Rent a Vacation Property or Reserve a Hotel Room?

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Vacation accommodations today come in all shapes and sizes and gone is the day when the only choice you have is between hotels. Therefore, planning a vacation presents many choices, one of which includes whether to rent a vacation property or reserve a hotel room.



Creature ComfortsWhen staying in a hotel your needs are met in an instant and you are made to feel special. Your bathroom is supplied with amenities and towels and the maid comes daily.




Large Swimming Pool(s)

A hotel of good standing is going to have a large pool or pools. In beach vacation destinations, these pools are likely to be outside and furnished plentifully with loungers and comfortable seating.



Most hotels have a restaurant or choice of restaurants on site so you don’t have to go far when you are hungry. Many top hotels have particularly successful restaurants that attract non-guests as well as those staying there.


Room Service

You just can’t beat room service to make you feel that you have truly arrived on vacation. Sometimes dressing for breakfast is just too much hassle or a midnight snack is the ultimate guilty pleasure.


Gym and Spa

Good hotels will have fitness centers and spa services that are available to guests.

More SpaciousThe greatest benefit to vacation rentals is the size of the units or apartments you can rent. They are usually much bigger than a hotel room, equipped with kitchens and social areas for entertaining friends. Vacation rentals are more akin to a home from home.


Whole family in one unit

Vacation rentals allow you to choose a property that is the perfect size for you and your family. You don’t have to book more than one hotel room and can accommodate everyone under one roof.


Value for Money

Because of the bigger size, you get more for your money. On the whole, vacation rentals will work out cheaper in the end, once you have taken into consideration, tips, taxes and extra costs.



Greater Autonomy

Renting an apartment gives you more freedom and gives you a great sense of what it feels like to live in the destination. You can invite friends to dine in your apartment without having to worry about hotel security and hotel regulations.



Renting or buying a timeshare located on the site of a resort hotel will give you the best of both worlds. In fact, the benefits of a timeshare cover all of the advantages mentioned in both lists. Not only to you enjoy all the creature comforts and luxuries of a hotel but you gain all the advantages of renting an apartment. If you go as far as to purchase a timeshare or join a vacation club, you will also look to make even more savings with every future use.

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