How to Avoid a Mexico Timeshare Scam

How to Avoid a Mexico Timeshare Scam

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Unfortunately, Mexico timeshares have gotten a bad reputation within the past few years because some unlucky people have been involved in a Mexico timeshare scam. Thankfully, many of the Mexico timeshares are genuine, but if you don’t know important information about timeshares, you may become a timeshare scam victim. Do you want to know how to avoid a Mexico timeshare scam? If you do, then continue to read below.

Hard Sales Pitch

If you encounter a hard sales pitch, then you might be getting exposed with a timeshare scam as this is one of the biggest Mexico timeshare scam signs. Some Mexico timeshare companies offer their sales representatives big prizes and incentives, which prompts the sales representatives to get prospective victims to attend a sales presentation. Some of the prizes and incentives include a new car and expensive vacations. You should always read the fine print to ensure that what you are being offered is actually true and available. If there is a fee that is required, then this is another big Mexico timeshare scam sign. In addition, another timeshare scam involves convincing the victim to purchase a new Mexico timeshare by telling them someone wants to buy their old timeshare. However, this may end up being false and the timeshare scam will occur when the victim ends up the owner of two timeshares as there was not a true buyer for their old timeshare.

Never Sign a Contract Immediately

When you know all the Mexico timeshare scam tricks, you will be able to save yourself from becoming a victim. The aggressive sales tactics is a potential indicator of a Mexico timeshare scam. If an aggressive sales representative offers you an amazing discount for the timeshare, but you will only get the discount if you sign the contract immediately, then this could be another Mexico timeshare scam approach. Any urgent contract signing requests should be a red flag warning letting you know that something isn’t right. Another Mexico timeshare scam trick is the broker or sales representative may go after your ego by saying this deal really may not be great for you right now. The sales representatives use reverse psychology to get innocent victims to purchase and sign the contract immediately, so be aware of this Mexico timeshare scam to avoid.

All Paperwork Should Be Read Thoroughly

Before you sign any contract, it is a good idea to have an attorney look over the contract for you. You should never purchase a Mexico timeshare before you actually visit the property. Do not just look at pictures, brochures, and the website. You should always see what you are buying in person. You should also address the maintenance fees for the property. Look at the contract to make sure the maintenance fees and the maintenance details are clearly covered in the contract. You should also tread lightly when considering a purchase of a Mexico timeshare that is currently being constructed or has yet to be built, because sometimes the financing with the property may be stopped and you could lose any money that you have invested in purchasing that timeshare. You should use an escrow company when you are purchasing a Mexico timeshare, especially if you are a foreigner. The escrow company will make the money exchange between you and the seller be legal and safe.

You have just read the important tips on how to avoid a Mexico timeshare scam, and important Mexico timeshare scam tips include never signing the contract immediately and always read the contract thoroughly. Don’t let the aggressive sales representatives entice you with amazing offers. Take your time and think about this important decision. If you take your time, don’t impulsively purchase, and have everything written in your contract, then you will avoid becoming a Mexico timeshare scam victim. You will be able to purchase a genuine Mexico timeshare that you and your family will enjoy for many, many years.

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