Garza Blanca Vacation Club Scam in Mexico Truth

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The possibility of a Garza Blanca vacation club scam is pretty low if you are careful about where you purchase your membership. Garza Blanca vacation club is a genuine luxury residence club on the Pacific Coast of Mexico in Puerto Vallarta, and if you you buy directly from the resort, you are in no danger of being involved in a Garza Blanca vacation club scam.

Benefits of Garza Blanca Vacation Club in Mexico

● Infinity Pools – to swim in style.
● Spas on site – to relax before and after your Mexican adventures.
● Gourmet restaurants – to feed your appetite and your soul.
● All-inclusive meal packages – for additional ways to save money while on your next trip to Mexico.
● Free onsite activities – because who doesn’t love free stuff? If you are planning to stay onsite for most of your trip, this is an especially valuable feature.
● Variety – multiple resorts to choose from, including the Garza Blanca Resort, Villa del Palmar Cancun, and Hotel Mousai. Garza Blanca vacation club is also expanding, thus constantly extending what they can offer members.
● Elegant design – Great attention to detail. Your stay will be a very chic one.
● Luxurious accommodations – live like a celebrity while still staying on budget.
● Points – based system for ease of membership use.
● Stunning ocean views – a gorgeous backdrop for your next vacation to Mexico.
● Security – use of RCI international exchange network services.

These are some of the many features Garza Blanca vacation club has to offer. Sound too good to be true? Well many people seem to think so, which is why you are here looking up Garza Blanca vacation club scams in Mexico.

The Truth about Garza Blanca vacation club scams in Mexico
While there are many vacation club scandals and scams to be found anywhere, Garza Blanca vacation club – or as it is more formally known, the Garza Blanca Residence Club – is a legitimate vacation offering in Mexico. It is NOT a scam.

This luxurious vacation club is the real deal, with a beautiful location on the Garza Blanca Preserve in Mexico. All of the benefits listed above are real! So keep Garza Blanca in mind for your vacation club needs next time you are stopping by Mexico.

Additional Information and Tips to avoid a scam in Mexico
While Garza Blanca vacation club is not a scam, there are resale scams out there. If a resale company is claiming to give you the same benefits but is asking for upfront fees, it really could be bogus. Only deal directly with the Garza Blanca Residence Club just to be safe.

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