How to Avoid Mexican Timeshare Scams

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How to Avoid Mexican Timeshare Scams

First and foremost we would like to repeat here that a genuine Mexican timeshare is not a scam; there are many wonderful timeshare providers that give thousands of customers an investment which is good for their wallet and happiness too! Furthermore, the Mexican state and federal governments have done much over the last decade to protect consumers!

Of course, scammers will always seek opportunities; this is why it is key to be aware of the potential dangers and warning signs that help you to avoid Mexican timeshare scams. We’re here to arm you with knowledge so you can side-step scammers!

How to Avoid Mexican timeshare scams

We have compiled the best hints and tips as to how you can avoid Mexican Timeshare Scams

1- Buy timeshare from long standing vacation ownership companies in Mexico

Buy timeshare from long standing vacation ownership companies in Mexico

Only buy a Mexican timeshare from a reputable, recognized provider and you are sure to side-step all scammers!

2- No news is bad news

No news is bad news

If you cannot find out anything at all about the Mexican timeshare company online, they are either so new as to be untried, or fly-by-night fraudsters. In either case we would recommend you avoid them to avoid getting involved in a potential Mexican timeshare scam.

3- Be wary of expensive gifts

Be wary of expensive gifts

It’s common for timeshare provider to offer gifts and incentives to get people to their sales talk, but these are usually fairly modest (or at least relative to the price tag on offer in the sales room), but scammers will turn to lavish gifts to bait their traps. If it seems to good to be true, question it!

4- Don’t buy from the brochure

Don’t buy from the brochure

Never buy a Mexican timeshare based on a picture and a sales pitch; always see the property in person, and only ever buy presale from a reputable, well-known provider. Furthermore, do not sign anything unless you are in the developer’s official offices.

5- Sign the contract in a language you understand

Sign the contract in a language you understand

If you can’t personally read the contract, do not sign it!  This may seem obvious, but you would be surprised by the number of people who will take a verbal translation at face value! Have it officially translated if you must, and make sure you understand the nuances! Most times when people feel they have been involved in a Mexican timeshare scam, they have not read the contract carefully,

6- Check for complaints

Check for complaints

Perform a quick search for complaints on online forums and you will see not only how often a company gets negative feedback, but how they react to it! Do they get the same complaints all the time? Do they react negatively to feedback? Can you find any reviews at all? These are questions that must be asked before you buy!

7- Promises in Writing

Promises in Writing

If your sales rep makes any specific promises, ensure they are in the contract; anything not in writing is not binding. This means they will not have to honor it, and broken promises are the main cause of complaints, even for genuine Mexican timeshare providers.

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