Puerto Vallarta’s Waterfalls

Puerto Vallarta’s Waterfalls

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There’s nothing quite like a waterfall to remind you of the beauty, power, and glory of the natural world, and when you’re in Puerto Vallarta you’ll have more than enough chances to see these wonderful natural formations. Banderas Bay is peppered with waterfalls, some you may see as small trickles down the mountainside while others are big enough to swim in its pool beneath. Puerto Vallarta’s waterfalls are perhaps the least famous privilege of making Puerto Vallarta your vacation destination, but are hidden gems worth exploring for a unique vacation.


If you’re willing to travel away from the city you could head to Yelapa, the southernmost town on the shores of Banderas Bay, and see the two particularly stunning waterfalls there. The first is really easy to access as it’s just behind the small town, and the 150 ft path that leads up (and down) the falls will give you a wonderful view of the town below. What’s more you can take a refreshing dip in the pool at the bottom, and even get a bit to eat in the restaurant at the very bottom of the falls.

If you’d rather have a little more privacy, and you’re willing to do some legwork, you can head and hour and a half outside the town to the second waterfall. Getting to this waterfall is almost as awe-inspiring as seeing it; on the way the sounds of the river will mingle with Parrot song and leave you mesmerized. Once you get to the falls you can sit for a while, perhaps have your lunch if you packed it, and watch the water crash down before taking a splash in the water with your partner. The path is an easy one so you won’t be too tired to enjoy yourself by the time you get there. Hiking to the waterfalls of Yelapa is guaranteed to infuse your vacation with romance and beauty.

One of the closest of Puerto Vallarta’s waterfalls is the one you can find within the private Garza Blanca Preserve, surrounded by gorgeous scenery and lush jungle. The landscape of the Preserve is so romantic that you’ll definitely want to make it top on your priority list. The Garza Blanca Resort & Spa is without a doubt one of the best resorts in Puerto Vallarta, but the flowing river and glittering waterfall is what you’ll really want to see. Guests can explore the river by signing up to one of the many free hiking tours available. Walking hand in hand with your spouse in this wonderful place will really make your vacation romantic. The only downside to visiting this waterfall is that you will need to be a guest at the Garza Blanca or Hotel Mousai resorts to gain access.

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