How does RCI use Trading Power?

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RCI is one of the world’s largest vacation clubs that offers an extensive exchange network for timeshare owners to use to swap their timeshare weeks for other destinations as well as dates. Trading power is the label they give to the classification of timeshare weeks so that members can fairly compare vacation properties.

Trading Power
When you deposit your timeshare week in the RCI inventory you are given a trading power score, which will determine how many points your week is worth for exchange purposes. Your trading power will be based on a number of factors including supply and demand, the size and type of unit, the dates of your week and the resort where you have your timeshare. Once all these elements have been taken into consideration, you are then allocated a trading power score.

What is the Purpose of Trading Power
Trading power ensures that you get a fair swap for your property. For example, if you are exchanging a week over the Christmas holidays in a two bedroom unit at a five star resort for a one bedroom timeshare in an off-peak season your trading power is not the same and you would have points left over in your favor. This trading power can be banked and saved for another occasion or added to your next year’s trading power, should you so wish.

How to raise your Trading Power
Your trading power depends on the classification of your home resort timeshare unit. Therefore, one way to increase your trading power with RCI is to upgrade at your original resort or select more desirable weeks with your original timeshare developer. Then, when you deposit your timeshare week with RCI, you will enjoy better trading power. The other way to maximize your trading power is to add your timeshare week as early as possible. You can deposit up to two years in advance for increased trading power.

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