How to Avoid a Mexico Timeshare Scam

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Unfortunately, Mexico timeshares have gotten a bad reputation within the past few years because some unlucky people have been involved in a Mexico timeshare scam. Thankfully, many of the Mexico timeshares are genuine, but if you don’t know important information … Continued

Beware of Timeshare Resale Scams

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Although there are many genuine and legitimate choices to become a Mexico timeshare owner, there are also scammers out there that you should avoid. Most Mexico timeshare owners are quite pleased with their timeshare purchase and happily and regularly enjoy … Continued

Timeshare Statistics

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A timeshare, also known as a shared vacation or vacation ownership property, is a financial arrangement where multiple owners have the right to use a vacation property for a specified time period each year.  It is a great way to … Continued

Want a Timeshare? Read this First

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There are numerous investment opportunities with timeshares in Mexico and there are so many different people that are investing in timeshares so they can provide amazing vacations for them and their families. Nobody should ever let the stress from life … Continued

Are Home Share Rentals Safe?

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Have you heard about home share vacation rentals and are wondering if there are safe? There are many short term rentals available such as home shares that may work for your family. Or if you are looking for a long … Continued