Scams – Timeshare in Puerto Vallarta

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The first thing to acknowledge about Puerto Vallarta’s timeshare scene is that nowadays you are not very likely to encounter a deliberate timeshare scam. In the past, Mexico was the target of various scams that involved fake companies selling nonexistent timeshare properties but today you would be very unlucky to fall victim to such a scam.

Most people think that timeshare itself is the scam, when the reality is that timeshares are genuine offers and it is the deliberate misrepresentation of certain subsidiary businesses such as resale agents and class action timeshare attorneys that cause of the most cases of fraud. Having said that, it is still possible that you could be exposed to a timeshare scam by a new developer in Puerto Vallarta and that is why you should always check the background of the company you are buying with. The safest companies to buy a timeshare with in Puerto Vallarta would be those who have the longest track record for excellence. New and emerging companies whose first resort has yet to be built should be avoided.

One of the ways in which the Mexican government has helped both the genuine timeshare industry in Puerto Vallarta and the visiting tourists is to demand that all timeshare promoters wear official identification issued by the Mayor’s office. Only authorized staff are able to approach the public on the street or in stores. This has helped to clean up timeshare operations in Puerto Vallarta and aid the reputation of this industry because legitimate companies operate under the authorization of City Hall. In this way, it is very unlikely that you will be approached by a deliberate scam selling non-existent properties in Puerto Vallarta as was more common in the past.

Nevertheless, if you feel that you have been exposed to a scam in Puerto Vallarta you should report the agent to the authorities as soon as possible to protect other tourists and visitors to the city. Even if you don’t know the real name of the person who approached you, you will help authorities become aware of potential fraudulent behavior in Puerto Vallarta.

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