Rainy Season Perks – Summer Vacation Tips

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Can you believe that 2021 is nearly halfway over? That means that summer is upon us and the rainy season has started in Puerto Vallarta. Puerto Vallarta is located on the Pacific Coast of Mexico where the lush Sierra Madre jungle connects with the stunning Banderas Bay. Puerto Vallarta enjoys warm and sunny weather throughout the year, but when summer arrives it means that there will be more humidity and rain. However, the precipitation is needed to turn Puerto Vallarta’s flora green and lush again. For the best place to stay, Garza Blanca is an excellent choice for a luxury vacation. Their resorts have the best amenities, services, and accommodations. Also, Garza Blanca offers an amazing vacation club for those applicants that are qualified. Read more below to learn the rainy season perks and summer vacation tips.

Puerto Vallarta Summer Rainy Season

It is officially summer in Puerto Vallarta, and that means the humidity and rain storms will increase. The local flora and fauna happily welcome the rain, because the winter and spring months are long dry seasons. Many of the local flora and fauna stay dormant to hold on to any water that they have stored in their roots, so when Puerto Vallarta rainy season starts, they will be very pleased. The lush greenery of the Sierra Madre mountains are part of what makes the area visually stunning and so attractive for vacationers.

Exciting Puerto Vallarta Activities

During the summer season in Puerto Vallarta, hiking to waterfalls and swimming holes is a top activity. The waterfalls and swimming holes are flowing again due to the rainy season. If you would like to enjoy these exciting activities, then you will have to go on a hike, but you start the hiking in the morning when it isn’t so hot. The El Salto Waterfalls and swimming holes are an excellent spot. To get there you need to head inland from the pueblo of Paso Ancho near downtown. For Garza Blanca visitors, the Palo Maria waterfall and swimming holes are easily accessible from a hike from the resort. Get some exercise and take in all the lovely natural beauty that the area has to offer.
Mother Nature’s Fireworks

Another rainy season perk when you’re visiting Puerto Vallarta are the amazing thunder and lightning shows you can watch. Mother Nature’s version of a natural firework show is truly beautiful. The lightning dances around the sky over the Banderas Bay waters dazzling people with impressive displays. To see this amazing site, you can do so from Garza Blanca’s restaurants such as Bocados STK and Blanca Blue. They are the perfect spots to enjoy a gourmet meal and enjoy the rainstorms at the same time.

Rainy Season Perks

Another rainy season perk when you visit Puerto Vallarta is that it is the low season, which means there will be less people. Their high season or peak season in the area occurs during the winter when the days are sunnier and the temperatures aren’t as hot. However, the beaches are less crowded and you don’t have to wait around to get seated at a popular restaurant during summer. This is also great during COVID, too. Puerto Vallarta is a relaxed place and in the rainy season there aren’t as many people, which is nice, too. Some of the businesses and restaurants in Puerto Vallarta may close temporarily during the rainy season, but there are so many businesses that will remain open for visitors.

Summer has arrived in Puerto Vallarta, which means the rainy season is here. Are you ready to enjoy a nice vacation in PV? If so, then you should consider staying at Garza Blanca Resorts. The Palo Maria waterfalls and swimming holes are a short walk from the resort. They are also offering special deals on all-inclusive vacation packages. If you want to buy a timeshare in Mexico, ask to attend a sales presentation during your stay. Garza Blanca timeshare ownership is a smart way to always ensure you provide your loved ones with quality vacations they will enjoy. Also, they have COVID safety protocols in place to ensure guest health and safety is a top priority. Give Garza Blanca a call today, so you can start booking your vacation to Mexico.

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