Impact of Timeshare on a Destination

Impact of Timeshare on a Destination

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There are pros and cons that are being said about timeshare. While some people think that the timeshare industry is a scam and other people absolutely love timeshares. There is one thing that can be said about the timeshare industry and that is the impact of timeshare on a destination is beneficial. Most of the local communities that has a timeshare actually depend on the tourism that is brought by the timeshare. The timeshare industry brings many benefits and the benefits may surprise you because they go way beyond the benefits that are expected with tourism.

The Impact of Timeshare on a Destination 


Jobs in all levels will be generated with the timeshare, and these jobs would include executives, sales, service, construction, architects, and more.

Tax Generation

A timeshare will bring forth people that are spending money in the community and this money will stabilize the economy along with generating taxes that will be returned into the community and economy. Infrastructure will start to improve along with a variety of services too. The tax generation will also extend to the VAT due to the people that are working in the timeshare industry with their earnings will provide income tax.

Repeat Tourism

Repeat tourism is encouraged into the community, which is one of the best benefits with a timeshare. This will bring the community a stable economy. The necessities of the community will be easily predicted with the infrastructure and services will be impacted.

Extended Lengths of Stay

Most of the timeshare owners will decide to spend more time at their timeshare.

Higher Purchasing Power

With a timeshare purchase, the buyer must qualify and one of the most important qualifications is having a high income. This high income will benefit the destination with the visitors as they will have the higher purchasing power with their income to spend on buying items, dining at restaurants, local services and attractions, and much more.

Not in Competition with Traditional Hotels

Hotels in the community usually attract clients that only stay at the hotel once or twice, but the type of people that return to a destination and stay more often are the people that own a timeshare and the hotels in the community are not targeting these type of people. The bottom line is the two industries (hotel and timeshare) are not competing against one another, but complementing one another.

Raises Profile of the Destination

The first feeling that occurs when people purchase a timeshare is the sense of belonging and this will promote the people in promoting the community and destination to their friends and family. The promoting will raise the destination profile with many different visitors and not just visitors who are wanting to purchase a timeshare.

Injection into Local Community

The timeshares that are being sold are not always a traditional timeshare that is an all-inclusive,but some timeshares do provide buyers with this option, so the visitors to the timeshare will more than likely spend more money in the community at the local stores, restaurants, and on services.

Constant Occupancy

The community will benefit with the constant occupancy with a timeshare, and this constant occupancy will complement other tourism branches, which include travel agencies, car rentals, restaurants, and stores.

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