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There is nothing better while vacationing in Puerto Vallarta (PV) than heading out on an exciting adventure on the Marigalante Pirate Ship. The Marigalante is a real life-sized wooden pirate ship. offering two adventures that vacationers to Puerto Vallarta can go on. The Pirate Land Day Tour and the Pirates of the Bay Night Tour. Any one of the two PV tours offers fun and excitment while vacationing in Puerto Vallarta.


Most Popular PV Tours
The Marigalante in Puerto Vallarta offers most popular PV tours and cruises. Vacationers to Puerto Vallarta that aboard the Marigalante will see sword fights, cannon fire and acrobatics, and enjoy a tasty meal with an open bar. This tour is perfect for all pirate lovers of all ages.

The Pirate Land Day Cruise
The Pirate Land Day tour takes you from Puerto Vallarta’s Maritime port to the natural treasures of Puerto Vallarta. Aboard the PV tour, guests start off with a breakfast buffet, then when the ship arrives to Majahuitas beach, guests can go kayaking, snorkeling, play volleyball on the beach, and go on a treasure hunt. The Pirate Land tour is a great way to get the family together and do something exciting that you wouldn’t normally do on a vacation, and the cost is affordable too. This PV tour offers a bit of everything that comes with excitement and adventure during your vacation.

Pirates of the Bay Night Tour
The Pirates of the Bay Night Tour is perfect for adults who want to relive their childhood. The PV tour takes off at seven in the evening, then takes guests around the Banderas Bay. The tour features dancing, fireworks, and a fun pirate show. The crew serves dinner, and guests can get drinks at the open bar. The Pirates of the Bay Night Tour is the perfect pirate ship PV cruise in the evening for adults. Adults can cruise around the bay enjoying the cool breeze while enjoying the activities that are going on the tour. If you are vacationing in Puerto Vallarta, then hop aboard the Marigalante for memories of your vacation that will last you a lifetime.

A vacation in Puerto Vallarta can be the best vacation ever when you choose one of the PV tours aboard the Marigalante.

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