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In response to a number of request and comments, I set myself the task to read Vacation Members reviews and investigate the travel agent to see if it is a scam, or to what level Vacation Members can be trusted. Below you will find my conclusions about the company, having read Vacation Members reviews on a number of websites and forums. Here is what I discovered about Vacation Members.

No Sign of a Scam
Vacation Members reviews are pretty conclusive that it is not scam. Vacation Members is a registered travel agency that operates online and via telesales call centers. The majority of Vacation Members reviewers claim to have been called directly to their homes from the following telephone number: 1-800-345-7439. The main concern voiced in comments was that Vacation Members’ prices seemed too good to be true, hence the fear that it is a scam. On the contrary, the prices are genuine with the only catch being that you will attend a sales presentation when you arrive.

Obligations to Purchase
Vacation Members reviews highlight the easy-going nature of the sales presentation, with a number claiming to have bought vacation ownership while the majority stating that although they didn’t buy, there was no hard sell after the presentation and that they were totally free to enjoy the vacation. From what is suggested by Vacation Members reviews, there is no pressure to buy, and you are not hassled after the presentation.

As is the case with any hotel reviews, the Vacation Members reviews about accommodations were mixed, although favorably, from 10 out of 10 ratings to 7 out of 10. Cleanliness and comfort came out top as well as views, service and elegant decoration.

A common source of praise were the destinations Cabo San Lucas, Cancun and Puerto Vallarta. Vacation Members reviewers frequently commented on the wide range of activities available at these destinations as well as the natural beauty. In all cases the beaches were one of the top attractions mentioned.

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