Timeshare Membership, RCI and the Registry Collection

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Together RCI and the Registry Collection represent one of the best international exchange services for timeshare owners, enabling you to swap your timeshare weeks for other countries around the world, which means that you are guaranteed the quality and luxury you expect of your home away from home wherever you go.

Timeshare Membership, RCI and the Registry Collection

Benefits of RCI and the Registry Collection

The benefits of RCI and the Registry Collection open up your timeshare membership at the top resorts for destinations around the world. By exchanging your reserved vacation weeks through the RCI and the Registry Collection network you can stay at other quality resorts in countries in locations worldwide. Many top timeshare memberships offer a free introductory period with RCI and the Registry Collection.


First you should consider where you wish to travel, which you can decide by browsing the RCI or The Registry Collection website. Registry Collection members can also call their reservation consultant who can offer assistance in deciding where to visit. Once you have somewhere in mind, you will need to make the appropriate reservation at your home resort which will give you enough trading powder to exchange for the property and location you want with RCI and the Registry Collection. Once you have your reservation secured at your timeshare resort, you can then deposit that week for exchange with RCI or the Registry Collection.

Trading Power

Trading power makes exchanges fair to ensure like for like swaps. For example, you would expect to have greater trading power if you deposit a week reserved for peak seasons or during Thanksgiving, likewise, you would expect higher trading power for a five star hotel or for a reservation in a larger suite or penthouse. Trading power therefore, helps you to exchange the value of your timeshare week in relative terms.

Getaway Weeks

As members of RCI and the Registry Collection, timeshare owners can also take advantage of inexpensive “Getaway” weeks or last minute deals to a variety of locations. To book these Getaway weeks, you do not need to use your points, you can just pay for the discounted vacations that you can access thanks to your membership.

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