Things You Should Never Do When You Buy Timeshare in Mexico

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Timeshare in Mexico is a hit among people who want a flexible vacation at a great prices. Many have seen its benefits; that’s why more and more people want to have it. As a friendly reminder, there are some things that you should never do, when you buy a timeshare in Mexico.

1 – Don’t go more than one presentation in Mexico just for the gifts
If you are not interested with the concept of timeshare, then don’t attend the presentations that they give. Some people attend for the sake of receiving a gift. They are known as “strokers”. They pretend that they are sincere with their intentions in buying a timeshare, but at the end, it will show otherwise. There’s only one that you are fooling, and that is yourself.

2 – Don’t sign a contract if you have not read it
You might get into some trouble, when you signed a contract that you don’t fully understand. Read it thoroughly and know all the details. You will spend your hard earned money on this and it’s worth knowing, where your money is heading for.

3 – Don’t cancel your presentation appointment
You will lose all discounts and benefits, if you failed to show up for your scheduled timeshare presentation. The huge savings that should be yours will all be gone and paying for the full price can mean a huge chunk on your budget.

4 – Don’t be dishonest about your Finances when buying a timeshare in Mexico
Telling a lie can backfire on you. Be honest about your finances. You might purchase something that you can’t afford to pay just because you are embarrassed to tell the seller what you really earn.

5 – Don’t buy the lowest value timeshare
Having the cheapest timeshare means the least benefits. It is the most popular one, obviously because it costs less. The difficulty in making reservations can be felt, because of too many members. If you can afford it, go with a higher value membership. It can save you some headaches, especially concerning reservations.

6 – Don’t purchase a timeshare unless you have seen it physically
Never buy anything, which you haven’t seen, unless it is in pre-construction from a highly reputable timeshare company. It’s the responsibility of the promoters to take you to the resort being offered. If you’re buying out of photographs, you might be surprised upon knowing that the resort doesn’t exist at all.

7 – Don’t lie about your credit cards
A valid credit is required when attending a timeshare presentation in Mexico. If you can’t show one, you cannot avail of the free gift. Don’t lie, as you will be caught before the whole presentation begins.

8 – Don’t go to a different resort than the one you agreed to
This is an illegal act. The original resort, where you had your presentation should be the one to entertain you till the end. The fact that you’re interested in the first resort, it doesn’t make sense bringing you to a different resort. You might be walking into a scam. Report it immediately.

9 – Don’t trust timeshare promoters who don’t have an official badge
It could be a scam when someone approaches you without showing proof that he is officially designated by his company to do so. Ask for an official identification card to make sure you are dealing with a legit one.

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