Timeshare Presentations Cancun

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Because of Cancun’s famed popularity as a world class destination, the number of excellent timeshare and fractional ownership opportunities are many. You simply cannot visit Cancun without being tempted to join a timeshare presentation – so, what can you expect? … Continued

Beach Vacations and Rentals in Puerto Vallarta

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Puerto Vallarta is one of the world’s top beach vacation destinations thanks to its stunning beaches, perfect weather, excellent selection of restaurants and inexhaustible range of activities on sea and land. Beach rentals in Puerto Vallarta are a great way … Continued

Save-to-Travel Reviews

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Many Save-to-Travel reviews can be seen on the Save-to-Travel website itself: past customer testimonials are published online for promotion. Save-to-Travel is a travel agency providing great deals on vacation accommodations in two of Mexico’s most popular coastal destinations. You will … Continued

Reviews for Save’N’Vacations

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The majority of Save’N’Vacations’ reviews can be found on the website itself, where past customers have given permission for their testimonials to be used for online promotions and marketing. Save’N’Vacations is a travel agency offering great discounts on vacation accommodations … Continued

Is fractional ownership worth the money at Garza Blanca?

Garza Blanca Residence Club is a located in one of Mexico’s most popular beach destinations, Puerto Vallarta on the Pacific Coast. The luxury resort and residence club is amongst the most recent 5 Star leisure complexes to open in the … Continued

Scams – Timeshare in Puerto Vallarta

The first thing to acknowledge about Puerto Vallarta’s timeshare scene is that nowadays you are not very likely to encounter a deliberate timeshare scam. In the past, Mexico was the target of various scams that involved fake companies selling nonexistent … Continued