Mexico Timeshare Presentations: Worth your Time?

Mexico Timeshare Presentations: Worth your Time?

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If you have been to Mexico on vacation, then you probably were approached and invited to attend a timeshare presentation. As an incentive potential buyers are offered free dining or activity tickets just to attend a timeshare presentation, but is this just a waste of time? Are Mexico timeshare presentations worth your time?

Timeshare – What is it?

 If you are not familiar with timeshares and you are wondering what they are, then you are at the right place. A timeshare is a shared property that you are granted a certain amount of time to use each year and individuals will sign a financial agreement. Usually the specific time period is one to two weeks each year. If the timeshare that you are joining is part of a major hotel chain or group, then you will likely have the option of using your specific time period at other locations once you have joined. To become a timeshare owner you will be required an initial investment, which is why so many people believe that timeshares are not a good investment or idea. Along with the initial investment you will have to pay monthly maintenance fees so that the property can be maintained and stay in great condition, which will only increase the value in time. Other than a few downsides, a lot of the timeshare companies will provide amazing promotions that may include free entertainment event tickets, free hotel stays, and dining so potential timeshare buyers may want to invest. So, are Mexico timeshare presentations worth your time?

Timeshare Presentations – The Cons

Before you attend any timeshare presentation you should consider the old saying, “If it seems too good to be true, then it probably is”. Many times you will be offered free entertainment tickets or even an amazing trip, and to get these incentives you will need to attend a ninety minute timeshare presentation. After the presentation has ended you may have to tour the resort, too. Only certain individuals are eligible for a timeshare membership. Generally, you must be from 25-30 years old, have a certain income level, and many times you must also be married. Some long-term relationships are allowed to invest as well.

Aggressive Salespeople

Usually many people believe that it is worth their time to attend a timeshare presentation so they can receive free entertainment tickets or free trips even if these people are not truly interested in purchasing a timeshare, but you must prepare yourself ahead of time for the aggressive salespeople and their tactics. They will do everything that they can to convince you to purchase a timeshare. The aggressive salespeople will use a variety of tactics in hopes that they can make a sale. The salespeople will even keep you after the allotted time so your will power will be worn down. They will likely tell you properties are going fast to create urgency so you won’t miss out on an amazing deal and purchase the timeshare. Any doubt or concern that you may have, the salespeople will have a well prepared answer for it. A last attempt is having another salesperson speak to you to see if they can convince you in purchasing the timeshare.

Just like many things in life, some things are better than others and not every timeshare company or timeshare presentation will use these types of tactics. There are many legitimate timeshare investments out there. Anytime that you accept free trips or tickets from a presenter with a timeshare you are taking a risk. No free gift will be given without any strings attached to it. Are Mexico timeshare presentations worth your time? You be the judge!

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