How Travel Advice Has Changed in 2020

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Right now, the world is experiencing a climate of uncertainty and unease due to the coronavirus and COVID-19 epidemic. Everyday life has come to a halt in many ways. Consequently, scheduled travel plans have been cancelled or postponed too. However, if everyone works together to heed preventative measures, soon all will be able to travel again. While resorts in Mexico are closed temporarily, they anxiously look forward to welcoming guests back soon. In the meantime, stay home and stay safe.  Keep reading below for Mexico Travel Advice and how travel has changed in 2020.  

Mexico Travel Advice in 2020:

Travel Tip #1: Pack Light

Our first travel tip is that packing light is the best way to travel in 2020. That way, you can move around much easier if you have a small suitcase or backpack instead of a huge bag. Also, a lighter and smaller suitcase is much easier to maneuver if you need to get somewhere fast or have to hustle to avoid a large crowd. Traveling light in 2020 just makes sense. 

Travel Tip #2: Avoid Large Crowds

More than ever, it is important to avoid crowded spaces. In order to practice safe social distancing that can help prevent or slow the transmission of disease and germs, avoid large crowds at all times. Try to avoid large crowds and busy locations while traveling. If you want to sightsee, plan to go early in the morning when there will be less people around. In addition, avoid using public transportation if at all possible. There is an increased risk of germs when you are around so many people. Instead, try to walk or ride bikes so you can benefit from fresh air as you explore new destinations.  

Travel Tip #3: Good Hygiene Tips

It is also essential to practice good hygiene habits both at home and while traveling. Regularly wash your hands and avoid sick people. Do not touch your hands, face or eyes. Warm water and soap are highly effective and inexpensive tools to keep your hands clean. If a sink and soap aren’t available, hand sanitizer or gel are good choices as a backup. Also, you should use disinfecting wipes to clean off any surfaces that you touch. Lastly, avoid shaking hands, hugging and kisses that used to be common practice when greeting others. Now and going forward when you can travel again, it is safer to keep your distance and practice good hygiene at all times.

Travel Tip #4: Use a Digital Map 

Exploring a new town without a plan is always fun, and using a map can help you avoid locations you don’t want to go. Today, there are lots of online maps and free digital map applications that you can easily access from your phone. If you prefer to use an old fashioned paper map, make sure you clean the map carefully.  It is best to learn how to use a digital version whenever possible.

Travel Tip #5: Ensure Access to Bank Accounts

When you are able to travel again, make sure you have access to your bank account. Bringing along an extra bank card is a smart idea. While there are fees that most banks charge to use ATM’s to withdraw money, many cards now allow for purchases without added fees. To confirm, check with your specific credit card company to verify the rules and regulations for your credit card before you leave for vacation. An extra bank card can be a life saver in case you happen to lose a card or have it stolen during your travels. There is no faster way to ruin a vacation than not being able to access your bank account. 

Travel advice has changed in 2020. Unprecedented times have caused everyone to reassess and take a step back. Although travel is temporarily on pause during the coronavirus crisis,  soon you will be able to take vacations again. Where do you plan to travel to first? Tafer Hotels & Resorts have stunning resorts in the best locations in Mexico including Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas. Plus, 2 additional resorts will be opening soon in Cancun and Riviera Maya.  Although Tafer Hotels & Resorts have closed temporarily during the coronavirus epidemic, they are anxiously waiting to welcome guests back as soon as it is safe. In the meantime, stay home and stay safe. 

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