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Get to Know Tafer: Where Garza Blanca Came From

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Would you like to get to know Tafer Hotels & Resorts, and learn more about where Garza Blanca came from? Tafer Hotels & Resorts history dates back more than three decades ago. During that time, the current Tafer Hotels & Resorts owners also owned the Villa Group, which opened their first resort in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Today, they own numerous hotels and resorts along with the Villa Group Resorts original founding owners. For more than 30 years, Tafer Hotels & Resorts and the Villa Group Resorts have been providing excellent accommodations, exclusive timeshare memberships and real estate developments in Mexico. Continue to read below to get to know Tafer Hotels & Resorts, and to learn more about where the prestigious vacation club property Garza Blanca came from.

The Tafer Hotels & Resorts Beginning

Tafer Hotels & Resorts has a wonderful reputation in the resort industry because they have provided leisure products, premium vacation clubs, and real estate opportunities for foreigners from Canada, Europe, and the United States.  Tafer Hotels & Resorts have always been involved with each hotel’s design, its construction, management of the resort, all phases of development, the design, and they also offer travel agency services. People who are wanting to purchase a second home in Mexico or a vacation club membership can depend on Tafer Hotels & Resorts. Their family values and field experience within the industry are just a couple factors on why the company has had continued success.

The Villa Group Resorts History

Through the consolidation of several different assets from the Villa Group Resorts is how Tafer Hotels & Resorts was created. The owners and partners with Tafer Hotels & Resorts and the Villa Group Resorts decided that they would invest in Villa del Mar in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, then they built the Villa del Palmar Resort. These resorts were a huge hit, which is why they decided to open an additional Villa del Palmar Resort in Cabo San Lucas. It didn’t take long for Villa La Estancia Los Cabos and the Villa del Arco Cabo to be constructed, and this happened thanks to the success in another top vacation destination in Puerto Vallarta. The owners then decided to build new resorts in the Nuevo Vallarta neighborhood in Riviera Nayarit, which is where Villa del Palmar Flamingos was built, and this resort was named after famous golf courses in the neighborhood. The Villa La Estancia condo-hotel concept was subsequently constructed, which offered clients a premiere real estate development opportunity. Also, the Sierra Lago Resort was started near Mascota, Jalisco, which just included a few cabins at first. Today, this lakeside retreat has two restaurants, a heated pool, game room, chapel, and plenty of activities for vacationers that come to the resort for the weekend or longer. Two more resorts were later added, which were the Villa del Palmar Cancun and the Villa del Palmar Islands of Loreto.

Garza Blanca Vacation Club Opportunities

The Garza Blanca Resort and Hotel Mousai are 2 impressive resort properties in the family with Tafer Hotels & Resorts. The Garza Blanca is a luxurious 5-Star hotel and vacation club resort that has been marketed to wealthy couples and families that want exclusive vacations or a luxurious second home in Mexico. The first Garza Blanca Resort & Spa was built on an 85-acre nature preserve in Puerto Vallarta, and they provide high-end beachfront residences that are for sale or for use as part of their timeshare club membership. Garza Blanca properties are actually the most desirable and sought out real estate and vacation club properties in Mexico. The beachfront residences in Puerto Vallarta have amazing views of the Sierra Madre jungle and the Banderas Bay, and they are very spacious and each of the residences have private terraces with great views. They opened a second resort in Los Cabos, and there is construction underway in Cancun and Riviera Maya for their third Garza Blanca property. Buyers can choose to purchase a full or fractional ownership, which is a great way to invest in real estate in Mexico, or you can purchase a premiere vacation club membership as well. The Hotel Mousai is a 5-Diamond resort that is for adults only and luxury travellers wanting a chic vacation experience.

Tafer Hotels & Resorts has a spotless reputation in the vacation club industry. You can get to know Tafer Hotels & Resorts and where Garza Blanca came from by contacting Garza Blanca today to take a tour of the property, and to see if this vacation club opportunity is the investment you want to make in Mexico.

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