Recommendations from Puerto Vallarta Locals

Recommendations from Puerto Vallarta Locals

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Being a Puerto Vallarta tourist means enjoying all the sights and attractions that this famed place offers. Exploring the area is one breathtaking experience that never fails to get admiration from its excited visitors. What most don’t know it offers more than what meets the eye. Brace yourself as we reveal some of Puerto Vallarta’s well kept secrets.


The local people and expats who have been residing here for some time can give recommendations as to where the areas less visited that have undeniable charm. Heeding these recommendations can be a game changer to enjoying even more this fabulous place named Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta Farmers Market

If you’re longing to own products that are locally made and authentic Puerto Vallarta’s mark of craftsmanship, then do visit every Saturday from 9 am to 2 pm the Farmers Market. Large crowds gather and anticipate its opening because of the opportunity of having high quality goods at reasonable prices. Local cuisines, vegetables and fruits abound and will fill the need of every hungry stomach. Be sure to get up early as supplies get down before the hot afternoon strikes in Puerto Vallarta.

J and B Dancing Club

An easy, accessible party place situated on the main highway, J and B Dancing Club is for those whose passion is getting into the groove of the merengue, salsa and cumbia. With a live band playing, it gets dancing and partying to a higher level of fun and entertainment. A very busy venue in Puerto Vallarta, it never rests with the crowds patronizing it even during the weekdays. A measly 100 pesos (around $8 USD) entrance fee can get you started towards a night full of dancing moves and party antics.

Barracuda and el Solar

Barracuda is one of the famous local hangout places in Puerto Vallarta frequented by beach lovers looking for a different kind of dining option. It is found a good 10 blocks north away from the start of the Malecon and the majority of Puerto Vallarta’s touristy restaurant, exactly on the beach front. Great seafood, cooked in a variety of ways, takes the center stage here where one can feast on it while sitting on sandy grounds or the insides of the place. A great hideaway cove for those wanting to escape the maddening crowds littering the beach area.

El Solar is a popular beach bar right next door to Barracuda and owned by the same family, where music fills the soul of tropical holidaying people. Techno, jazz and reggae music are everyday sounds that one can hear in this small dining place that has a big reputation. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing your favourite sneakers or simply being with your bare feet when visiting the place. It’s like the sea’s extension where the huge sand can be your dining venue.

Las Gemelas Beach

When you see yourself jostling for space in the usually crowded beach area of Puerto Vallarta, you can easily hop along to Las Gemelas Beach by taking a local bus. It will only take you 15 minutes to get here from other famous beaches like Los Muertos. A hidden gem that has strikingly clear waters, calmer waves and less people, making you enjoy a larger area fit for many fun activities. Bring the needed food supplies as there are no stores and have a big umbrella to serve as a shade when enjoying eating out on its sandy grounds.


Mayto is a stunning place about 2 hours from Puerto Vallarta and can serve as an option to a different kind of a tropical vacation experience. Frolic on its beach that stretches 12 kilometers or visit its turtle sanctuary. There are a couple of small hotels here and options for camping.

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