Impact of Timeshare on Local Communities

Impact of Timeshare on Local Communities

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You will hear so many different opinions about the timeshare industry. Some people absolutely love their timeshare, then there are other people that think a timeshare is just a scam. There is one thing that you cannot deny about the timeshare industry, which is that the local community is affected by them; in fact, the local communities that depend on tourism will benefit significantly from timeshare. It may surprise many people to know that the timeshare industry provides many benefits that aren’t offered by traditional tourism such as hotels.

Find out below how local communities are affected by the timeshare industry.

Regular and repeated tourism

One of the best benefits that occurs with timeshares is that people return to the same local community. This helps to provide the local community with a stable economy, because repeat tourism provides the destination with a predictable and stable flow of visitors, which means that services are more readily available and local governments can plan ahead to improve infrastructure.

Plenty of Jobs

A thriving timeshare industry will provide plenty of jobs and opportunities for employment and investment, which include construction workers, salespeople, architects, service staff members, and many more.

Generate Taxes to be Spent on the Local Community

Timeshare will provide the community with tourist’s spending money within the community, which will generate taxes along with helping the local economy grow. Infrastructure will start improving too. The tax generation will also extend to VAT (Value Added Tax) on products and services and those individuals that are working in the timeshare industry will also bring forth income tax for the earnings.

The Destination Profile is Raised

Anytime someone purchases a timeshare membership they feel like they belong to the community and they start to promote and praise the destination to their friends and family members. When this is done it will have the destination profile to be raised to a variety of visitors and not to just people who are interested in purchasing a timeshare membership.

Longer stays

Generally, timeshare owners will choose to extend their time within a local community, which will benefit the whole neighborhood.

Spending More Money in the Community

When someone is going to purchase a timeshare membership they will have to be qualified for it first, which means the timeshare buyers will have to prove their income and their income must be a higher income. The community will benefit from the timeshare buyers and owners because they have the higher purchasing ability, which means these individuals will be spending more money on services, dining, and other items in the community.

Timeshare Resorts don’t Compete with Traditional Hotels

Regular hotels receive guests that don’t normally visit the hotel more than a couple of times, so the people that are timeshare owners are not the same kind of people that visit the traditional hotels. The timeshare industry and traditional hotels actually complement each other instead of competing with one another.

Added Revenue in the Local Community

Most of the timeshares are not all-inclusive even though many provide this option to the timeshare buyer, which means the visitors and timeshare members will spend money in the community at the local restaurants and stores.

Added Occupancy

The timeshare industry provides added occupancy, which will complement other tourism branches, which include travel agencies, car rentals, restaurants, boutiques, and local spending.

As you can clearly see there is an impact of timeshare on local communities. The community will benefit in a positive manner thanks to the timeshare industry.

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