The Ultimate Spa Getaway: Spa Imagine

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You may not know, but many people today believe that the word Spa actually came from a Latin term (salus per aquae), which actually means “Health from Water”. There is a very small village in Belgium that was named Spa due to the amazing hot mineral springs found in the area. These hot springs were actually used by Roman soldiers who wanted to treat their tired and aching muscles and heal any wounds that they had. Many people believe this location is probably where spas actually originated from. Regardless of spa’s origins, today spas are meant to soothe, pamper, heal, and rejuvenate your spirit, body, and mind. In order to maintain your physical and overall emotional health, you should do regular beauty and wellness treatments as they are essential to keep you looking and feeling great. Are you planning a vacation to the amazing and beautiful resort town of Puerto Vallarta soon? If you are, then you definitely will want to reserve a treatment at the ultimate spa getaway, Spa Imagine. The Spa Imagine is located on the Garza Blanca Preserve Resort and Spa grounds which is an idyllic setting that will not disappoint. Continue to read below to learn more information about the best four treatments you can enjoy at Garza Blanca’s Spa Imagine.

Spa Imagine: Amazing Location

You can find Spa Imagine located inside one the most chic hotels, the Hotel Mousai, which is situated on the grounds of the Garza Blanca Preserve & Resort. Spa Imagine is the ultimate spa getaway whether you live in the area, or are on vacation. They are the number one wellness provider in Puerto Vallarta. Their mission is to make sure each of their clients achieve their beauty and wellness goals when coming to the spa. Spa Imagine is an extravagant beauty and wellness treatment facility, and everyone is welcomed to a relaxing environment that will soothe you and provide you with the ultimate in deluxe pampering. When you arrive to the Hotel Mousai, you will need to go to the fifteenth floor to reach the Spa Imagine. Each client will have a breathtaking 360 degree view of the natural ocean and the lush green of the jungles. The interior is spacious and elegant, and calm and peace embraces everyone at Spa Imagine. It is truly the ultimate spa getaway.

Contemporary Beauty and Wellness Treatments

Spa Imagine is very proud of their impressive hydrotherapy services that include a state of the art whirlpool, a massage shower, and a six cycle vitality and cold plunge pool. The relaxation lounge at Spa Imagine, the beauty salon, and the therapy suites, are specially designed for individuals, couples or groups and will have you relaxing in no time at all. There is a natural theme at the spa and each of the suites will focus on a certain chakra (body energy centers), and only natural products were selected by the spa’s top designer. The spa is very proud of their newest automated massage tables and the temperature control for each room is controlled by each client. The client can create the space that will keep them comfortable.

Spa Imagine Top 4 Beauty and Wellness Treatments:

#1. Ancestral Mexican Ritual: This happens to be one of the top Spa Imagine treatments. The Ancestral Mexican Ritual is ninety minutes long, and it is an amazing yet unique experience. The treatment is in accordance with authentic ancient Mexican mysteries, music, and scents. An elevated sense of physical and spiritual wellbeing will occur for clients who select this treatment, and it also includes a cacao body wrap, and then a hot stone massage will follow.

#2. Pacific Paradise Spa Experience: Clients will enjoy the Pacific Paradise Spa Experience treatment as it features tropical scents and healing objects that have all been found in this specific Pacific area. This treatment comes with a full body scrub, a massage that is relaxing, and a mini facial. When you are done with your treatment you will feel pampered, energized, and revived.

#3. Gentleman’s Spa Package: Men enjoy being pampered too, which is why the Gentleman’s Spa Package has been created to tailor to men’s needs and preferences. The treatment includes a 50 minute deep tissue massage, a pedicure, and a facial. Every man will enjoy the Gentleman’s Spa Package and will want to continue having them often.

#4. Love Rekindle Ritual for Couples: If you are interested in having a treatment that is designed for couples, then the Love Rekindle Ritual for couples is just what you want. This is an intimate treatment package that will definitely reignite romance. Each person will receive a personal massage for thirty minutes, then relaxation time will occur in the couple’s suite where a bottle of wine and delicious chocolate strawberries await. This is a unique and amazing couple’s treatment that you can remember forever.

In Puerto Vallarta, the ultimate spa getaway is at Spa Imagine, which is located at Hotel Mousai on the Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa grounds. You will need to make an appointment so you can experience it for yourself. While you are at Spa Imagine, you can see all that Garza Blanca Resort & Spa offers their guests. Who knows, you may want to become a member of the Garza Blanca family after you do.

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