dreams and indulge in a luxury that defines your sense of abundance and wellbeing? Are you ready for Garza Blanca?

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