Garza Blanca Residence Club Family Vacation Activities

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Garza Blanca Residence Club may be all about luxury, but that’s no reason why kids can’t have a superb time. Located on an idyllic 85 acre nature reserve with access to a sandy beach perfect for water-sports, swimming and snorkeling, it is no wonder that there is not enough time to see and do all of the free activities offered at Garza Blanca.

Family vacations at Garza Blanca Residence Club are packed with cultural as well as physical activities and each Monday the activities team issue a schedule for the week with all the fabulous free activities for all the family. During the school vacations like spring break, Easter and summer, there are many additional activities for kids too. Below you will find a sample of some of the activities to keep your kids happy in Puerto Vallarta

There are various hiking tours available with one mini hike which is intended for children over 8 who wish to hike without their parents. It is a gentle walk and there are crafts to be enjoyed along the way with a station for painting and crafts.

Snorkeling, Kayaking & Stand Up Paddle Boarding
Free water activities are on offer for all ages accompanied by an adult. You can enjoy a free lesson and then take to the sea on your own steam borrowing the Garza Blanca Residence Club equipment.

Sand Castle Competition
During the school vacations, kids can enjoy a sand castle competion where families can compete with other guests for the best sand castle.

Breaking a piñata is a lot of fun no matter how old you are, and Garza Blanca Residence Club has many opportunities during key holidays for breaking piñatas. If your child has a birthday while you are visiting, let the activities team know to arrange a piñata.

Napkin Folding
A rather tame activity for kids used to iPads and computer games, but you’d be surprised at how much they enjoy learning how to make a swan out of a napkin or how to set the table correctly.

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