Spend Christmas in Cancun

Spend Christmas in Cancun

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There’s a handful of reasons as to why you should spend the Christmas holidays in Cancun.  A place where the world’s most fabulous beaches and most picturesque sceneries can be found, Cancun is a great choice for Christmas.  Aside from this, Christmas in Cancun offers a lot of activity and entertainment options which will make up a truly enjoyable vacation.  The holiday month of December sees many jubilant celebrations, traditional festivities like the Festival of the Virgin of Guadalupe, solstice events to celebrate winter, and the elaborate Christmas preparations and parties called posadas.  Christmas in Cancun offers a little of everything that will give you a Christmas to remember.

Here’s why you should spend Christmas in Cancun:

Warm Perfect Weather

With an average temperature of 80 degrees Fahrenheit, in Cancun, it is suitable to go outdoors and enjoy activities you can’t do in winter in most northern hemisphere countries. Cancun in general sees a lot of sun, even in winter; so your Christmas in Cancun will contrast the chilly atmosphere and snow covered roads of the US and Canada.  December weather is hot enough for you to explore and be thrilled by the surrounding natural beauty of panoramic Cancun, without working up an uncomfortable sweat.

The Abundance of Festivities

Mexicans know how to live the good life and such is the love of a good party and lively celebration, that you are sure to have an amazing Christmas in Cancun.  December is a busy month in Cancun, full of endless festivities, be it on the streets, in the surrounding villages, on the beach or in Cancun’s downtown.  The Virgin of Guadalupe is very much honored with street parades held in colorful displays; a celebration that embodies the country’s rich cultural heritage.

Christmas Eve

The Noche Buena feast on December 24th  is when the big Christmas celebrations happen in Mexico.  Members of the family get together and feast on delicious foods during the night before Christmas Day.  A brilliant display of fireworks and the loud booms of firecrackers welcome the New Year; it’s welcoming New Year with a bang literally.  The fun extends till the Feast of the Three Kings or El Dia de los Reyes, where the breaking and partaking of the rosca or sweet bread is traditionally done.  It will be a magical feeling once you set foot in Cancun during the Christmas holidays.

Cancun’s Old Age Traditions

Another celebration that you might not have considered when booking your Christmas in Cancun is the Winter Solstice. For the ancient Mayas, this event each year was highly anticipated and is still celebrated on December 21st every year. Such was the Mayan people’s reverence for the sun’s seeming movements across the horizon, that many of the ancient temples were built to mark astrological events such as the solstices and the equinoxes. For example, spectators at Chichen Itza, a great day trip from Cancun, can watch the spectacle made by the shadow of the sun as it makes its way down the side of El Castillo temple – it looks like the pyramid is split totally in half  with a lighted side and the other half in darkness. You can also participate in the ancient rituals to welcome the solar year by engaging in singing activities and lighting of candles at El Meco Mayan ruins in Cancun itself.

However you choose to spend your Christmas in Cancun, you are sure to have a fabulous vacation.

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