Is Villa Group Elite Membership a Scam?

Is Villa Group Elite Membership a Scam?

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Most of the articles on this blog are dedicated to timeshare scams and how you can best avoid them, so it’s only natural that you have come here to have this question answered. The answer, put simply, is no; Villa Group Elite Membership is not a scam!

As time has gone on I have started to notice that there are very few articles which review the big timeshare companies and their services. After many years of research, I have decided that it could be helpful to do just that; that’s what this section of the blog is for.

In this particular article I will be focused on reviewing the Villa Group Elite membership which can be access if you are already a Villa Preferred Access or Club Caribe member.

Villa Group Elite Membership Review

Villa Group’s Elite membership program is open to all Villa Preferred Access and Club Caribe members and depends on the number of points a member has purchased. This means that the Elite membership is open to any and all Villa Group members. Upgrades are available throughout your memberships duration.

What are the benefits of Villa Group Elite membership?

Members of Villa Group Elite are guaranteed VIP treatment when they stay at any of the resorts offered by their membership; from the moment you make your reservation through the Elite Member call center you will receive exceptional service. Elite members have not only an additional thirty days in their booking window, but a seven day advance on arrival upgrades. They can also take advantage of an exclusive pre-arrival check-in process. This means you will be able to check in in your suite with a complimentary bottle of wine to greet you.

Additional benefits include priority seating in the restaurants, and access to VIP pool areas (where applicable), personalized butler services, and even complimentary WIFI for all of your devices. Complimentary access to the wet areas of the Spa at the resorts is another benefit of this membership.

How do you become a Villa Group Elite member?

There are three different levels of Villa Group Elite Membership; your elite level is determined by the number of points that you have purchased. For example, in order to reach the first elite membership level you much purchase at least 5,000 points. The next level comes at 10,000 points, and the Elite Residences start at 15,000 points.

Does that answer your question: Is Villa Group Elite membership a scam?

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