Puerto Vallarta Beach Vacation Rentals

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So, you have decided to go to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for your vacations and you want to rent something special on or near the beach that can fit all the family or a group of friends. No matter what kind of accommodation you are looking for – a studio, mansion, villa, apartment – Puerto Vallarta has the perfect beach vacation rental for you.

The beauty of Puerto Vallarta is that the way the beach vacation port is formed geographically means there is an abundance of accommodations with sea views or direct access to the beach. Firstly, Banderas Bay is one of the biggest bays in Latin America and is lined with stunning sandy beaches, hotels, apartment blocks and timeshare resorts all offering direct access to the beach. Likewise, the Sierra Madre Mountains rise gradually after a short distance from the shore, offering a host of properties with amazing views of the whole bay stepped into the jungle.

As a property owner in Puerto Vallarta it is fairly easy to rent your beach homes and apartments, especially during the high season between November and April. Although there is a lot of competition, you will find that with the right promotion or agent, you will be able to rent your property. During the summer you may have to offer discounted rates to encourage people to rent from you. Timeshare or fractional owners will also find it relatively easy to rent their units in Puerto Vallarta, as the destination is very popular and is renowned for its excellent vacation ownership resort complexes.

If on the other hand, you are looking for something to rent for your vacation in Puerto Vallarta, you may want to consider contacting local beach rental agents to see what properties are on offer or check out rental websites promoting Puerto Vallarta properties. If you are planning to return to Puerto Vallarta year after year, you may find that buying a fractional ownership property may suit you.

An alternative to beach rentals in Puerto Vallarta is to join a vacation club or residence club. That way you secure the best accommodations every time you arrive to Puerto Vallarta in the resort of your choice. You benefit from ready-to-live-in accommodations located on the best beachfront resort complexes in the area without the commitment of having to visit Puerto Vallarta every time you want to take a vacation. Vacation clubs offer the flexibility of selecting accommodations throughout the world.

Regardless of the methods you use to find the perfect beach vacation rental in Puerto Vallarta, your experience in this mesmerizing destination will dazzle and surprise you each time you visit. Puerto Vallarta is just one of those places that will never go out of fashion.

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