Honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta

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Honeymoons are meant to be the most romantic times of our lives and so it is hugely important that the destination you choose, and the things you do while there, embody the love, commitment and passion that you want to accompany you both throughout your married life. With that in mind, Puerto Vallarta could be just the place for your honeymoon and, to go with our recommendation, five reasons why Puerto Vallarta is the perfect honeymoon destination.

Why honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta?


1. Only the Best for honeymooners –
A honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta promises you only the very best of the best that the Riviera Nayarit and Banderas Bay has to offer to you. The resorts in Puerto Vallarta are some of the most luxurious, modern and up-to-date in Mexico. When you book a hotel room here you’re safe in the knowledge that you’re staying in one of the most luxurious and romantic places in the world. You and your spouse will be treated like royalty when you stay in Puerto Vallarta.

2. It’s sooo romantic –
Puerto Vallarta is one of the most romantic places in the world; Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor were here often, rather famously, and this put the city on the map. It’s easy to see why A-listers like them would choose to stay in Puerto Vallarta. Everywhere there are romantic, cobbled streets to stroll down, secluded coves to sit in and shady parks to wander through. If you feel so inclined you could even stop and listen to one of the many talented street musicians that perform here. With romance always in the air you can be sure that you’ll fall in love all over again in Puerto Vallarta.

3. Modern and Luxurious yet full of culture
Luxury and modernity are wonderful things in accommodation, but often we want to see a little history in the places we visit. Puerto Vallarta won’t disappoint on this front. The downtown area is chock full of colonial history. There’s plenty of colonial era buildings to admire, and the cobbled streets are really quite charming. Why not blanket some of your honeymoon in the nostalgic charm of Old Mexico?

4. Beauty Surrounds
It would be hard to stay unmoved by the many different forms of beauty that Puerto Vallarta offers to you. The city itself is pretty enough, but the countryside is really where it’s at. From the sweeping jungle vistas of the mountains to the glittering waters and golden sands of the coastline, peppered with palm trees, the scenery offered by the Riviera Nayarit, and Puerto Vallarta in particular, is awe-inspiring. Catching a sunset as it sinks beneath the aquamarine waves of Banderas Bay is probably one of the most romantic experiences in the world.

5. Romantic Moments Guarantee on a honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta
You’d have to try very hard to avoid a good time when you’re honeymooning in Puerto Vallarta. There are more than a few romantic activities to choose from in the city. Whether you want to take a night cruise and enjoy a fireworks show with a few drinks, have a nice meal at a fine dining restaurant, or have a Spa day with your other half you’ll be well and truly spoiled for choice.

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