Restaurants at Villa del Palmar Beach Resort & Spa Cancun

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One of the key attractions to staying or buying a timeshare at Villa del Palmar Cancun is the wide range of dining options. A gourmet all inclusive meal plan is particular popular for hotel guests as well as timeshare members as the restaurants on site are of an exceptionally high quality. Even the snack bars serve food that will delight food connoisseurs. The restaurants and bars are located throughout the resort, so that you can live a different dining experience almost every day of your stay at Villa del Palmar Cancun.

Villa del Palmar Cancun’s Gourmet Selection:
Zama (Contemporary Mexican)
Zama restaurant is located in a central position at the heart of the Villa del Palmar Cancun resort, with a large palapa roof signaling its presence and forming part of the resort’s distinctive architecture. The speciality of this restaurant is Mexican cuisine, with many local dishes from the Yucatan as well as the Chef’s favorite recipes passed down from his grandmother. But Zama at Villa del Palmar Cancun goes beyond offering a traditional Mexican menu, it provides a uniquely contemporary experience too.

La Casona (Steakhouse)
Meat lovers will migrate towards La Casona STK with its wide range of selected meat dishes, including aged meat and prime cuts. The air-conditioned formality of this steakhouse restaurant at Villa del Palmar Cancun is offset by contemporary design and an open bar with views towards the kitchen as well as the ocean.

Hiroshi (Sushi)
Villa del Palmar Cancun’s delectable Asian restaurant has an extensive menu of sushis in addition to other popular Asian and Japanese dishes. The artistry of the presentation and the subtlety of flavors will blow you away. Here you can also try saki and a selection of fine wines.

Davino (Mediterranean)
Davino has mediterranean menu that will take you to a different country each time you dine. The contemporary chic decor and the elegant service will transport you to the best restaurants in Europe. There is also a delicious salad buffet and extensive breakfast menu.

Snack Bars
Vacations are not all about gourmet dining, and Villa del Palmar Cancun’s snack bars ensure that you can also order those poolside favorites and beachfront snacks like guacamole, burgers and nachos. However, just like everything else at Villa del Palmar Cancun, your will be impressed by their quality: fresh ingredients, great presentation and warm service.

Bites Bar & Grill
This venue at Villa del Palmar Cancun could easily be classed as a gourmet snack bar, with its oven-baked pizzas, paninis, burgers and sandwiches that leave the taste buds asking for more. Located near the beach by Villa del Palmar Cancun’s adult only infinity pool and the main pool, Bites Bar & Grill serves the pool area with waiter service as well as comfortable seating in the shade of the restaurant.

Tiki (Beach Bar)
Tiki beach bar, with its swing seats and Caribbean atmosphere is the perfect place at Villa del Palmar Cancun to drink a cocktail and order a light snack. This snack bar serves guests at the beach to ensure your appetite is satisfied no matter where you are at Villa del Palmar Cancun.

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