Mexico Save ’N’ Vacations Scam

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This article is dedicated to dispelling the myths about Mexico Save ’N’ Vacations scams. There have been a number of comments and questions about this travel agent on Mexico vacation forums regarding whether Save ’N’ Vacations is a scams and how trustworthy the company are. This post is going to address these issues as clearly as possible.

There are no Save ’N’ Vacations scams; better said, Save ’N’ Vacations is a legitimate travel agency offering cheap all inclusive vacation accommodation in Puerto Vallarta and Cancun. The misconception occurs because Save ’N’ Vacations market their products using telesales, which makes the company appear less genuine. There is a reason, however, why Save ’N’ Vacations contact people directly by telephone to offer vacation deals. Not everyone is entitled to the discount, only selected households are eligible; therefore, if you have been contacted by Save ’N’ Vacations on 1 855 873 7988, it is because you have passed the first filter of their eligibility criteria.

Concerns about Save ’N’ Vacations Scams
Most people who claim that Save ’N’ Vacations is a scam have not purchased a vacation through the Save ’N’ Vacations call center and are only speculating the possibility of a scam. If you look at customer reviews for Save ’N’ Vacations scams, you will notice that customers in general are very happy with the treatment and price offered by Save ’N’ Vacations. Complaints about Save ’N’ Vacations are few, with people often complaining about having to pay the full price for extra guests or children – the offer is two adults and 2 children under 12 years old.

A Special Condition or a Scam?
Another complaint I investigated was the fact that you have to attend a sales presentation when you arrive to the resorts offered by Save ’N’ Vacations. This condition is clearly communicated by the Save ’N’ Vacations agents during the initial phone call and in the reservation confirmation letter. There is no scam. If you do not purchase anything, you still enjoy your vacation none-the-less, and are not hassled by sellers. The condition that you attend the sales presentation is the reason why the vacation accommodation is so cheap, yet you are under no obligation to purchase.

Unhappy Save ’N’ Vacations Customers
From my investigations about Save ’N’ Vacations scams, most complaints seem to be caused by clients’ misunderstanding of their responsibilities as a guest in the hotels in Mexico. For example, in one customer review about Save ’N’ Vacations scams, the couple who were complaining had arrived to the sales presentation drunk, and were refused entry. According to the Save ’N’ Vacations terms and conditions, this is cause to charge the couple full price for they vacation. Another complaint is when families bring an extra child hoping to squeeze them in the room, even though the reservation is for 2 adults and 2 kids under 12. The extra child was charged at full rate.

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