Shills – Timeshare Cancellation Companies

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Internet shills employed by timeshare cancellation companies are a bane for many reputable timeshare companies. Despite the efforts done by many websites and timeshare companies to get rid of these scammers, no one can really stop them with their destructive … Continued

Shills and Scams

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Have you ever heard of a ‘shill’? Is this a new word that you are not familiar with? If you spend any time on the internet reading reviews, comments, or forums, then you may have seen the word shill before. … Continued

Garza Blanca Timeshare Review Sites

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Customer reviews provide good insight into the nature and ethics of a business; this is why this blog post is dedicated to finding genuine and reliable reviews of Garza Blanca timeshares. So, what are the best Garza Blanca Timeshare review … Continued