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Planning a vacation in Mexico’s Yucatan? You will be bowled away by the number of great things to do in Cancun. Taking a vacation in Cancun is so easy, especially when traveling with children or groups of friends as there are perfect activities for all tastes. One of the top activities to enjoy is a pirate ship tour of the Caribbean Sea.

The Pirate Show Cancun Jolly Roger sails every night of the week from Playa Linda pier, with extra sailings during peak holidays . The Jolly Roger pirate show is a very popular choice for adults and families alike because a night of great entertainment, delicious food and plenty of drink awaits.

The Jolly Roger pirate ship is modeled on Christopher Columbus’ Marigalante (Santa Maria) which he sailed on his travels to the Americas. This will be your venue for a night of swashbuckling adventure and pirate betrayal in a show that will bring the Caribbean Sea alive.

When you arrive to the Playa Linda pier, you will receive your first orders from one of Captain Morgan’s pirate crew who will then be your waiter for the night. He or she (oh yes, there were piratesses on the high seas too!) will see to it that you are full to the brim with your favorite drinks while the buccaneer action unfolds before your very eyes. As you enter the Jolly Roger, you will notice a photographer and videographer ready to prepare a collection of unforgettable memories for you to keep, should you wish to purchase them. So don’t forget to smile.

The Pirate Ship Cancun Jolly Roger is a wonderful mix of sword fighting, cannon fire, swimming from ropes and pirate tricks that will keep you on the edge of your seats. There is plenty of chance for dancing and audience participation and you are sure to have a marvelous time at the hands of Captain Morgan and his motley crew of outlaws.

During the course of the Cancun pirate show, you will have chance to eat dinner, which is included in your ticket. Dinner is prepared and served below deck, where the fun continues. You have a choice of meals, which include lobster, steak, chicken as well as vegetarian and kids’ meals.

By the end of the night you will be exhausted from so much fun and laughter having been thrilled by the show and Cancun’s stunning horizon.

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