Why do People Buy Timeshare?

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0.0 00 The timeshare industry still gets bad press, for some reason, but despite all that owning a timeshare can be a really great idea for many people. Many people simply don’t see what the fuss is because they see … Continued

Timeshare Points

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0.0 00 Just as the world is filled with different kinds of people so too are there different types of vacations to suit every individual. This is what makes flexibility such a key attribute when it comes to the concept … Continued

Rent a Vacation Property or Reserve a Hotel Room?

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0.0 00 Vacation accommodations today come in all shapes and sizes and gone is the day when the only choice you have is between hotels. Therefore, planning a vacation presents many choices, one of which includes whether to rent a … Continued

Puerto Vallarta Timeshare Fraud

0.0 00 No one wants to be involved in a fraud, regardless of the kind of business you are involved in, yet frauds are becoming ever more prevalent thanks to the widespread reach of the internet and limited control over … Continued