Revealing Timeshare Scheme Myths

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Everyone has an opinion, whether good or bad, about timeshare; and there are lots of myths and misleading information around that can hide the truth about timeshare. This article sets out to look at some of those misconceptions to set the record straight.

Myth 1: Throwing Away Good Money
There are many people who think that timeshare is a downright waste of dollars without considering the money you can save on a lifetime of quality accommodations. Likewise, buying a timeshare is much cheaper than the cost of full ownership, meaning that you can afford much more luxurious properties. However, it is worth remembering that timeshare is not about being cheap but about guaranteeing quality vacations.

Myth 2: Too Restrictive
A common misconception is that owning a timeshare is inflexible and that you have to visit the same resort at the same time every year for the duration of your contract. The key error here is the use of the words “have to.” When you buy fixed week timeshares you are in fact given the privilege of having use of the same property during the agreed weeks but are not restricted to use those dates or to visit the same resort unless you choose to do so. Some timeshare owners have never returned to their original timeshare and swap their timeshares for like properties around the world. What you guarantee is home from home luxury and your timeshare can be as flexible as you choose.

Myth 3: Risk
That timeshare is a risky investment is another myth which is not 100% true. The greatest financial risk in timeshare is having the unfortunate bad luck to meet with a deliberate scam, otherwise buying a timeshare is pretty low risk. Choose a reputable company with a long history of success and you can’t go wrong.

Myth 4: Undisclosed Fees
The common complaint with timeshare are the maintenance fees. However, there is nothing hidden about these charges as all timeshare operators require owners to contribute to the upkeep of their units as well as the common areas.

Myth 5: Fractional Ownership is for retired couples
Some automatically disregard timeshare as something for retired couples to enjoy while the reality is that timeshares can suit anyone of any age who enjoys going on vacation and wants guaranteed quality accommodations. Young couples, families, groups of friends can all enjoy the benefits of vacation ownership and reap the rewards of cheaper future vacations.

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