How to Reduce your Spending in Cancun

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Although going on vacation to Cancun should be a time when you kickback and stop worrying about how much everything costs, in these times of global financial changes, not all families have the luxury of carefree spending. However, saving money on your vacation in Cancun need not stop your enjoyment. With a few simple tips you can cut back on spending in some areas so you can spend money on other elements of your Cancun vacation like tours and excursions or a special meal.

Buy in the Markets and Haggle
One of the first money saving tips is to buy your souvenirs in Cancun’s flea markets and avoid the real tourist traps. Buying products on the beach can also be a way to reduce spending on gifts for people back home. If you are on a real budget, limit buying things for yourself and concentrate on only buying the things you really need for Cancun souvenirs to give to others.

Always haggle! The Cancun sellers expect you to make them an offer, so don’t pay the first price, or try getting a discount when you buy two or more.

Use the Local Bus Service
Getting around Cancun can be achieved pretty easily by taking the local buses. This will save you money on taxis, even when traveling with a larger group. The buses cost under a dollar each journey and are reliable to get you to where you need to go. Some Cancun hotels also offer free shuttle buses which will take you to specific places. Cancun taxis that your order from the hotel will always cost you more than they will when you are outside the hotel zone, so take that into consideration too.

Stay All-Inclusive
An all inclusive package can help save you money and budget your Cancun vacation spending. Families in particular can make great savings on all-inclusive plans, especially if your children are under 12. You can always find special promotions in Cancun where the kids go free, which can save you quite a bit of money, especially if your children are fussy eaters. Another option would be to rent a timeshare style apartment on a resort that has cooking facilities so you can prepare meals and make savings that way. Groups of friends who plan to drink a lot in Cancun may also find that an all inclusive package will help keep the costs down.

Book a Car Rental Before you Arrive to Cancun
The most expensive place to rent a car is at Cancun airport, and the second most expensive place to rent a car is at your hotel. So the best advice for car rentals is to book before you go. You can find some great deals for car rentals in Cancun when reserving online and it is also easier to compare the prices and the services you are getting for your money. Once you arrive, you don’t want to be wasting your precious vacation time in Cancun comparing the prices of car rentals.

Bring Everything you Need
In Cancun, you will find that the prices of common things you may need like sun protection creams or your favorite cosmetics are much more expensive than in the States or Canada. Make sure you bring all the things that you think you might need to avoid having to purchase new products. Also, pack enough clothes so that you don’t have to use the laundry service at your hotel in Cancun or buy more things to wear.

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