The Scary Truth of How People Get Scammed

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You may be wondering how people get scammed. I am dedicated to providing the right information on this website so you can avoid being scammed. Timeshares and vacation club scams are very popular, but in this article you will read all about other scams that occur and affect many people. Once you read this article you will clearly see how people get scammed along with seeing how the scammer’s mind actually works.

How People Get Scammed

An Online Relationship Scam

This online relationship scam occurs over time as the scammer begins an intense romantic relationship with someone. Usually, the online relationship scam occurs in a chat room or on dating websites. The scammer gets to know the victim by chatting often and emailing, but the scammer never does a video call because the scammer doesn’t want anyone to know their identity. The victim feels like they are in love and they start making plans to meet. Every plan is cancelled due to a family emergency or sickness where they need money to pay for doctor bills or transport. The victim sends the money, but the victim never gets to meet the person they believe they love.

There have people that get married and the scammer is only out to take their partner’s money. This is a worse online scam as in some sad cases the partners were murdered.

Embarrassing Sextortion

A victim to the sextortion scam is asked to do a sex act during a video phone call and this call is being recorded. The scammer starts threatening the victim to send the video to family members, but if the victim sends money they won’t send it. This is a terrible scam that is embarrassing too, especially if you live in a city or town that is conservative. This type of video can ruin a business or even place the victim in prison.


The victim gets an email claiming that there is an unclaimed inheritance waiting for you. This popular scam is happening more each day. The person that sent the email tells the victim they can help them if they pay them a fee upfront, which is done, but the victim never receives any inheritance. Sometimes the scammer will tell a story about an unclaimed inheritance saying they will split the inheritance but again they need money upfront and the victims never get any of the money.

Scam with Sick Children

This scam involves sick children and this scam can actually ruin any legit crowdfunding efforts. The victims will see an add on social media asking for donations so they can pay for their sick child’s treatments. The victims donate, then discover it was nothing more than a scam.

Scam with Pets

The victim sees a message on their social media claiming there is free adoptions for cute pets, but the delivery has to be paid. The victim pays the delivery fee for their pet, but the scam occurs and no pet ever arrives.

The Scam with Hitmen

A scam that actually causes stress and worry is the hitmen scam. The victim is contacted and told if they don’t send money they or their family member may be killed. The victim pays the money and the hitmen never kills them or their family member.


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