RCI’s Trading Power and Mexico

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RCI is one of the world’s major vacation clubs that deals in exchanging timeshare weeks as well as timeshare points. The vacation club has links with the world’s top resorts and residence clubs, serving the luxury market not only in Mexico but the world over.

Trading Power is the name of the value given to a timeshare week when it is added to the RCI repertoire for exchange. One of the issues with exchanging timeshare is ensuring that you are getting a fair deal for your swap. Therefore, RCI has a series of criteria which then correspond to a certain number of points towards a unit’s trading power. The higher the trading power the more valuable your week for exchange.

The criteria that RCI uses to rank your timeshare week depend on a number of elements from the size and type of your unit, the quality of the resort where it is located, customer reviews of the resort and how early the week is deposited (the further in advance you add your week, the higher your trading power). The country where you bought your original timeshare week will also have an influence on your trading power.

Mexico’s trading power is generally very good and compares well with other popular tropical beach destinations. As countries and specific destinations can rise and fall in popularity, you should check out the RCI website to see Mexico’s trading power for a more accurate reading.

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